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Wolfpa….Rangers dominated by Bruins in lackluster effort

I think we all knew how this one was going to go. The Rangers were dominated by the Bruins from start to finish. Given the lineup the Rangers dressed, this shouldn’t have been a surprise. The Rangers had half their normal lineup out for the rest of the year. This lineup is what happens when you’re dressing maybe seven established NHLers.

The Rangers went through a season’s worth of drama over the course of the last four days, so them not showing up isn’t a surprise either. You want to see more, but it’s tough to blame them. They are human. They are distracted. There’s nothing else you can go with here. I’m not the kind of guy who is going to get concerned over two meaningless games after what happened this week.

Bruins 1, Rangers 0 – A clinic

The Bruins’ top line put on a clinic against the kids. There’s nothing else you can say about this, it’s just good hockey players taking advantage of rookies. Good learning experience for the kids on what these guys can do.

Bruins 2, Rangers 0 – PK, Rooney Down

This became a 5-on-3 with Kevin Rooney down. Not much else here.

Bruins 3, Rangers 0 – Blue line turnover

You can’t turn the puck over at the blue line. Either one. It leads to chances like this.

Bruins 4, Rangers 0 – Shesty wasn’t sharp

This one is on Igor Shesterkin. There was no video I could find, but it was a sharp angle pass that hit Shesty’s outside skate and went through him.

Shot Heatmap – What you expect

I know it seems like I’m mailing in this goal breakdown. But it’s tough to do a real breakdown when the game was never close and went exactly how we all expected it to go. The shot attempts were exactly how we expected it to go.

Skater Results – Expected, again

I mean, what else did you think was going to be here?

Funny enough, if the Bruins actually tried, it would’ve been 11-0. The Bruins dominated the Rangers from start to finish. I know a lot of people said the Rangers mailed this in, and I probably agreed at points throughout the game, but in my cooler head phases, I don’t necessarily agree. What else do you expect when Jonny Brodzinski is in the top six?

Charts from Natural Stat Trick and Evolving-Hockey.

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  • What was very disappointing about this loss was not only the lackluster effort but that the supposedly hot AHL prospects didn’t show much. Where is all the great talent that the Rangers are supposed to be bringing up?

    • Who told you they were bringing up great talent? The real prospects are either in juniors or overseas, or already here. The guys they called up today were just to fill out the roster. None of them will be on the roster next year.

    • Barron & Gettinger were good(all things being relative) in their bottom 6 roles, Brodzinski was a placeholder. Barron is gonna have to have a really bad offseason & camp to not make the squad next season. Gettinger can keep up on the ice and has reach & some skill, could surpass Howden during camp.

      Let’s see what the roster looks like Saturday with Hartford done for the season.

      • “Gettinger can keep up on the ice and has reach & some skill, could surpass Howden during camp.”

        He was to slow last night, his reach is useless if his awareness low along with his brick hands.

        If Howden isn’t taken by Seattle or traded away, he won’t have to worry about Gettinger for comp lol.

        • If Gettinger is one of the top 12 forwards on this team next next, then we have a problem. Howden may or may not be here, we’ll see. But of the 3 guys called up for last nights game, none of them will be on the opening roster next season. Barron, on the other hand looks like he may be something.

  • Please forgive me in advance for the long post and going off topic from the game here tonight. But let’s face it, the game tonight was pretty meaningless. I’m anxious to have a conversation about the what has just transpired and what the future might look like. Besides, Dave and his team post so much great content I can barely keep up!

    So to write this, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the stunning change in the Rangers front office, and also have been talking to a number of my colleagues who know and who cover hockey. Taking that into account, and tapping into my reporter’s instincts, this is where I’m at with all this. (This is all just my own speculation. To be clear I have no sources to verify any of this. Perhaps we will learn more in the days ahead.)

