Adam Fox a finalist for the Norris Trophy

As expected, NY Rangers defenseman Adam Fox is a Norris Trophy finalist. The other two finalists were Cale Makar and Victor Hedman.

Fox was far and away the best Rangers defenseman, finishing with a line of 5-42-47 in 55 games. The assists and points were tops among the finalists.

Fox still seems like the underdog to win the award, even if statistically –both traditional and fancy– he is the clear cut favorite.

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  • My first thought as well. Maybe he gives us some kind of hometown discount, you never know. But that said, congrats to him, he deserved it! and how great is it to have someone of that caliber on our team, and so young!!

  • The kid has been sensational. One of the best hockey I.Q.’s I’ve ever seen. Even if he doesn’t win the award there is no one around the league that doesn’t appreciate that he is a special player. May he remain healthy and have a long, storied career!

  • FWIW, it sure has been fun to get acquainted with Makar’s play during the SCP. He’s one smooth operator.

    • Makar is a dynamic player, but man did he looked terrible over the last 3 games of the series vs Vegas. I’ll take Fox over him for sure, much more poise and brains in Fox’s game.

      Vegas looked impressive as hell against Colorado, and I say that as someone who hates that franchise.

      • I would agree with you, BUT you do have to bear in mind that these were PLAYOFF games and against a damn good team — until I see Foxy perform at the same high regular season level as the best D’ in the playoffs against big heavy tough teams, I wouldn’t anoint him.

        • Fox has Panarin, Makar has MacKinnon—otherwise Makar has a much stronger supporting cast in Colorado. I don’t think either Colorado guy handled being frustrated well at all. Fox is calmness personified, a quality that he shares with Hedman. They don’t get rattled. The Avs big two did. As did much of their defense.

          And we had a back and forth on Kadri a little while ago—I’m now convinced you are right about Kadri being a bad trade idea for the Rangers. He arguably cost his team a shot at the title with his dumb cheapshot this year.

    • Trouba’s contract involved the buying up of a lot of free agent years … in Fox’s case we’ll be buying just a few UFA years and mostly RFA ones.

  • I thought through 50 games fox had it locked up. since nyr wernt gonna make the playoffs and isnt a high pick, he was gonna need some other blow away factor. in this case it would have been points. but he went scoreless the last 6 (nyr mess of course) and then he got caught by 1 by barrie. he would have ran away with the lead if panarin etc didnt go down.

    so id be shocked if it isnt hedman.

  • Trade him…lol had to say it. Hope he wins – taking nothing away from Hedman or Makar – they play for teams that are well ahead of Rangers. Fox point totals are impressive but his +/- stat show just how good this kid played and is. Someone talked about his hockey IQ which is off the charts.

  • Yep if I were to pick the NHL top defensemen in the league, those would be my top 3. Putting on my unbiased Ranger hat, I would rate Hedman number 1 with Fox and Makar dead even after that.

  • He’s amazing to watch. Besides all of his well documented offensive/defensive skills, I’m amazed how he rarely gets nailed by checks along the boards. He must have great on ice vision.
    It’s interesting how certain players, especially smaller ones escape the bone crushing hits. Marchand is one, Johnny Hockey up in Calgary is another. They just know how to evade the pain, while other players like Vlad Namestnikov get absolutely leveled once a week. It’s another skill, and an important one, as it helps keep them on the ice.

    I hope Fox wins.

  • Nils, Schneider, Robertson all winning junior and SHL awards and now this with Fox. Even Zac Jones was recognized as outstanding in the Worlds recently. This defense has tremendous young talent.

  • I’m a little surprised at comments leading with negative impacts on his future compensation. I’ll leave it to the GM to think on those terms, I want to enjoy him and see him get the recognition he earns.

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