Alexis Lafreniere

The NHL tied up some loose ends, with teams announcing their preseason schedules over the course of the past week. The Rangers 2023 preseason schedule will again be six games, as expected. The only difference is the Rangers will actually include Boston this year instead of the Flyers, a nice change of pace.

The other news is the salary cap ceiling, which is set at the expected $83.5 million, a $1 million increase from last season. This came as disappointing news, as many had hoped the ceiling would increase more, but it looks like the players chose not to use their ability to increase the ceiling, and instead pay off the balance in escrow first. It’s expected the ceiling will rise significantly more for next season.

With the salary cap set, all the variables are confirmed, and Chris Drury can work with Peter Laviolette on their offseason plan.


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