    First of all, on a basic, very personal level, I’m infuriated by this. I haven’t been this upset with the Rangers since Eddie Giacomin was let go. Now, I’m not suggesting that JD should be put in the same category as the great Eddie, but JD was beloved. His playoff run in 1979 earned him the everlasting love of the fans, which only grew a thousandfold during his years as Rangers color man. I had the great privilege of covering the Rangers during the end of his playing days, and much of that time he was rehabbing trying to make it back from injuries that prematurely ended his career. But he always had a smile on his face. No one worked harder. He was as proud a Ranger as anyone who ever wore the sweater.

    As we all know, he left the Rangers to pursue his dream of being a GM. He did a great job rebuilding St. Louis into a team that eventually would win the Cup. And he built a woebegone Columbus franchise into a formidable foe. He loved it in Columbus, but there was only one job he would leave that for, and that would be to return home to his beloved Rangers.

    Look, I get it. This is a business. Sentimentality is left at the door, as it should be. But he took this job TWO years ago. TWO YEARS!!!! And what did JD say at his very first presser? That this would be a process that would require patience. Did Dolan not ask JD in the interview what his timeline would be? How on God’s green earth can two years be deemed enough time, especially in the midst of a pandemic? Stop and think about this. JD was here two seasons and didn’t get a chance to run his club in a normal environment. This year, the team was wrecked due to injuries to Shesterkin and Chytil. They were disrupted by Trainwreck Tony’s antics. They underachieved early because it took Mika half a season to find his groove after COVID. And most of all, in the most incredible turn of events imaginable, they took a dagger they couldn’t recover from when Putin essentially sacked Panarin for a lengthy stretch of time. How is THAT underachieving….especially on a time line of TWO YEARS?!?!

    I’ve read some folks out here (Ray in particular comes to mind), that believe the Rangers should be much further along. That’s a matter of opinion, but to the best I can tell, there is NO ONE connected with the world of hockey, writers, broadcasters, front office) who believe that. The consensus is this team is a few summers and trade deadlines away from legit Cup contention.

    As an aside, I was in the supermarket the other day. I was in the fruit section and saw a bunch of green bananas. And believe it or not, I thought of the Rangers. In the life span of a banana, in a day or two those bananas I saw looked like they would be delicious. But no chef could take those green bananas that day and make a great meal out of them until they are ripe. A day or two in the life of a banana is like a year or two of a hockey player. Once they turn yellow, they will be ripe and perfect. (One might argue we got MSL when he was starting to turn a little brown, but still ripe. Then the second year in the back half, one day he’s turned totally brown and fruit flies are all over him….but I digress!)

    My point is that those who felt this team should be much further along have to realize that these “bananas” are not ripe yet. But they will be soon. And then to make the perfect meal, you will trade in some of your bananas for some other needs to make the perfect meal. Get it?! :).

    Ok, back to seriousness. I’m also wondering this. Isn’t it interesting that Sather has re-emerged? Yes, he was still a “consultant”, but I think most assumed that was ceremonial and that he was smoking cigars on his patio in Palm Springs. Apparently not. Was he getting bored? Was he feeling ignored by JD, who perhaps wasn’t “consulting” with him enough? Maybe Gorton, whom Sather mentored to an extent, felt that he no longer needed to consult with the Rangers Yoda. I’m just speculating here, but is it possible that Sather started chatting more and more with Dolan (remember they are very close friends), and started questioning JD’s and Gorton’s game plan that preached patience? Could the have been the one who planted the seed?

    And I know that Mike Vaccaro in the Post wrote about this, but I immediately went there myself when the firings happened yesterday—did the Knicks sudden turnaround sour Dolan on the Rangers more methodical approach to a rebuild? I’ll take it a step further. MSG Sports is a publicly traded company which undoubtedly took a bath for most of 2020 due to the pandemic. Is it possible the board of directors, due to the assumed heavy losses, decided that a patient plan was no longer acceptable? I mean, if the Knicks can come back from oblivion and make the playoffs in one year and thus produce playoff revenue, what is taking the Rangers so long, they may be asking?

    I will say again, Dolan is the owner. I get it. I’m the boss of my broadcasting organization. The buck stops with those in charge and while we can disagree, in the end we all have to walk in lockstep or changes have to be made. Still, I feel the Rangers look foolish by flushing a highly respected executive TWO years after hiring him while in a rebuild in the midst of a pandemic. Disgraceful. I’m sad that likely we will never see JD’s smiling face at MSG again, even when the time comes for Sam Rosen to step down. It just should not have happened like this.

