2021 NY Rangers Player Report Card: Chris Kreider

Chris Kreider started the season with a new contract that more or less split the fanbase down the middle. His contract pays him $6.5 million per season, so people expect him to produce to that contract. That’s far, but it’s also tough since “produce to the contract” is fairly subjective. This year, Kreider put up 20-10-30 in 50 games, good for a 33-16-48 over an 82 game season. Kreider also missed the last six games of the season. Quantifying realistic expectations versus reality is the premise for Chris Kreider’s report card this season. That includes the concerns that most vocalize.

The rub for most on Kreider is inconsistency, in that he “spends too many games in a row invisible.” Breaking this down a bit, let’s check this year’s game log for scoreless runs this season. Given that Kreider isn’t Artemi Panarin, let’s focus on runs of 3+ games without a point.

  • 2/4-2/12: Four games
  • 4/8-4/15: Five games

So there are two such streaks where Kreider went three or more games without a point. His 20 goals were also second on the team, and 48 points fifth on the team. There are certainly valid questions about effectiveness in years 5-7 of his current deal, but this year he had a strong season.

Outside of scoring

Kreider is, bar none, the best net-front presence in the league. I don’t think I need to convince many people of this either. It’s what makes him such a critical aspect of the Rangers offense. It’s beyond points, it’s about screens and attention grabbing in front of the net.

Kreider has consistently strong expected-goals/GAR metrics, and this year was no different. He is a top offensive and defensive player in the league, and certainly worthy of his top-six minutes. In fact, there’s a case that his even strength offense was negatively impacted by luck factors. Given that the Rangers had an on-ice SH% of 9.15%, the worst among regular top-six players, it checks out to a degree.

Offensively, Kreider was a net-8% positive, but there was certainly room to improve. I do find it interesting that the Rangers were actually 5% below league average in terms of xGF/60 with Kreider on the ice. They were 13% below league average without him, which shows he’s net positive, but there’s certainly room for improvement here. I didn’t notice anything glaring about his game, aside from the entire offense taking a nap in the last few weeks of the season.

Defensively, Kreider is a net 15% positive difference, and the Rangers are actually significantly better with him on the ice than off. At least defensively. This is an often overlooked aspect of his game, along with the net-front presence.

Powerplay effectiveness

One of Kreider’s greatest strengths is on the powerplay. This again plays to his skill set as the best net-front presence in the league. Think of all the powerplay goals scored this season, and now think of how many were directly impacted by Kreider in front of the net. Not every goal was touched by Kreider, but he was impactful on most powerplays.

I am certainly intrigued to see how PP1 looks with another lefty that isn’t in front of the net, which for sure took away some overall effectiveness. We shall see what the new head coach does with Kreider and PP1 next season.

Overall grading

I’m sure most people aren’t going to like my report card grade for Chris Kreider this season. I think the inconsistency is largely overblown. Expecting him to score every game, or even every other game, isn’t realistic. He never was that kind of player. However he does have a net-positive impact on the ice in all three zones. He’s also the best net-front presence in the league. These are all things to consider.

Given the season impacts this year, it’s tough not to give Kreider top marks. We can question years 5-7 all we want, but this was year one.

Chris Kreider Final Grade: A-.

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  • Kreids is an enigma to me. He has all of the physical tools to be a top player in the league but lacks the hockey IQ to put it together. I think if they were smart next season, He would get PP1 time, PK1 time, and play on the 3rd line with Chytil and Krav. This could help balance the lineup a little bit with the vets and youngins. He will slow down over the next 5-6 seasons which will effect his game, but he will still be big and strong and have that net front presence. I was ok giving kreider his pay day but with our draft luck that changed my mind a little bit but hindsight is always 20/20. He needs to adapt his role a little bit to be that defensive minded forward that gets PP1 time and i think we will be fine.

  • Not liking that ‘A’ at all. Took not only too many shifts off, but invisible in far too many games. CK could be a beast when he wants, but far to inconsistent for me.

  • The Rangers should have traded him . He’s not a true power forward . I would look to see if I could trade him at the draft to free up more money

      • I still think CK lost his edge when heading to the front of the net and plowed into Price. I don’t think running into Price was pre-meditated.

    • How is it that you can constantly make comments that ignore significant and easily findable facts? He has an NMC through the 2023/24 season … just like Trouba, whom I also believe you suggested we trade.

      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”.

  • No way is he an A-. I would give him a B. While he did have a magnificent stretch while Zibby was invisible, he really became invisible for the last 20 games.

