john hynes rangers

Yesterday, the Nashville Predators surprised a few people by firing head coach John Hynes. They immediately replaced him with Andrew Brunnette in an attempt to help generate more offense. It’s rather ironic since defensive coach extraordinaire Barry Trotz is now the GM in Nashville. Regardless, firing Hynes threw a wrench in the Peter Laviolette rumors with the Rangers, as Hynes is now considered a candidate for the Blueshirts.

In the battle of the coaching retreads, Laviolette is probably the preferred option among most fans. Laviolette has some in-game adjustment issues and he turtles a bit late in games with a lead, but overall his teams play a bit of an aggressive style. Hynes is much more passive.

Long story short, Hynes is not a good option for the Rangers with this roster. He hinders skill and plays too passively. Again of the options currently available, Laviolette is the best of the crop.

For what it’s worth, Andrew Brunette was not allowed to interview with the Rangers.


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