    Ok, now let’s move on to the future. While I do not agree at all that JD or Gorton should have been fired, nor do I agree that DQ underachieved for all the reasons I mentioned above, the fact is in less than 24 hours, much about the team has changed. And if this had to happen, it’s hard to argue with Drury as the successor. By all accounts, he is a rising star in this business. He has had a lot to do with the building of the this team. The Rangers are loaded with talent, both on the NHL level and in the system. With the right moves this off-season (which I am convinced would have happened if JD and JG had remained), and the proper development, the Rangers could very well compete for the Cup.

    But this is what worries me. Think back. Sather was always the buffer that kept Dolan away from meddling with the Rangers the way he did with the Knicks. This is the first move that I can recall Dolan making involving the Rangers since he fired Neil Smith and hired Sather. If Dolan is now saying hurry up, this might be like the owner of the mythical S.S. Poseidon who insisted that the ship pick up speed when such a decision was not wise. Will Dolan (or now Sather, who we know loves to trade futures for vets), force the Drury to make ill advised moves to accelerate the push to the playoffs? Maybe that results in getting us to the playoffs, but NOT to the promised land. Would any of us feel good about knowing that Dolan will be calling the shots now, if that’s so? That would be like Steinbrenner at his worst in the 80’s.

    What does this mean for DQ? Well, we will soon find out. I’ve said out here he deserves another year. This time a full and normal year. The Rangers hired a first time NHL head coach who was brought in to develop players and grow along with them. He was not a finished product anymore than they were. So now Dolan isn’t satisfied? What percentage of college coaches go on to have successful NHL careers, especially right away? Not many. So to expect this team to already be in the playoffs is frankly ridiculous. If that was the expectation, they should have just kept AV or hired an experienced NHL HC or asst coach.

    That being said, I’ve changed my mind about DQ—it literally makes no sense to keep him now. If the goal in Dolan’s mind was the team should have made the playoffs, then if JD and JG are fired, then certainly DQ should be gone. I suspect he will be, but we will see.

    Then who? That will prove interesting. Gallant? Maybe. But the whole situation in Vegas was weird. He pulls off the single greatest coaching miracle with an expansion team, and then he’s bounced like two years later? There had to be some underlying reason there we don’t know about?

    Messier? Oh boy, that’s a crazy wild card of an idea. No idea if that’s realistic or not or if that would be a good idea or not.

    Torts Part II? I’ve been critical of Torts, only because of the weird wacko worship of him by some on this blog, and the attempts at times to distort what he actually accomplished here. But believe it or not, I’ve warmed up to it and could actually see it. Yes, he’s a pain in the butt. Yes, he will almost certainly wear out his welcome. But no question his teams play hard. Once again, he could turn the Rangers into a solid, if hardly great team, as he did last time. And if he learned anything from his mistakes of the past, perhaps we will get a wiser version of admittedly a very good coach.

    If not, I’m sure by the time Torts wears out his welcome and the team goes into mutiny, AV will be available once again to take them to the Finals and win the President’s Trophy. :). Just kidding. Really…I am!

    I suspect this is going to be the most fascinating off-season in memory. Buckle up! But as long as Dolan doesn’t meddle, as sad as I am about losing JD, I believe in Drury.

    • JD backstopped the Rangers when they made all the way to the Stanley Cup finals against the Habs. Great hockey memories. John Davidson was a perfect fit to be President of the Rangers. He is a class act and truly understands how to build a championship hockey franchise.

      Dolan may be the boss and own the team, but that doesn’t make him a expert in the game of hockey.

      • But let me ask you, do you think that this season was, what it should have been? I don’t.

        By the middle of the season, the kids should have played prominent roles on the team. If for no other reason, to see if they can really sink or swim for next year, the really important year for the Rangers to step forward.

        This did not happen. Not by a long shot. So, there’s still uncertainty as to what the kids can really do, in being productive for the team.