    • I agree on the B grade. He had 20 goals, but he had 14 goals in the first 21 games. He also had 2 hat tricks so he only scored 14 goals outside those 2 games. You can’t expect him to score every night but he needs to score more frequently. I don’t think his contract is unreasonable, but if we want to be a real contender we need a lot more out of him.

        • Hey Sal, in the great grand scheme of things, if one of us was the coach, he’d probably be on that 3rd line next season, and I bet he’d get somewhere around 20 – 25 goals playing with some kids there while also being on the power play. If he continues to take the body and create traffic and chip in those goals, I’d be quite happy with him too and believe that to be well worth the money he’s being paid, which really isn’t that much if you look around the league.

          Hopefully he continues to take care of himself–he is known to be dedicated in his workouts. He’s a big strong and fast guy, so I don’t think those skills are going to diminish too badly if the team retains him for the remainder of his contract.

        • You’re right — a smart move on the Rangers’ part is moving CK to the 3rd line….I definitely agree. Good move.

  • You bring up a lot of valid points! However in my eyes an A- is too high.
    He is a B, he’s just too invisible to my taste.When he’s not scoring, he should be contributing more in other areas. (Banging,getting a little more nastier etc).

    • Joe, Kreider is consistently one of the leaders in hits on the team game in game out. His defense is overlooked big time by too many here. That and getting into the goalie’s face, and his leadership qualities don’t show up in points, but they are rather critical aspects of the game, so I disagree about him being invisible. While not perfect, he has long been a good player for the team.

      Overall, I’d probably give him a B+, but I could live with your B too.

      • Peter, you have valid points.
        He is a good player,but could’ve,should’ve been better for the long haul.
        My take is when the game really gets rough,he doesn’t stick out.he doesn’t lead by example.only when it suits him.

      • “His defense is overlooked big time by too many here”

        ^ Lol there’s a reason why he was never trusted on the pk…. Until Quinn had no choice to put him on there this past season.

        “That and getting into the goalie’s face, and his leadership qualities don’t show up in points,”

        CK standing in front of a goalie isn’t considered getting into the face of them lol. This is the exact reason why he has already been passed up for the Olympics. The much younger Brady Tkachuk has shown the that he is a superior power forward to someone like CK lol. He also isn’t touching the skills of better forwards playing in the low slots… Matt Tkachuk is tipping and redirecting pucks through his legs 6-7 ft away from the net, CK will never be that or bring the emotion of a power forward. The 54 points and 29 goals marker would be a career high’s for him lol… He also doesn’t have the rep like the Gallahger’s and Marchand’s of the league that drive goalies and D men crazy. Aha he isn’t even a Jamie Benn on his best days which shows in his numbers.

        Lol sorry Pete boy.. His lack of team skills ingaining captaincy on a young squad should tell you all you need to know. Laffy said it at his exit meeting, “Zib is the real leader” ouch!!…

        • How come Kreider had more goals this year than either Tkachuk brother, genius? In less games played than both as well?

          • Brady is 21 yrs old and about to make as much as CK right now. Matt is younger and already a superior player than him. He is about to make 1-2 million more than Kreids. Lol try again…

          • Try again with what? Facts? Kreider outscored both Tkachuk brothers in less games played. Why don’t you back up your nonsense with stats? Oh that’s right—you CAN’T back them up.

            Despite typing 1000+ words a day here, you still can’t read a list of top goalscorers in the NHL. Congratulations!

          • Matt Tkachuk had 43 points in 56 games, 10.60 Shooting % 132 hits

            Brady had 36 points in 56 games 7.70 shooting % 248 hits

            Kreider had 30 points in 50 games, had a 19.6 shooting %, 115 hits

            Those are the facts and I would take either brother over Kreider in a heart beat.

            I used to love Kreider and always view him as being Ovie lite, but one thing I have discovered about Kreider, he doesn’t have the heart or the desire to be great.

            I give him a C on performance and D on contract value.

          • Kreider had more goals than either Tkachuk brother. In every post I’ve made here I’ve talked about goals, not points. Kreider had more goals than either Tkachuk brother in less games played. Perhaps repetition will help.

