Pavel Buchnevich gets one game suspension because of course he does

Pavel Buchnevich has received a one game suspension for high sticking Anthony Mantha last night.

Listen, Buchnevich deserved the suspension. I’m glad someone did something borderline dirty to a Caps skill player last night. It’s not an eye for an eye, but whatever, it will do.

But let it be known that the Rangers paid $250,000 and got a 1 game suspension for retaliation. Meanwhile, the guy that committed aggravated assault got a $5,000 fine. This league is a joke.

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  • Could have gotten 2 games, that’s what I expected from the Department of Player Unsafety … so thank God for small favors.

    • Still though, it’s going to cost Buch 28K … Wilson a punch to the head on a prone player laying face down on the ice, 5K … high stick to a player coming at you who has been provoking you, almost 6 times as much. AND the NHL wonders why people think they’re a joke.

  • This is why you takes things into your own hands. Mantha won’t mess with Buch again .

    Also because Parros is a clown now and was a clown when he played

    • “Mantha won’t mess with Buch again.”

      What a load… Mantha doing the chicken wing taunt to him was the last laugh.

      Sean Avery was even making fun of what Buch did.

    • The best part about Mr. Parros is he went to Princeton University. All kidding aside, What!
      I guess thats where Mr. Parros’ first thoughts on equality under the law was formed.
      Oh well,

  • Interesting fact about yesterdays game, it had the most fights (6) in the 5 minutes of a game in NHL history, also the most penalty minutes in an NHL game in 7 years.

  • idk about you guys, but i just see a $5k fine in his high stick. good thing he didn’t have a history of violent acts against other players.

  • Good for buch, love it. Just wish he got more meat on that baseball swing to Wilson.

    Also, not a cross check. With caps logic on panarin (Wilson defending himself To bread on his back) how is this not two players willingly engaging… buch just got the best of him, arguably maybe a little high… mess w the bull get the horns right?!?!

  • I agree the D.O.P.S. is a joke but he deserved to be suspended, he cross checked him right in the face and just because Wilson did what he did doesn’t mean we should stoop to his level. I have no problem with what Buchnevich did but again it’s a suspend able act

  • We all expected the suspension! But good for him to “stick up”for himself!! Buch 1 game and $28grand….

    Wilson stick under chin,punch a defenseless player,rip a helmet off body slam a player not once but at least twice.A $5grand fine.

    Plays next game gets into a fight and mysteriously has an upper body

    Wow the NHL set some precedent,they like the idiots running the asylum. Oh sorry NHL.

    Bettman and Parros need straight jackets.

    • Hard to blame them when 32 a holes are team owners who care diddly about paying customers, employees (the union), themselves, and the viewing and listening public. What Bantam father wants to show his son, Wilson, wearing a Capitals jersey beating up a guy face down and then showing great NHL sportsmanship by ragdolling a bona fide star.
      The fish still stinks from the head down owners. That means you.

  • Wilson leaving after the first with a fake upper body injury was a punk move Buy a dirty punk player. The ref also protected him by giving him a 10 minute misconduct taking him off the ice

    • I would like to think that coach Laviolette (an Ranger draft choice)encouraged that. Leaving him on the ice would be an unforgivable act based on his mindset at the time. Someone was going to really get hurt. Tell me Capital players how you will react when one of your guys gets ragdolled. Shame on you for not calling your teammate out and picking on guys not equal to him physically. So much for the code.

  • Big Rangers fan. Loathe Tom Wilson, but don’t let him dominate my mind. The non punishment of him was jaw dropping. A complete insult to Rangers fans and the sport of hockey. He should have been suspended until further notice, so should Buchnevich. Cross checking a man in his face is WAY over the line. As is what Wilson did.

    I loved your line “I’m glad someone did something borderline dirty to a caps skill player” hear hear!!

    I’m one that fully understands the only way to get Wilson to slow down is to take it out on Backstrom the next time there’s any scrum near your net. He lifts a hand you destroy him. THAT will make his organization make him slow down. Sad, but true.

  • I sure do miss the days when sports journalists, were actual journalists and not bloggers that stopped learning the English in 6th grade.

  • Buchi got one game suspension so why isn’t he playing today? This is the last game of the season and he has served his penalty time.

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