Rangers sign Karl Henriksson to entry level contract

The Rangers keep on signing their prospects. This time it was Karl Henriksson, signing him to a three year entry level contract.

Henriksson is yet another prospect to sign this season. It seems COVID sped things up for a few prospects, but my guess is the Rangers wanted to get him under contract once Frolunda’s season ended.

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  • They wanted him under contract because Frolunda & Covid were killing his development. Clearly not ready for the men’s side, so sending him to Hartford doesn’t make much sense beyond having to fill out the roster. If Drury & Briere are serious about building a development pipeline, sending him to start in Portland is the way to go.

    Let him get his feet wet on the smaller ice against semi-skilled men, start to dominate, then bring him up to Hartford. It’s paid off for Ronning.

      • I did, but was such a terrible skater, I just went on to many years of swimming, Muay Thai and triathlons. Found it much easier to compete in a sport when you’re able to remain upright.

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