Rangers sign Lauri Pajuniemi to entry level contract

The prospect signings keep on coming. This time, it’s Lauri Pajuniemi getting his entry level contract.

Pajuniemi had a fantastic final season with TPS, putting up 22 goals and 38 points in 48 games. He’s expected to compete for a spot in the lineup in camp as a solid two-way forward with skill.

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  • Compete for a top 6 spot in Hartford.

    Zero chance to make the main roster. The skating is meh, so is the D, so is his O tool kit. A homeless man’s version of Ovechkin without the size or strength or shot. AHL talent only.

    My model(built for draft year) still rates him as a replacement level player at age 21. Kakko put up as many points in his draft year as Pajuniemi did in his D+3

    If you people got tired of me clowning Reunanen for being a scrub, gird your loins for this guy.

      • Thank you. I’m sure hearing the truth sucks for some people, I’m just being brutally frank.

        On a 2 year ELC, does he ever really slot into the top 9 bar injury? No effing way.

        Does he have enough of the other skills needed to be a bottom 6 F even if an emergency call up? No.

        Eye test meets model.

        • I enjoy the crapping tbh. I hung around for years with NHL scouts and the good ones tend to crap on a lot of players, even players that somehow find a way to disprove the general consensus …. ah intangibles. That said, a healthy dose of skepticism is always required.

      • I only crap on guys who have no shot that get talked up because of asymmetrical information from certain “sources” (who watch on TV & not live, but they make GIFs) who apparently have more influence on the webhost, no matter how often he gets burned.

        Guys who have no shot get labeled as much and then I move on.

        Guys who have any sort of shot but are missing things get constructive criticism.

        • I really would have loved to see your scouting reports on Panarin, Zuch, Kucherov. Doubt you were projecting hem as superstars

          • I don’t really cover Russia or Norway because I don’t really have much interest traveling to Russia and Norway is rather bereft of talent usually.

            FYI, nobody rated Panarin or Zuccarello as superstars either because nobody drafted them and I haven’t run the rule over them using my model.

            I’ll go and look at the available data when I get home from Frisco and let you know how the model would have graded them; but in the interim,

            Go get your shine box.

          • I would rather you show when your model proved you wrong. I do m want to go thru the names that your model rejected because you did not like to travel there or because the teams did not draft such players. I do not know your countries preferences for your scouting. Seems Finland is your favorite target. So start with Laine, Puljujärvi, Kakko

          • I loved Laine because of the ++ shot even if the rest of the game needed work, thought Puljujarvi had a better floor than ceiling compared to Laine; was dumb enough to think that Kakko could walk into the NHL as a 50 point player if given top 6 minutes.

            No models involved because I didn’t clean data except for 21 years ago and the previous draft. Will have to get home to run numbers beyond the back of an envelope.

          • Imagine you drafted Zuccarello his 1st year of eligibility. You know what you would’ve had after 4 years? A guy still in Norway.

            Imagine you drafted Panarin and after 4 years what would you have? A guy in the K with less than .5 ppg. After 6 years? You might have a player.

            Knowing the outcome and the year 18, I wouldn’t touch Zuccarello and use a 7th on Panarin if I had 5 of them.

          • Panarin could have come here earlier. For sure. Do not know much about Zuch history but I am sure drafting him in third would have been a good investment. Kucherov however seems like a steal where he was drafted.

            This not a trivia pursuit. I was just saying that your model is as good as it continue but your model ignores so many scenarios such as for example trading one of such assets for a better asset etc. you follow the model that the shortest distance between two points is a line. That is not always the case

          • Kaprizov Was drafted I. 2015 in fifth round. I doubt Wild regret doing so

          • You’re wandering like a drunk chasing a butterfly so I’m ending this on my end.

          • Good and mature response

            I think you missing your calling. You should work for NHL scouting with your model. That will also r traveling to Russia, Norway and other neighbouring Scandinavian countries. After all why keep such a treasure modelling to a local blog and attack Finns and Swedes? There are so much more for you to concur. NHL I teams should greatly benefit from you

          • My model does one thing: estimates players at their likely level as a NHL player adjusting for height, weight & league variables in their draft year.

            Replacement level is around zero. Pajniemi is a .25

            Getting a raw number without the spreadsheet was doable because his H/W were almost at the mean, so no standard deviation adjustments needed.

          • Or on Colin Blackwell. Did he project him to 1st line?

            What about Adam fox? Miller? Ryan lindgren?

            He’s just a troll with a napkin. He could put up and tell you when he was wrong but that just reduces his ability to troll commenters.

            As for lp. 4th liner if he’s lucky. I contabulated through my model and that what I get.

            The lovely thing about models are the outliers. And hockey is full of them

          • Do trolls defend their arguments? Or do they drop their stink bomb and run away?

            So check yourself before you wreck yourself, pogue.

          • Colin Blackwell is a bottom 6 guy who has exhausted his upside. What’s this lovefest with Blackwell? I mean he isn’t Jesper Fast, although he kind of scores like him.

            We could have put Kravtsov or KK in for him and they would have scored just as much, probably more than Blackwell over 25-30 games.

  • This guy can really shoot it and could be a good piece on a trade. Give a year and add some bulk might be a good one.

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