Rangers have 1% odds to win NHL Draft Lottery tonight

The NY Rangers have 1% odds of lightning striking a third time and winning the 2021 NHL Draft lottery. The lottery will be held tonight at 7pm, and will be broadcast on NBCSN.

In the extremely likely event the Rangers do not win the lottery, they will pick 15th in the 2021 Draft. Remember, Arizona will not have a first round pick this year, so everyone after 11 gets bumped up a spot. That’s already good fortune for the Rangers.

There is one change this year, as the Rangers can only get one of the top two picks. There will only be two drawings, as opposed to three in prior years. The other changes, including moving up a max of 10 spots, will not be implemented until 2022.

So it’s #1, #2, or #15 for the Rangers after tonight.