          • Let’s dig a little deeper…since it is all about goal scoring for you…

            GP G A PTS +/-
            Flyers 8 4 2 6 3
            Sabres 8 4 2 6 2
            Devils 8 6 2 8 3
            Total’s 24 14 6 20 8

            Islanders 6 0 0 0 -1
            Bruins 6 2 2 4 -1
            Penguins 8 2 2 4 -6
            Capitals 6 2 0 2 -1
            Total’s 26 6 4 10 -9

            I’ll wait for your rebuttal…

          • It would seem to be intuitively obvious that most players would have better numbers against weaker teams?

          • So, as a leader of this team, a man who wears a letter on his chest…it is ok that he disappears vs the better teams because they are harder to play against. Laffy had 6 of his 12 goals againstl vs the beet teams in the division

          • In the 19-20 and 18-19 seasons Kreider scored 35 of his 52 goals against playoff teams. I figure you struggle with math as well as current hockey events, so I’ll tell you the percentage of goals he scored against playoff teams in those years: 67% of his goals were scored against playoff teams. Nice try tho.

          • 18-19, 19-20, no pressure because the Rangers weren’t playing for anything, 19-20, he was playing for his contract, so, he was motivated.

            This year, when we needed him to lead…he disappeared when we needed him the most.

            It’s not like I am rooting against him but my eyes don’t lie…unlike you, I am honest, he wasn’t very good this year, outside of a 10 game span where he went nuts.

          • Jjb, what I said, and all I said, is that it would seem obvious, intuitively, that a player’s numbers would be better against weaker teams. I haven’t checked it and I could be wrong, but I imagine that even Matthews and McDavid have better numbers against weaker teams than against stronger ones.

          • fair enough, makes sense that he scores more vs the weaker teams…but as one of the older leaders of the team, leading by example wasn’t a strong suit, this season.

        • NotsoSavvy, your opinion as usual if full of as many holes as your head, which is apparently filled with delusions that you know what you are talking about. Your twisted comparisons have validity only if you don’t contact reality often. Your reply has very little to do with my comment, which is par for the course. See ya.

  • Yeah, anything over a B+ is exaggerated. I do believe he (like Buch) suffered while Mika was regaining his form, but he does have a tendency to disappear for stretches. I don’t think focusing on 3+ game pointless streaks tells that story — getting a secondary assist in some games doesn’t really negate that proposition, it’s about generating chances, putting pressure on the opposing team, hardnosed play, etc. and those things sometimes get lost in all our statistical analysis.

    Re: net front presence, yes he’s one of the best … but you can hardly say he’s best bar none, that’s hyperbole.

  • For the past 3 years I have been saying we needed to trade him and I got comments like: He’s going to score 40 goals, he speaks Russian, he should be captain. Well he is a captain, a captain of INCONSISTENCE! THE BIGGER MISTAKE WAS SIGNING HIM TO 7 YEARS AT THE AGE OF 29 AND NOW WE WILL BE STUCK WITH HIM. At some point we will be forced to buy him out and have dead cap space for 4-6 years. If the give Zibanejad a 7 year deal as well we will be in bigger trouble in the same time frame. At best Mr. Inconsistence is a B- in my book. I’d rather have a 15-20 goal player who’s consistent over players like him!

    • ” At some point we will be forced to buy him out and have dead cap space for 4-6 years”

      Bs, they aren’t going to buy him out, he will be gone in 2023. His clause opens up by then…Trouba is the guy who will be bought out n 2025 or 2026.

    • In a flat cap era it’s all about getting bang for your salary cap dollar. Red you make some valid points after the Rangers blew their wad on long-term contracts to Trouba, Kreider and Bread can they now fit in Buch, Mika and Fox.

      Kreds had a decent season, but faded down the stretch. A solid winger but a A minus is a little generous.

  • I just don’t understand the love affair for Kreider. Don’t get me wrong, he’s tough, he’s fast, he finishes checks. He’s also paid a lot of money for someone who has never had a 30 goal season or 60 points season. He also takes the dumbest penalties. I agree with a previous post. We should have traded him last year. That money off the books would have been great. We probably could have fetched a late first rounder for him, too.

  • There is a reason why the kids and the rest of the team passed him up as their next captain… He is as good as gone within 2 years from now when his clause opens up.

    – I’m proud of the kids, Zib will be their next captain.

    • How’s Hayes doing? Is he still upset that he got traded after you guaranteed he’d be a Ranger?

  • There’s that picture of Chris Kreider again, doing his best Ralph Kramden immitation: “I got a BIIIIIIIIG MOOOOOUTH!”

