This is America

I wrote this last week in my notes, hesitated to post it, now has to be updated because shootings happen so often in this country. This one in an elementary school.  Today I also spent my day in an elementary school as a substitute teacher, where I have to have be sure to be up to date on the substitute teachers manual and be prepared as for what to do in the event, that seems inevitable, it will happen to our school.  I don’t care if this is Hockey site.  We are letting our communities die and there’s a clear answer to stop…but we won’t. This is America.

Another day goes by and another mass shooting (terrorist attack) on our country. This time in the greater Buffalo area, a place so near and dear to my heart. Having gone to Syracuse I had the privilege to meet to many amazing Western New Yorkers, yet sadly had to text one of my best friends and D Partner to make sure he was safe.  I am so sick of this.

Before I finished writing this there was another shooting at a church in California, yet that will also go by the way side. We’ve become so (f-ing) numb in this country it doesn’t matter. We’ve allowed this to happen. Unless you are for the strictest of gun laws, I have no respect for you. Unless you demand the deepest of background checks I have no time for your argument. Unless you demand universal health care to take care of the people so many claim to be “mentally unwell” after they hurt our loved ones, then I don’t care for you.

I was 18 when the Sandy Hook shooting happened. A few miles away on the Fairfield campus (my one semester there) so many students and faculty rushing to the church. I wandered over and opened the door and shook my head in disgust. That was the last day I entertained the idea of “believing” and haven’t a single day since. Your “thoughts and prayers” remain (f-ing) useless.

This site is for hockey, but to me it all intertwines. I never want anyone to enter a hockey rink or any safe space feeling threatened yet…it has to always be on our mind.  Every first world country has legit gun laws except us, because of a Second Amendment they don’t actually understand. I want my friends to go to a grocery store safely. I want them to go to school, to the the movies, to the mall, or their place of worship.

After every one of these terrorist attacks in our communities “The Onion” puts out an article that says No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.  These shootings happen so often in this country that the site can’t even publish the tweets fast enough anymore.  This is America. We let this happen….I dare you to change my mind.


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