        So, IMO, this season has been a waste. They accomplished nothing, overall. The same group will come back and, again, where do they stand against the better teams?

        Sure, the coach will probably be replaced, and there may be a blockbuster trade in the offseason, but does that bring them a lot closer to the Cup? Not unless the kids are an integral part of the team. If they’re not traded, that is.

        This year was the stepping stone to next year. Didn’t happen IMO. Feel free to disagree.

    • Dolan is a wet brain idiot who gets sold a bag of magic beans from other team owners.

      Sather just did/does/will do damage limitation with Dolan. The Trouba/Panarin moves in retrospect have Dolan’s fat fingerprints all over it. Most people said at the time that the moves were too early in the rebuild and now Dolan wants moar because their windows are starting to close. No other team could’ve bid that much, so he bid against himself and won.

    • I will start with I read the comment(monologue) and loved everything you said. Especially the part about JD. He embodies the NYR to me and it was a infantile move by Dolan to fire him.

      I disagree with the sentiment about the executive board. The stock is doing fine and honestly has a great future and in the big picture really hasn’t lost as much as a lot of other companies during this time…might actually be a wise purchase right now.

      I agree totally on the team wasn’t ripe yet part. But then why sign Panarin and Trouba and mass exile the entire roster of 2016-17? You had leadership in place in people like Hank, Zuc, mac and staal. These guys all for the exception of hank are still having prominent roles for their present teams. And while Mac was never a good captain for us and couldn’t/shouldn’t have been given the role…he gave it his all most nights. These signings, especially the Trouba one, make absolutely no sense to me as a fan.

      I make the point that after a fairly disappointing post season a couple years ago for the penguins, they didn’t just up and trade everyone on their roster for whatever deal was a available to them at the trade deadline. Crosby, Letang, Malkin, and Rust and Hornqvist were still around 4 years later. A lot of the roster turnover they saw wasn’t because of a fire sale but because of normal reasons …retirements/cap conflicts. And they didn’t go out and sign a huge free agent or two to build fan confidence. So why did Gorton and Sather in their infinite wisdom think this was the best course of action?

      I thought the fire sale was because they realized the difference between NYR and LA, Chicago, Pittsburgh. These teams had top level centers and tons of center depth. Jeff Carter/ Anze Kopitar, Jonathan Toews/Brad Richards, Crosby/Malkin. And then the front office drafts Lias Andersson and Chytil. That gave me hope, except I starting paying attention to Andersson and what went on in the World Junior and saw him as a bum. And 4 years later here we stand with still no legitimate first line/second line centers to compete against the elite centers in the league. We have a total of 3 legitimate centers 4 years later. That right there is asinine in every measure of the word.

      We have drafted and traded for something in the range of 23 or 24 defensive prospects in this same time. Which again leads me to the ultimate question here…what the hell were they doing? It has been proven time and time again center depth and talent win in the nhl. Name a cup champion in the last 40 years that didn’t have a elite center to lead it with plenty of depth down the middle. It doesn’t exist. This isn’t rocket science if a armchair gm like myself can figure this out. How in the world has this front office not? You build down the middle. Wings are a after thought. You add a Marian Hossa, Rick Nash, Marty St Louis, Mats Zuccarello, Patrick Kane, Marian Gaborik, Artemi Panarin when you are ready. All the winning franchises have this same exact recipe for success.

      Just look a Lamerello and all the success he has had throughout his career. It isn’t all that difficult to copy. But why is it that the NYR always have to create their own path. Try to constantly out smart the next team. I mean I am pretty sure this all started with Stan Bowman and his path to success. And all the other franchises have just copied his blueprint. Except for us, with the obvious exceptions in 94 and 2014. Look at those rosters. The depth down the middle was amazing.

      I am overly critical of a lot of the thought processes on this site because it just seems like simple logic to me. Mika in all his greatness isn’t going to win a cup. That playstyle and pacifist attitude just doesn’t cut it in April/May. You win cups with people like Howden and Rooney. Not that I think either of them compare even slightly to the talent level of Mika, it is just that their playstyle is much more conducive to winning playoff hockey. The Callahan/Dubinsky type centers. While there is nothing flashy about their games it is a must to be heavy to play against over a 7 game series.