    • Yes, that was a little “too silly” (Big Mouth post)… (just trying to have a little fun….and to see if anyone is “in my age bracket”, when it comes to watching and knowing a lot about the Honeymooners. lol)

  • Kreider scored more goals than John Tavares, Johnny Gaudreau, Matthew Barzal, Sean Couturier, William Nylander, Josh Anderson, Anthony Mantha, and Claude Giroux—just to name eight players that would doubtlessly rate higher than Kreider for most posters here. And with the exceptions of Couturier and Mantha, Kreider makes less money than all the players I listed.

    Everyone loves to hate on this guy because he “disappears”. All he does is represent this organization well on the ice and off. For all the justified complaints about his streaky offense, most fans ignore his defense, and they certainly ignore the fact that he’s a lock for 25-30 goals per 82 games despite his tendency to slump. When he’s gone from this team he will be missed, as his absence proved at season’s end.

    • Peter give it up, people put that.narrstive on him since day 1 because it’s still fitting.. Hence why his teamnates didn’t want him to be their next captain..

      • Yeah, and in 19-20 Kreider scored 15 of his 24 goals against the top-16 playoff teams. Imagine that. Or you can cherry-pick one season out of his career and act like you proved something.

        Speaking of your overall knowledge: How’s JT Miller’s playoff run coming along? Still got a shot at Conn Smythe?

        • your so cute, I was waiting for the JT Miller comment.

          not cherry picking anything. grading Kreider this year…that is the point of this article, or are we grading Kreider’s career, do you struggle with reading?

      • In 2018-19, 20 of Kreider’s 28 goals were scored against playoff teams. Should I keep going?

  • Agree with remarks noting his net front presence, but another positive is his puck retrieval in corners and behind the net on power plays.

    • Kassian is terrible, did nothing in the playoffs again for Edmonton this year. Plus he makes $3.2 million a year and has never had more than 15 goals or 34 points in a season.

    • eh, he scored 15 goals playing wih McJesus and he is 30? Before that he was somewhere between 7 and 15 goals a season. Maybe for the 4th line, but I’d like someone much younger.

  • Kreider is a poor mans Rick Nash. Under appreciated and when he’s not scoring goals he does all the little things right.

    Also do you think the Tom Wilson incident would have played out the same way if Kreider was in his usual spot on the PP? Not saying he would have prevented Wilson from doing what he did but I’m positive Kreider is the guy jumping on Wilson’s back instead of Panarin. From there I see a bit of a different result.

    • Yes. Tom Wilson would have done the same thing he did because Kreider has had years to help stop these types of things but hasn’t

      • You’re right. Maybe I should have added “not saying he would have prevented Tom Wilson from doing what he did” to my post. Next time I will be sure to include that point.

      • When did Wilson ever do anything egregious to the Rangers prior to the Panarin incident?

        Answer: never, he waited until Lindgren, Trouba, and Kreider were injured to try his garbage.

        • he also had to contend with Pepe before your boy Gorton decided we already had enough grit that he wasn’t needed.

          • Pepe asked for a trade and it was granted. If you’re going to bring up loser ex-Rangers who lost fights to Tom Wilson, you should be accurate about the details behind Lemieux’s trade.

            But we all know you prefer to start by distorting the ground of your obsessive and pointless arguments. Damn this is tiresome.

    • “Kreider is a poor mans Rick Nash”

      Not even close Peter lol. You can’t compare a 40 point winger who already has more years of scoring well under the 25 goal mark. His career highs consisted well under the 55 point mark, lol. Nash was polar opposite of all of that. Stop it Peter/tanto…

      CK is the top 9 version of Max P from Vegas…

      • He’s a poor mans Rick Nash. Doesn’t that phrase mean he was Rick Nash but not as good? Less points but overall game was very similar. Streaky goal scorer, big body, drives the net and battles hard in the corners. Has a tendency to “go invisible” for lengths of time but he’s such a well rounded 200 foot player that when he’s not contributing on the score sheet he’s still effectively helping the team. And grossly under appreciated by fans but adored by team mates.

        Good thing your counter argument was well rounded and effectively countered my original statement. Thanks for contributing.

        • “He’s a poor mans Rick Nash. Doesn’t that phrase mean he was Rick Nash but not as good?”

          Yeah if you don’t know who Rick Nash was… You can’t just go bust out of future HOF name that has won gold with team Canada… Let alone, you can’t compare a CK type to a elite 3 zone forward. Zero similarities to R. Nash lol which is the whole point for using that catch phrase “poor mans ___”… You have to have been born on a highway and never seen one highlight reel clip of Nash or watch any hockey to think that..

