The post deadline Rangers are a force to be reckoned with

This was as good of a response game as you could get if you are the Rangers. It’s no secret that the team looked off against the Wild and were flat out eviscerated and embarrassed by the Blues. The first 5 minutes of this game, you were worried we were in for more as Dallas went up 2-0. This would not be the case and the Rangers still have not lost 3 games in regulation in a row yet this season.

After the 5 minute mark, there was not one thing I could point out and say, what a bad read or, what was he thinking? Virtually every single player played well. The resilience of this group is noticeable as opposed to what the Rangers were under David Quinn. Certainly helps when Artemiy Panarin has a 5 point night as well–the third of his career.

That second line was all the difference at 5 on 5. Dryden Hunt had a 3 assist night, Strome hit an empty net from the red line, and Panarin again had 5 points–4 of them at even strength. This is what separates good teams from bad ones, when you have multiple lines who can score in bunches. Just wait until the Rangers get a proper winger to play with Strome and Panarin. It’s either going to be Kakko, or an acquisition during the trade deadline.

The upside to either of those outcomes should scare opponents and bring nothing but warm and fuzzy feelings to fans of all ages. With the deadline fast approaching, I wonder if we start seeing movement while the Rangers are home during the week and before they go out and play Tampa and Carolina back to back. No better way to get your new acquisitions geared up for what’s to come playing those kind of teams.

Igor Shesterkin, despite giving up a really bad first goal, looked fine. It’s unrealistic to hope he only allows two goals a game. This is the NHL, even the worst teams can score 3-4 goals in a game. He made 30 saves on 34 shots, many of them being deflections and redirections, is still good. Igor is the best goaltender in the league and will be for years to come. Rangers fans have absolutely nothing to worry about with this player as long as the team in front of him continues to get better. Which, with so many young defenseman it seems all but likely the only way is up from here on out. High scoring games are fun though, make no mistake, especially when you’re on the winning side.

Stars 1, Rangers 0

This is not a good goal to let up.

Stars 2, Rangers 0

Bad turnover and then scrambling seem to go hand in hand. The Rangers turned the puck over, and then scrambled, allowing the cross ice pass to Kiviranta. K’Andre Miller was on Tyler Seguin, but still got a stick on it.

Stars 2, Rangers 1

Good forechecking here by the Rangers, something they can be successful with if they did it more often. This led to the puck getting to Miller at the point, and Greg McKegg (!) getting the goal.

Rangers 2, Stars 2

The Rangers jumped the faceoff, forcing the turnover and keeping the zone. After that, just a great passing play. Zibanejad and Strome read this one perfectly once Panarin was able to keep the zone. One of the many things this powerplay does right is getting in positions to shoot from open ice.

Rangers 3, Stars 2

Another great blue line play by Panarin to keep the zone and dance around some defenders before finding Trouba in open ice across the blue line. Adam Fox read this beautifully, cutting to the net –with Toruba filling in behind him– to get in position for the deflection on the Trouba shot.

Rangers 4, Stars 2

Panarin caught Oettinger off his angle on this one.

Rangers 4, Stars 3

The Stars were up two men, so these goals happen. Jason Robertson looked like he knew this went off his glove, but the refs ruled goal on the ice.

Rangers 5, Stars 3

Oettinger didn’t hug the post here, which makes it the second goal this game where a goalie didn’t play the post properly.

Rangers 5, Stars 4

Another goal where the Rangers were beaten to a loose puck and that led to another deflection goal. All this started with Barclay Goodrow not shooting, for what it’s worth.

Rangers 6, Stars 4

Filip Chytil had a nice play out of the defensive zone to spring Goodrow, and another one that Oettinger wants back.

Rangers 7, Stars 4

Ryan Strome hit hte empty net this time.

Shot Heatmap

The Rangers and Stars traded a bunch of chances in this one, but the second and third periods really belonged to Dallas. The third makes sense, with the Rangers more or less turtling. Still, this is a lot of shots to give up.

Game Flow

Sounds about right for this one, with the Rangers controlling the first period, but Dallas controlling the next two.

Last thought for the evening, can the MSG DJ be as good as the Dallas DJ going forward? Don’t know how much Dallas’ DJ makes, but give them all of the money. They were playing nothing but bangers in that arena, crowd singing along to boot! MSG could never be that fun. Just throw on the 2000’s and call it a day.

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