Under for San Jose for betting tonight.

Welcome to yet another edition of Blue Seat Bookie, hope you are all enjoying your holiday season whatever you celebrate. Time off has been good, but it’s time to try and earn some money so here are some bets that look promising with today’s slate of games!

Define the Great Money Line: Record 3-6

Winnipeg Jets defeat Minnesota Wild +100

Of all the games today and the mix of underdogs, this seems like the most promising upset on the slate. Connor Hellebuyck will most likely get the start against an incredibly rejuvenated Minnesota Wild squad. The Winnipeg Jets themselves are no passengers, they have completely re-written the script and have been playing some great hockey this season under the coaching of Rick Bowness.

Connor Hellebuyck always had this level of play in him, but he is going to get some serious Vezina consideration this season because the system in front of him has improved and played into his strengths as a goaltender. Will be much deserved recognition. This game will be tight as I think all on the slate except for one game will go. Look for a 4-3 or a 5-4 score in this one with each teams firepower.

Pull up the Covers: Record 6-3

Toronto Maple Leafs Cover the Spread -1.5 over St Louis +140

It’s no secret that the St Louis Blues have probably been the most hot and cold team in the NHL this whole season. Huge losing streaks, followed by a huge winning streak, to now playing very mediocre hockey. The Toronto Maple Leafs on the other hand are playing some of the best regular season hockey in their entire franchise history through the first 34 games of the year.

Despite the time off for the holidays, I think the Leafs come out swinging and end up covering against a St Louis team that is probably on the back nine of their contention window. I could really see Toronto winning 3-1, 4-2, something to that effect. Toronto has some incredible depth from their big 4 and from their bottom 6.

Overs orĀ Unders: Record 5-4

San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks UNDER 6.5 Goals +105

The Vancouver Canucks are an unmitigated disaster of a franchise right now. They are directionless, their front office lacks tact in the media, and they are well on their way to the Connor Bedard sweepstakes. They could really use it. The San Jose Sharks are of similar ilk, but are more so because their core has gotten older and are retooling their franchise. They seem to have a plan and are just playing the year out.

Both of these teams are not very fun to watch right now in their current states, and an under of 6.5 goals seems incredibly fair given that the Canucks offense has completely dried up over the last number of games and San Jose is so inconsistent that I don’t see how they can pot 6-7 by themselves even against the Canucks. One day soon, these franchises will become must-watch hockey again.

Dave’s DFS Pick

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