Artemi Panarin will not return after getting body slammed by Tom Wilson

Artemi Panarin will not return tonight after he was body slammed to the ice by Tom Wilson. This came just after Wilson threw a defenseless Pavel Buchnevich to the ice and punched him in the head.

Yet he wasn’t ejected. Peak NHL officiating here. I look forward to the $5,000 fine.

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  • Imagine if that happened to a Bruin like Pasta. Or to Barzal. How long would Wilson be on ice?
    JD and Gordo gotta get some blood and thunder onto this roster.

    • 100% correct Joe, if this doesn’t force JD and JG to make moves to get a couple players that can get back at the Caps for this sin then they should both be fired. The Rangers looked like they were afraid with Matt Martin running around out there two games in a row and now the Bread-Man, their best player by far, get’s destroyed by this ass Wilson and no-one does anything. they are all afraid of getting beat-up. Wilson was mocking the Rangers from the penalty box. This has to be checked in the off season especially if the league does not suspend Wilson for the rest of the season. Think Philly Flyers 1972-72. They got tired of betting beat up and simply adjusted. Let’s hope the Rangers do the same.

    • He got 7 games for the Carlo hit, so let’s see what happens this time.

      But the league refuses to acknowledge that this guy is a psychopath.

      He came inches away from slamming Panarin’s head to the ice, and then what?

  • Don’t get mad, get even. But the rangers would rather avoid conflict all game. Embarrassing

  • Now are we still Neanderthals or old men when we say someone is going to get hurt if the Rangers don’t get tougher? Yeah, the game has changed and its all about speed and skill now…until it isnt. Been watching since about 1968 or ’69, and the game hasn’t changed; like anything else in life, it evolves and shades more or less certain ways in certain eras. But it hasn’t changed. It is nothing short of irresponsible to players’ health to field a team like the NYR roster right now. Look at the Caps: Wilson, now Chara, now Mantha, now Dillon. Look at the Isles: Martin, Johnson, Mayfield. JD knows better for sure, having played in when he did and on teams with Nicky. We can only hope this gets addressed, and not by one mere pugilist, in the off season.

  • Almost zero toughness on Rangers after Panarin slammed. No one to even challenge Wilson. Very sad. At least Lemieux would have responded if they still had him

    • We gave Lemieux away not long after he went toe to toe with Wilson earlier in the season. Amazing!

  • Wilson isn’t the embarrassment, it’s the Ranger team who let him get away pounding Panarin and management even more so who refuse to add toughness to this team.

  • No one in Tom Wilson’s 500+ NHL games has deterred him from making these type of plays. The dude has been suspended half a dozen times and still acts like this. Stop acting like having a goon on the roster who wouldn’t have been out there on the PP anyway would have had any effect on this. This is entirely on the Department of Player Safety and their ineffectiveness in deterring this type of behavior.

    • You don’t temper Wilson by fighting him: you temper Wilson by running him every chance you get, then bring out the cementhead to remind him whether he’d like this to continue or play the game the right way.

      If he declines, you run him every shift then have the cementhead fight him at the end of one of those shifts at the end of a period.

      *This* is one of the on the fly adjustments Quinn needs to get better at.

      • I’d use my last 2 callups on Geertson & Reuschoff and have at least one of them out whenever Wilson was and make his evening a living Hell. A “put him in the graveyard” game.

        After Wednesday, you can call up basically anybody eligible to call up.

    • As Joe Micheletti said, Wilson is in the penalty box but there would be 30 teams willing to trade for him. Ruffians have been in the NHL since it started and they will always be there. Even if Tom Wilson was banned you’ll still have tough customers like Matt Martin, Ross Johnson, Ryan Reeves, Brendan Lemieux, Nick Deslauriers, Zeno Chara, Brad Marchand, Cal Clutterbuck, Brady Tkachuk, Milan Lucic, Kurtis MacDermid, Austin Watson, and even Alex Ovechkin. Face it, this soft Ranger team need a couple of protectors.

  • I go back to 1974 Ranger team. Dave Shultz’s of Philly, destroying a non fighter Dale Rolfe , game 7 playoff game, winner goes to play for the Cup. The entire Ranger team watched as their teammate got pummeled . Beaten to a pulp, not one of them lifted a finger to help him. Philly won that game and the CUP!. That Ranger team was constructed very much like this current team. Finesse players up and down the line up, a team of Lady Bing Trophy finalist. You will NEVER win the Cup with the team as it is currently constructed or the person you have coaching them. THIS IS AN EMBARRASMENT!!! Matt Martin lays out Trouba and Z , no fear of retribution, knowing the Rangers have no one to answer the bell. Now Wilson goes ballistic on Bread and you turn the other cheek???. Shame on the ENTIRE TEAM AND COACH!! Shame on JD, he played with Nick Fotiu and was the Ranger announcer with the 94 Cup Team. If someone looked at Leetch or Zubov the wrong way they would have been put in a coma. Kocur & Beukaboom or Jay Wells would have handled it. Shame on Gorton, the dude help build the Bruins into a nightmare to play against, Drafted the likes of Milan Lucic, Adam McQuaid, Brad Marchand, guys who could play the game, but also send the message do not go after our finesse players or you will be going to the Hospital ! YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A ROCKET SCIENTEST HERE, THE TEAM IS THE SOFTEST TO PLAY AGAINST AND THE ENTIRE NHL KNOWS IT!!