      Ultimate point is …where is the center depth? Where are these top level prospects that everyone talks about in the minors? We are pigeon holed in that aspect. 15 defensive prospects with a legitimate chance to all be real players doesn’t exactly make this a great talent pool. Doesn’t exactly make us cup contenders if we have no one at center who is showing real promise. If our best center prospect is a 7th round pick that was taken on a whim…what are the odds of him being successful in a organization that can’t properly handle the 1st overall and 2nd overall picks of their respective draft classes?

      90% of the people on here will not read this but I hope you do.

    • Great post, Eddie. Agree 100% on the shoddiness of Davidson’s treatment. Only a piece of garbage like Jimmy Dolan would treat his franchise legends in such a callous way.

      I wish I shared your confidence about Drury. I feel he is going to be the Rangers’ version of Isiah Thomas. His ascension to the top spot in the FO seems a little shady despite Drury’s reputation, like there was backstabbing solicited by Dolan on Drury’s then-bosses. And if Sather is involved, Drury might really only be an assistant GM/co-president, which doesn’t bode well.

      • The more I read about Drury, the more afraid I am that he’ll be a short term guy.

        Not because of him, mind you, but because of Dolan. Straight shooters in a nest of vipers don’t last long at MSG, because the Owner has the patience of a puppy. Slats can only do so much, as JD found out.

        The thing that I liked reading about Drury is that he said he’ll only be in the locker room every once in a while but not all the time, which is a good thing. You have to remove yourself from the room because it introduces bias in player evaluation. The proof is out there every night, on the ice and in the stats.

        • Modeling? You’re as tired as a Dane Cook routine.

          Gorton did everything you could want except maybe get the scouting department more organized. He maintained payroll & roster flexibility while putting together a team that would make it through the expansion draft unscathed(until it got pushed back a year and now mostly unscathed.)

          Gorton set the table for Drury, now he’s got everything in place.

      • Why don’t you leave the literate adults alone, Avery? You just embarrass yourself.

        And how’s your boy Hayes? He’s looking good for another 40-point season at $7.12 million annually.

      • NotsoAvery – No one here is “fake.” I monitor this regularly and issue warnings to those posting under fake usernames. Yes, I have tools that allow me to do that.

    • Good to hear from you, Eddie. It’s nice to have someone on this board who can spell, use punctuation, and who doesn’t pretend to know all of the answers. I agree with most of what you said, except two things. First, MSG stock has done fine over the past year. Second, it was the Titanic whose owner was on board and urged the captain to go faster than was prudent, not the Poseidon. Maybe the Poseidon’s owner did that too; I never saw the movie.

      I would have tried to plan it out like this- keep JD for a few more years; he’s not 30 years old anymore, but then again, few of us are. Then when he retires (3 years?), Jeff (52 years old) could have been kicked up to President and Drury (45 now, I think) could be the GM. Pay Drury a few dollars to stick around until that happens. The suitors have been buzzing around Drury for a few years now, maybe there are more suitors this spring and Dolan didn’t want to lose him. I don’t know when his current (well, before this week) contract runs out, but there are always buyouts. But what do I know? I’m not the owner.

      As to the coach, my personal opinion is that he deserves another year. If he needs to be told that starting in October he’s coaching for his job, then he’s in the wrong business. Contrary to the opinions of some on this board, I’m quite sure he possesses a brain. I’m concerned about Dolan, but I don’t share the opinion of many (just in general, not only on this board) that every wealthy person is a crook. He’s been deafeningly silent over the years when it comes to the Rangers, so let’s hope he keeps it that way and lets Drury do the job. We’ll see.

      Just my two cents. Maybe three. Keep up the good work.

      Regards- orange

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie!, Lets go your sentence on the Gallant situation. “There had to be some underlying reason there we don’t know about?” The same consideration should be afforded to the Rangers’ situation. If you want to really understand the thinking behind the firings.

