Fox, Lindgren, Smith win 2021 NY Rangers team awards

In advance of exit interviews today, the NY Rangers announced their 2021 team awards.

As expected, Adam Fox got the team MVP. Ryan Lindgren got the Player’s Player Award, also relatively expected. The John Halligan Good Guy Award went to Brendan Smith, which illustrates how important he was to the locker room this season. This is likely why he wasn’t traded at the deaadline.

Exit interviews are ongoing today.

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  • Exit interviews on a veteran team are very different from exit interviews on a team where nearly half are under 23 y/o. Many of our kids have only played for 1 NHL coach – DQ. If you like him, great, if you don’t, I am unsure if they will speak up. Yes Panarin, Zibby, Strome and Krieder can speak the truth, but will Kakko, Lafren and Chytil? Unless the veterans dislike his style, DQ will be behind the bench next year again.

    Congrats to the team award winners.

  • Not sure if an award for outstanding cooperation with the media means ipso facto outstanding presence in the locker room …. but I do get where you’re going here. And Smith’s game willingness and great attitude were undoubtedly important during such a weird, difficult season.

  • I love Fox, he’s my favorite Ranger for sure, but MVP?
    Did we trade both Panarin and Zibanejad already?

  • Coaching carousel of rumors….
    No to Torts, Babcock, Boudreau
    Yes to Knoblauch Gallent or Julien
    On the fence with Tocchet…

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