  • Shame on the Rangers organization for letting this type of abuse continue.If JD doesn’t get off his butt and get some protection for his skilled players, it will be hard to be a fan.
    The league obviously doesn’t care. We have to protect our own!

  • Tough one to watch as the bread man was pummeled into breadcrumbs. Shame on management! Why let Lemuix go without a replacement, he would have at least went back at Martin and would have definitely dropped the gloves tonight with Wilson. Forget that Wilson is an idiot – he’s just like Martin and the other type players like them know there will be not retribution or push back by this talented but soft Ranger team. The shenanigans by Wilson tonight is like the cherry on top or the exclamation mark…once again shame on management.

  • Where are you Tanto and CoolBlades? Where is your boy in this scrum? 1C my butt …he is a soft spineless jellyfish. Any self respecting 1C/Captain wanna be would have throw a punch. Instead he gets pulled away by the goalie. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys. Hope we sign him for 10 years 10 million a year so I can just keep taunting you guys forever! This is what happens when kreider isn’t on the ice… pathetic team and pathetic front office. We are done.

    That aside. Kids had a okay game. Only one I thought that really shined was Kappo. Barron looked a little better also. It is only his second game and this team is falling apart from within so we really can’t expect to much. His confidence after these 2 games might be a wee bit shot.

    I am wondering if Quinn will put Chytil on the line with Panarin at some point in the last 3 games. I would just like to see what that would look like at some point. But that went south for the summer with this game. Most likely won’t see Panarin for the remainder of the season. Hip surgery here we come!

    • That guy scored two goals you forgot to mention. And disgusting that you are cheering Panarin injury.

      • Remind me of the final score? And I am not cheering Panarin injury that is you just putting words in my mouth cause you can’t handle the truth.

        • Remind you that MZ scored two goals. Can you handle it? And also remind you you that you are attacking him for not participating in the fight which got Panarin injured. I guess if MZ was in Panarin place you would have been blaming Panarin for softness and his $11.5 contract. Surprised you did not credit Buchnfor being a nice punching bag shameful to have fans like you

          • Who cares if Giancarlo Stanton hits 4 home runs in the game if the yankees lose 12 to 4? Ask anyone if they remember all the game scoring drives Mark Sanchez put together and never won the super bowl or if they remember the butt fumble?

            You know what panarin and Buch will remember is he let them get their butts handed to them while he just passively watched. At least they had spirit. At least Strome jumped in for his teammate. At least panarin stood right next to his teammate. What can you say about Mr. Softee? That he has good ice cream?

            Grow up and stop trying to twist my words all the time.

      • I think it would give a better/more definitive answer on him. We haven’t seen it, so why not try it at this point?

        But I do honestly think panarin got hurt way back against the bruins and it was either his back or hip so we won’t be seeing him for the remainder of the season. This was just icing on his season.

  • I was worried that they were playing without Lindgren, Trouba and Kreider tonight. No, none of them are punchers but I doubt that the three of them would have let Wilson go so easily. We need someone like Tom Wilson in the sense that we need someone who can play the game and who can brawl too–no I don’t want a head hunter, I want someone who can play and who can deter head hunters. Little Tony D and little Pepe would not have let this go by, but they don’t scare people. Need a scary good hockey player.

  • We are soft pathetic team made up of a bunch of cowards who don’t defend each other. Shame on JG, JD for not providing it. And shame on them for dumping Lemiuex.

    Some on here actually think CK would have helped in this? Have you not been watching all season? CK is one of the softest players on the team given his size and strength.

    Mika is a coward pure and simple and has no business being captain. Breadman at least tried to help Buch and it went bad for him against that lunatic who incidentally won the game for the Caps tonight. I want to see our version of Augie Oglethorpe ( Mason Gertson) in the lineup against this animal and will see how brave he is then.

  • Let’s be real here, Mika is never going to go toe with a player like Wilson. Neither is Bread or Fox. That is not what kind of players they are or will be. But there is an important place on a team for role players. Players like Lemeiux, Trouba, Lindgren or Smitty who stand up for their teammates, set the tone that they won’t be pushed around. Yet they are never recognized or appreciated and often just taken for granted.

    More players who have not only toughest but talent is badly needed on this Ranger squad. Also, as a coach Quinn has to realize that no matter how much talent he has on his bench, his team will never be successful as long as they are being intimidated by the opposition. This isn’t friggin college hockey.