      Jim Dolan explained to the NY Post that this was not a isolated situation, that led to the firings, and my experience allows me to suggest we believe the man. I’ll explain briefly as I can.

      I mentioned on this site in the past of my previous employment with the a company owned by the Dolan’s family. For what is worth, they treat their employees very well, and this is coming from a former employee that was part of a lay off. An important part of their success is the running their companies maintains demands there be “synergy” among the inner parts of their company’s operation, and that was the very word conveyed to me when I was introduced to part of their winning formula.

      Now, read Jim Dolan’s words below, as reported by the NY Post.

      “What I’m talking about is not just something that happens in the locker room,” Dolan said. “It’s an entire organization that has to be together as a team. It’s everybody from the president, the general manager, the coach, the players, the assistant coaches, the trainers. … Everybody has to be together as a team, because everyone makes a contribution.”

      They built an empire, and I believe they know how to run a business.

      • Dolan hasn’t built crap. He’s inherited his wealth. He inherited cablevision from his father.

        He’s run the Knicks into the ground. Now he’s turned his not-so-steady hand to the Rangers. God help us all.

    • Sure John Davidson is a hero to Ranger fans, but let’s be rational here. You do not want someone as president of the organization simply because he is idolized. He needed to kept or let go on his merits.

      Pre-Rangers, he looked to be a good executive – this much is true. However, he is now 68 years old and at that age, some dial it back. Seriously, he has been president for two years and what has he done. Nothing that I can see. The rebuild was already in full swing. The people who guided the rebuild, guys like Gorton and Quinn, continued to behave exactly as they had before, making the same kind of moves. He did not change the culture at all, but he had plenty of time to do so. Now, if you thought the culture was fine, you can have no real complaints with this. “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But if you thought changes needed to be made and you expected him to make them, it is pretty clear that he did not make them nor had any intention of doing so. He had plenty of time to show his course of action. He stood behind Gorton and it made no sense to not view them as a package.

      As for expectations this year, two things. One is that the Rangers were not the only team to face adversity. Things like injury and covid were a part of life for all. The second is that the Rangers finsihed last season as one of the better teams in hockey. On top of that, they get the #1 overall pick in the draft and such a player nearly always has a major positive impact on the team. Why aren’t they a Cup contender? They only lost two players from last year’s team – Fast and Staal. Staal was hardly a great player and Fast was Ranger management shooting themselves in the foot. Seriously – only two years instead of three? They could have exposed him in the draft and he would have been gone after one. Sure there was ADA, but there was also the rapid ascent of Miller. Depth at defense was hindered because they simply signed the wrong spare parts. I’d guess that even Freddy Claesson woukd have been a better option than Johnson or Bitetto.

      The bottom line though is that a team that shows up for every game wins more than one that doesn’t. Well, nobody actually shows up for every game, but it seems though that the Rangers were well below average here.

    • I will say the unpopular, but it really is why I think differently here than others do. During the 2014-2020 period, there were sixty goalies who played 100+ games. In GAA, Henrik Lundqvist was 40th out of 60. He was 29th in save percentage, so it is not unfair to describe him as average over the period. The notion that this was a bad team being held together by their goaltender was absurd.

      Anyway, I saw the Rangers making a big improvement simply with the arrival of Shesterkin and I saw a collection of skaters that were closer to contention than others did. [Evaluation of individual players is a zero sum game. If you rate one player higher than I do, you must rate another lower because the success level is given.]

      Not so surprisingly, the Lundqvist story and Davidson stories are very similar. Lundqvist was the best goalie in hockey when Renney and Torts coached the Rangers and even singlehandedly defeated the Penguins in 2014 when he was past his prime. Both he and JD are heroes. But do you defer to a hero when it hurts the success of the team? We know the team that deferred to Hank fell apart.

    • Torts will probably not be here because Panarin is here. And it is presumed that Panarin wanted out of Columbus because of Torts.

      But, would I want to see Torts coach this group of Rangers? I sure would.

