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Rangers, Ryan Lindgren agree to contract extension

The Rangers and Ryan Lindgren wasted no time on a contract extension. Both parties went the bridge-deal route, agreeing to a three year extension worth $3 million a season.

This is right in line with expectations from last month, as the deal is comparable to the contract Erik Cernak has in Tampa Bay. The deal takes Lindgren to his age-26 season and one more RFA deal with the Rangers. At that point, the Rangers would probably need to fork up bigger money.

This contract extension is a fair deal for both the Rangers and Ryan Lindgren. Very little risk, and an overall good job.

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  • Can’t complain … I tend to like deals that take guys to 25 or 26 years old even if down the line it might end up costing us a bit more. Good start.

  • Need to lock up Fox now, but he will not come cheap. If we can (next year) do something similar with Miller, that gives us a pretty good top 4 (including Trouba). We could use some muscle and toughness on the backline too.

      • not sure why you got downvoted for this… Miller is downright awful and opposing forwards must laugh openly at how easy it is to gain clean entry into the Rangers d-zone when he’s floating along the left side trying like hell to not get his hands dirty… any guy who shaves his eyebrows is never going to be tough to play against.

        this guy is a NOT a 2nd pairing defenseman at the NHL level, as evidenced by his lackluster play once Trouba went down.

        • Couldn’t agree more on Miller dude.
          Way too soft on zone entries and in front of net. Low hockey iq, bad reads and constantly burned. Not impressed w hands or passing.

          He’s crazy young and hopefully will improve. But if there’s value in a trade somehow because of his size and speed, move him.

    • The Rangers cannot sign a new contract with Fox until July 1; with Miller July 1, 2022. You can only extend players in their final year.

  • I like the 3 year length. By the time his deal is up, the cap should start moving up, and his next deal may not be a much larger percentage of the cap at that time.

    • Deal is 2 million next season. 3 million then 4 million last year. (Per cap friendly ) He gets traded before or at trade deadline year 3. The two other big dmen take his place. He only stays if Miller becomes Mr Softie . They are waiting for Robertson and Brendan Schnder to develop.

    • By the time his deal is up, he’ll likely be on another team. Miller/Robertson will be regulars ahead of him, and you don’t pay 3rd pair D $3mm if you don’t have to.

  • Lindgren–Fox

    This will be a nice d corps.

    Between Jones, Lundkvist, Skinner and Chytil (I’d like to keep him but see Kravstov having a higher ceiling and more smarts) and some roster players like Strome (Who I’d be fine to keep too) and Buch (Would hate to trade him but if the deal is right…) and then some throw ins like ADA, Howden and some of their lesser prospects, they should be able to round out their roster with a trade or two and some smart UFAs. I still think Getzlaf for a year or two as 4th line center would be great. He would be a good mentor.

    I hope Dury stays away from Eichel. There will be better options to pick up one or two decent centers as oposed to another $10 million contract and I am not sold that they have to move on from Mika and Strome. One example might be something like bringing in Bennett and Kotkaniemi for centers. This would present some risk but could be smart. Bennett is more than a point per game since going to Florida and has been good in the playoffs. I think they can find one or two decent top 9 centers with 1st or 2nd line potential. Something like this–not necessarily this–seems way safer and less expensive than Eichel.

    • Nobody is trading for ADA..he will be bought out and try and get his own deal…probably in Europe.

    • ADA will get bought out, he has zero trade value for the team thanks to Gorton; likewise, Howden is sub-replacement level player whose value is nonexistent. I’m ok with Getzlaf, even as a 3C for 1-2 yrs if the price is right, like you said to mentor the youngsters but also a pivot who can win key faceoffs; likewise, I’m on board with keeping both Buch and Strome around.

      i follow MTL quite extensively and they would never move Kotkaniemi–he’s coveted at the same level we value Lafreniere.

    • I see a lot of people wanting Bennet. He’s been a terrible player his whole career and has now had a fantastic 10 games.

      Was he terribly misused in Calgary? Or just finally started to put in some effort? Or just have 1 hit streak finally in a 6 year career?

  • I cannot recall a game where Lindgren didn’t give a 100% effort. Lindgren has earned it. My congratulations to him and thanks to Drury for signing him.

  • This was a no brainer, so at least Drury can handle these kind of transactions.

    Good for Lindgren and well deserved. Lets just pray his injury isn’t that serious and he will be fine for next season.

    • Drury’s been on the job what, 2days?…this was a Gorton deal that was signed off under Drury. These things just don’t happen overnight!

  • I guess Quinn stays?

    I figured he would be gone today if they’re planning to move on. No sense in keeping him around very long if they have no intention on letting him coach next year. The thing is, Drury could’ve said he was staying at any point since this all started, and hasn’t.

    Congrats to Lindgren! It’s very much deserved, and it’s not like they gave him some ridiculous deal.

    • My take is they wanted to get opinions from the players than make the decision. Exit meetings are today and tomorrow? My guess is we will know by Thursday

  • Good resigning. Lindgren gets a big pay raise and the Rangers aren’t locked into a long-term deal. Lindgren plays hockey with a heart of a lion. However, is he a first pair defenseman on a top tier team? The jury is still out.

  • Fair contract amount and length.

    I would like if Chytil is re-signed around 3 mil for 5 years.

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