          Call me when CK becomes a poor mans JVR…

          • Kreider is a better all around player than Van Riemsdyk, has been for years, and has outscored him in goals in the last 3 seasons 72-63. Van Riemsdyk is a one dimensional player who is now a $7 million bottom six winger. Van Riemsdyk on his best day is basically a fancier version of RJ Umberger.

            You REALLY need to work on your comparison skills. You’re 3 years out of date at least. I guess that’s what happens when EA Sports games provide the basis for your hockey “knowledge”.

      • So now, let’s see, I am Spozo, tanto, Rangers Fan, and Perkele? Man I get around! NotsoSavvy, seek help. How many times does Dave have to tell you that, unlike you, I do not use multiple names to post comments on the blog. I have been Peter since I started commenting here and I will always will be.

        • It’s Ok Peter, you and I have similar takes on the state of the Rangers and various players — we both have a tendency to not overreact one way or the other. I can see why this might confuse a lesser mind.

  • B- seems much more appropriate. Not enough consistency which after all these years isn’t ever going to come . Plus I am sick of waiting for it. Also plays way too soft for a player his size or any size for that matter

    • “Also plays way too soft for a player his size or any size for that matter”

      ^ CK is like Steve Urkel compare to Ovi- Stefan… He has zero storylines and beef inside a Metro division full of top tier talent and name’s like Tom Wilson..The locker room has taken noticed of his scared play.

  • Yeah, Chris is who he is. I wanted him re-signed, and even with his maddening play sometimes, is still a very net positive on the team.

    He scores goals, that’s what he does. And I think that playing on the 3rd line will really spread the talent down the lineup, creating 3 very good lines.

    Grade is about right and I’m glad that he’s here. The only real net presence the Rangers have, as of now. Hopefully the new coach gets more Rangers to get to the net as well.

    • “He scores goals, that’s what he does. And I think that playing on the 3rd line will really spread the talent down the lineup, creating 3 very good lines.”

      He has been predominantly a 40 pt winger for all of his career.. While serving top 6 mintues and PP1 roles. I think besides his couple of 28 goals seaon’s, it doesn’t look good when you consider that he’s hardly been a 20 goal score.. The 3rd line will kill his production, he doesn’t even have much to show from playing with a 70-80 center in the last few years.

      If it’s possible, then I could see management trying to waive his clause soon.. Or else he will defiantly be gone by 2023. That money will be needing to go soon.

      • In his career, prorated over the course of an 82 game schedule, Kreider has averaged OVER 25 goals.

      • Come on pal, Kreider scores 25-30 goals per year.

        The kinds of goals he scores won’t be impacted by being on the 3rd line.

        • “Come on pal, Kreider scores 25-30 goals per year.”

          Dude nobody who has never touched 30 goals should be called that… Come on pal to you lol.. I think it’s even worst when you add in how he’s never touched the 29 goal plat. He doesn’t’t have the numbers to back the smoke that you’re blowing bro, sorry.. You can be a fan without all of that extra points that he does not have. Ps he only has scored over 25 goals twice and the rest he’s been a 20-21 goal scorer.

          His skillset + lack of ice time won’t be a success story as a 3rd liner. He has already been putrid 5v5 player/goal scorer. He won’t be as productive as Hayes, the old Brass line, Grabner and JT all have been as depth scorer, that’s for sure.

    • “He scores goals, that’s what he does. And I think that playing on the 3rd line will really spread the talent down the lineup, creating 3 very good lines.”

      The issue was that he does it at a second line rate… And now his advance numbers have been taking a nose dive… He also isn’t your typical goal scorer, let alone big game time player. Nor has he ever been known to wear down D men on the forecheck.. He has been a poor man’s JVR.. Drury exit video sounded like that 3rd line is going to have a new role type of look to them. I’d say CK dropping down isn’t a spread the talent type of move. Kakko and Laffy are just moving on up.

      Rangers have had 45-50+ point 3rd line players in the recent past, like Hayes, the old Brassard line and JT Miller… Than you had Grabner as a 25+ goal sorcer from the 3rd line.. I don’t believe that CK can be apart of that group of quality depth.

      • Your predictions don’t work out, MintAvery. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

        And as usual you are lying about stats—Kreider has played 8 full NHL seasons, and has scored 20+ goals in six of them. In one of the seasons he missed that mark Kreider was a rookie, and in the other he missed 24 games due to a blood circulation issue.

