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Rumor: Turner, not NBC, will be second TV landing spot for NHL

It won’t take long for the confirmation to come, but it looks like TNT and Turner Broadcasting will be the second half of the NHL TV deal. NBC is officially out.

The ESPN/Turner package is what the NBA currently has, and it has done well with both. NBC really mailed in their coverage of the NHL, and it showed in the on-screen product. Only Doc, and later John Forslund, were the good parts of the NBC package.

Monetary details will be released at some point, and it could even be today. The NHL is a huge winner here. They will have a huge influx of TV cash that should help balance out the remaining COVID losses. Fans are huge winners too, as TNT, TBS, and ESPN are all easy to find channels.

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  • I hope this works out. ESPN, TNT and TBS spend half their time on social justice drivel, and the closest thing they have to a hockey analyst at present is Scott van Pelt. Forslund is going to be working for the Seattle franchise. If they do this, they’d better hire every hockey person at NBCSN, including Kathryn Tappen, Kenny Albert, Patrick Sharp, Ryan Callahan, Eddie Olcyk, Pierre McGuire and Brian Boucher. Keith Jones. Anson Carter.

    Regards- orange

    • New blood won’t hurt … and what “social justice drivel” has to do with hockey coverage escapes me … BUT the most important 2 things to me are: 1) no Mike Milbury please, and 2) no Pierre McGuire and his nonsense. Can’t stand either one.

  • Been reading that the number is $225mm/yr for Turner; a marginal improvement over what NBC paid off the last deal. Is this linear only, or does Bleacher Report get a taste of streaming? B/R is a train wreck of a streaming service, hopefully the NHL propeller heads can help them out about that.

  • TNT is such an interesting choice. Will require people to have a cable service to see those games, and they have a way lower profile than NBC. NBC must have really been offended by the NHLs offer to walk away. Or, alternatively, the NHL was offended by the NBC broadcast and lowballed them.

    Personally, I just wish TNT will simulcast the HNIC team. Those folks know how to broadcast hockey.

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