  • I wonder how some fans might feel knowing that “allegedly” JD and JG loved DQ and he had their full support (according to sources) — mull that over if you were in the “fire Quinn” camp (regardless of the terrible timing of the firings).

    • I am ok with you being a troll. Honestly it makes me constantly laugh. But it is just sad that you can’t ever be real. 90% of your posts are crap and add nothing to the overall conversation.

      But seriously try to add something that isn’t in the form of a question. Try to form your own opinion for once. Tell us…….how do you feel about that Quinn allegedly was loved by JD and JG? And why that matters to you.

      Why not make a comment about what triple E wrote. And share your opinion on what he is talking about from his heart. Instead you put up a 20 word comment that tries too hard to be clever and just makes you comes off as a desperate troll. You think we can’t see your writing style and all the different names you go under. There is some real issues there.

      But sincerely, try to add something, anything to the conversation. Grow up a little. This isn’t high school anymore …you don’t have to try so hard. Just be you. Try to be the better person if you don’t agree with what someone has to say. You might actually learn something about them or what they have to say. You don’t know everything about hockey and you don’t know everything about life. Why strive so hard to discredit what someone else has to say? Living life off of other’s misery is one pathetic way to go about it my opinion.

      • Your responses to everyone are really pathetic. What a pseudo tough guy you are Laffy. Change your name again, why don’t you? Or stick with one of your other identities maybe.

        Maybe go with some kind of phrase highlighting your mental illness. Like Schizo or Multiple Man. Something like that.

      • People in general here seem to disagree with you. It was very late at night and I was reading that JD and JG were 100% behind DQ and loved him. I simply posed a question for those in the fire Quinn camp who might also be in keep JG and JD camp to suggest there might be a disconnect.

        You should concern yourself with your own posts here, not mine …. troll.

        • Just because yourself and Dave and maybe two others don’t like what I have to say….doesn’t mean the majority of people disagree with me. It just means the largest voices don’t. You and a few others on here are the only ones who think thumbs up/down matters. I would say there are a lot more people who don’t say anything and just read the comments. The other day I posted this epically long rant and when I refreshed the page I already had a down vote. No way in the time frame that I refreshed could anyone have actually read what I had wrought. You know who was also posting a ton at that same time….I am sure you can guess. While I may not like what you have to say sometimes…I give you your due when you post something I didn’t see or think of. And I always read what you and everyone else has to say. I don’t make excuses for my comments. They are from the heart.

  • The Rangers did not mail this in, look what they went through this past week, and really this whole season. Every team dealt with Covid, but then the ADA thing, the Panarin thing, the Wilson thing, a very physical and exhausting game the night before, and now the FO blood letting. Come on, what did people expect?

    On a much, much, much more important point, Zac Jones and Morgan Baron are players, aren’t they?

  • Watched the Bruins broadcast. After P1 McAvoy was interviewed and asked about his goal at the top of the key. His response: ” Wasnt fancy all we are coached to do is shoot shoot shoot and always put the puck on and around the net. Not a lot to think about.”

  • Losses to the Islanders and the team not being prepared for some important games is what drove Dolan crazy. This falls on DQ for readiness, but Gorton not trying to bring over a stud at the deadline sealed his fate. We have a young, mediocre team (yes, teams that do not make the playoffs are mediocre). We needed to add some energy to the locker room. It didn’t happen.

    Just like DQ was the right coach to bring us to this point, but he is no longer the right guy – so is Gorton an underachiever. He got us here (with a lot of luck) but couldn’t add the players to push us over the top.

    Next year, when we are playoff bound, everyone will think Drury is an amazing GM. Wait and see.

    • They’d have been playoff bound next year had Gorton and Davidson stayed in place. Dolan panicked. The fact that Sather stands behind this move should have everyone worried.

  • The whole Ranger team played as though they didn’t want to be there. An embarrassing performance, what’s even more embarrassing is that the players who were called up from Hartford also put in a weak effort. This team is pathetic.

  • To say that the Rangers didn’t show-up is slanderous. They were absolutely and completely outmanned, however, they line by line shift by shift brought the best they could bring. THAT was visually obvious.

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