        I saved the best part for last—the guy everyone calls Mr Inconsistency has played 80 playoff games, and has scored 24 goals. In other words, in the playoffs Kreider is once again consistent with his career seasonal average goal totals.

        And you know who sucks in the playoffs? Your boy Kevin Hayes. You know who’s an overpaid 40-point forward? Your boy Kevin Hayes. So stop the BS projection, and learn how to read.

  • I believe an A- for CK is just too high, Dave. He had that one real scoring tear for 2 weeks and then kind of vanished. A B- would be more appropriate for his season.
    I think all Ranger fans got super stoked when he burst onto the scene in the playoffs right out of college and was a force. He was fast, had a great shot, and was electric out there. He was a big body giving it to the Bruins throughout that series. We were all excited given all his tools that he would be a star…our home grown star.
    Well several years later that really hasn’t developed like we had hoped. He’s a very good player when he’s engaged, and a mediocre one when he’s not. Some say he’s so smart he overthinks the game….others point out how he disappears for games at a time. I’ve even seen games when he scores two times in a game and those are the only times I noticed him on the ice. He’s a bit of a strange player.
    I think most fans wanna see him come out flying up and down the ice, crushing D-men in the corners, being a net front presence, and scoring more points than he usually ends up with. We wanna see him play balls to the wall all the time, because we know with all that talent and skill he should be better than what he is. He’s better than that lug, JVK, in Philly, and he’s much more than that Richie jerk up in Boston. He’s very fast, he’s got decent hands, he’s been clutch early in his career…and he’s big and strong. He should be better! I think he plays too nice, if that’s even a thing. It’s weird with Kreider. I wanna love him, but he often leaves me wanting more from his game.
    That being said, I KNOW that if he ever leaves the Rangers he will immediately put it all together, and lead an annoying team like Boston or the Caps to a Cup victory. LOL

      • I gave Stoobie a doobie (thumbs up).
        Definitely a very insightful, spot-on analysis.

        (Hey, maybe everyone was mistaken and thought that was Not-so-Avery’s post.)

        • Thanks guys…LOL at your last remark. I don’t even know what that stuff is all about, but I don’t want any part of it. It should be it’s own blog.

      • Thanks DJSTRIKNINE…I don’t mind the down votes, it’s all in fun. I would like to hear why someone’s opinion differs and then discuss.

    • Stoobie, I don’t really disagree with your assessment. I think that fans do want to see Kreider going full bore against opponents all the time. It is possible that he is too cautious these days. Perhaps a new coach will get him to use his speed and size more consistently. There are not that many forwards in the same physical category as Chris, and perhaps he should assert himself more regularly. I voted you up too 🙂

      • I agree Peter. It’s hard to put your finger on it. The guy is super strong, fast, skilled and big. We’ve probably all seen that jumping out of the pool trick he did (not an easy thing to do). He has all the tools for consistent success.
        Some alluded to the Price collision and his blood clot scare a few years ago. Maybe those events play into his psyche? I dunno, but I do know that when he’s on one of his goal scoring tears there’s no one better. You think to yourself this guy is game wrecker for other teams. Then on the flip side, you’re halfway through a game and you start to wonder where the heck is Kreids, is he injured? But he’s not, he’s just not a factor. It baffles me.

  • Some players, with loads of talent, can’t do it every night. He seems to be one of them. With his speed and strength he could be a force game in and game out. But he’s been in the league long enough to have a “back of the card”. He is what he is. Let’s hope that one of these years he puts it all together and has a career year. Otherwise we now know what he is. Don’t expect more.

  • I give him a C.

    Has great speed, to go along with his impressive size (6-3, 226 pounds) and streaky scoring ability. Can play either a power forward or sniper role on a scoring line. (Questionable) Crashes the net effectively in the NHL.(Not anymore). Still needs to round out his all-round game and utilize his big frame more to his advantage in order to maximize his scoring prowess in the National Hockey League. Lacks game-to-game consistency (true true)
    Long Range Potential: Strapping, speedy scoring winger

    His downfall has been that he doesn’t effectively use his speed or size every night.

  • I just wish he would CONSISTENTLY become a truly nasty player to play against. Yes he accumulates hits as stats, but they are rarely hits that make opponents think twice. With his speed he can be a force barreling down the ice when opposing d-men are retrieving pucks and should be a turnover machine. If he can really become an in-your-face guy that would be awesome and so helpful. Stop being so polite Chris!

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