    • I don’t expect mika to go toe to toe with wilson. I expect mika to do exactly what Panarin did and just straight up try to tackle the guy and cheap shot him back. Spear him when he gets back on the ice, elbow him at full speed, take out his knees. Something! Anything. Not nothing and continue on like nothing happened.

      You can’t have weak willed players at your highest positions in your vet group. Cause it just trickles all down the lineup. You can’t have these guys leading your squad especially when they are all kids. You need a Joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau at their present age and perspective. But they know better then to come to this wishy washy franchise.

      From year one I have called mika soft. And I never liked his game cause when it matters he is nowhere to be found. And tonight was another instance of the same old song. It has taken most of you 6 years to see what I have seen since day 1. He shys away from the physical aspect of this game. Unfortunately for him it is a major part of the game.

      If he was putting up the points like a Gretzky, McDavid, Sakic, then I would say yes to everything most of you say. Go get a big goon. Do whatever you have to do to protect him. But he is not one of those guys. He is at best a 11-20 top center in the NHL. He is not in the top 10.

      Slow it down for you guys…Is he better than Crosby, Malkin, Bergeron, Toews, McKinnon, Matthews, McDavid, Aho, Kopitar, Taveras, Pavelski, Stamkos, Karlsson. I don’t think in a 1 on 1 battle he can beats any of these players. 10 out of 10 times these guys are coming away with the puck when it matters. Can he out score most of them sure. But who cares if he can’t do it when it matters?

      Just a stupid idiot’s point of view. But this team is unraveling in front of our eyes in these last 4 games. And it almost like Gorton should fire Quinn now just so it changes the atmosphere in the locker room at this point. Before it gets any worse and players just stop trying all together.

    • There isn’t a team in the NHL who wouldn’t want Wilson on their team. That’s a fact, plain and simple.
      He plays on the top line. He kills penalties. He’s on the power play. He keep opponents heads up. He’s not afraid to go in front of the net or in the corners. He has decent speed and a decent shot. And yes, he makes opponents pay a price if they take liberties with any CAP, especially their stars.
      I do not condone or endorse when he goes over the line.
      But again, there isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t want him on their roster.

  • Yeah, that would sure show Wilson if the Rangers had a goon for him to punch after he got done knocking Panarin out of the game. The Rangers don’t need a Tom Wilson. The NHL needs to get Tom Wilson out of the league.

  • This was absolutely Ridiculious, 3 games in a row. Martin twice,now Wilson..with (NO RESPONSE)!!!!!!
    This falls on the whole organization..Management and players.And it’s pathetic to see this.JD knows better he played in that Era!!

    This is reminiscent of when the Flyers ran The Rangers and Jagr,until we got Orr and Orr broke Federuk’s face. And it stopped.

    If this goes up to player safety he’ll get a slap on the wrist,it will be he doesn’t play Wed!!!
    JD/JG needs this addressed before next season.

    I would like to see players like Oleksiak,Chara if he wants to sign here,Macdermid,I would even see if we can get Johnston..someone,anyone please..

  • Zibenejad is a great offensive player and not asking him to fight the other teams toughest players but show some spine. He skates away holding his nose looking at the ref with Martin cheap shot him,Instead of at the very least crack in Martin in the ankles.Then our so called future captain watched two of our best players get cheap shots and tossed like a ragdoll by the same dirty scumbag. Zib didn’t even drop his stick! He half heartedly went into the scrum looking for the least involved player.not captain material.bring up Geertsen asap. Next season must add Adam Graves, Keith tchuck type players. Very good players Who also make it tough On the opposing teams to play , and if some punk takes cheap shots at your best players they will be there to answer the call. Hockey is still a tough sport no matter how much they try to take the violence out.If you as a team allow what happen the last few games to go on, opposing teams Will gladly continue to do it to illuminate your top players either physically or psyco logically

  • Zuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccc who was the smallest guy on the team wouldn’t have stood by and done nothing. He would have slashed or punched Wilson just like he did in the past. Mika is double the size of Zuke but has a fraction of his heart. Sorry to say that but it’s true. All of you defending him. Ask yourself this question. If it were you taking a dirty elbow to the face or watching one of your friends and teammates being literally assaulted. Would you stand there and do nothin like yesterday or skate away holding your face almost near tears.

  • Sick …N H L .
    Jail time for Wilson would be best fine. League has no balls.
    Then of course it’s all about
    U S A . BETTMAN .$$$$$$$$$

  • Rangers should have got a third man in penalty, if I was Wilson and somebody grabbed my neck from behind, I would do more than body slam them

    • Right, even though he’s committing an assault on a defenseless player who has his face down on the ice. Moron.

  • Total asshole 1st punching a guy when he is down with his gloves on real tough then beating on Panarin with gloves still on then in the penalty box posing like some WWE wrestler big man . They should suspend him for the rest of the season & Playoffs.

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