Is Vladimir Tarasenko one of the potential NY Rangers trade targets?

Per Jeremy Rutherford, the Rangers are on Vladimir Tarasenko’s list of teams he will accept a trade to.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, as the Rangers were linked to Tarasenko from the start. This is mostly due to Tarasenko’s ties to his friend Artemiy Panarin. Rutherford does hedge by saying he thinks we know the teams, but the Rangers being on this list checks out. Panarin, team on the rise, big city. Makes sense.

Even if the Rangers are on Tarasenko’s list of teams he will go to, I still don’t think there is a fit in New York. Unless there is a bigger trade coming where the Rangers ship out a winger or two, there’s just no space for him. This would likely mean the Rangers completely change the roster, and I just don’t see that happening.


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