Rangers sign second round pick Will Cuylle to entry level contract

The Rangers have signed 2020 second round pick Will Cuylle to an entry level contract. Cuylle has spent the season in the AHL this season, as the OHL did not have a season at all.

Cuylle has looked good in Hartford, if unspectacular. He has a line of 2-3-5 in 11 games thus far. His 26 PIMs is a little misleading, as he had most of them in one game following a cross-checking game misconduct.

This season has been weird for prospects. Like Hunter Skinner before him, Cuylle has had his season go in an unexpected direction. Both were expected to be in the OHL this year, and neither were able to do so. The Rangers have gotten a good look at Cuylle, so getting an entry level contract is likely a good sign.

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  • He would certainly fill a need as a 4th line enforcer. He’s tougher than Lemieux although probably not the skater Brendan is. Still he has a great shot so it would be good to see if he can make it to the National.

  • Good signing! I liked this pick when we took him. Big winger with grit,with a howitzer of a shot,who hopefully playing in Hartford will get him acclimated to the pro game faster playing against men instead of boys (OHL).
    Maybe we can see him in the NHL beginning in 22-23.

  • Quick, someone tell me what to think about this. Is the O abut to start its season? Burning a year on elc for no reason if not? Won’t be in the national for atleast 2 years.

    Fire Quinn?

    • Relax Gooch, the ELC is for NEXT season, not this one. He’s already playing this year under a different (non-NHL) contract.

    • At this point, the OHL season is shot as they couldn’t even start play until mid May at earliest. If I was the NHL & junior player agents, I’d be looking to block out ice time for draft eligibles in greater Buffalo & Detroit after U18s. Do a 8 game round robin tourney of DY & -1 players, 2 groups of 5.

      • And today the OHL canceled the season. The way Covid was trending in Ontario there was no feasible way to pull it off.

        Canadiastan really made a mess of this.

  • The kid just turned 19 a couple of months ago (2002 birth year) … under normal circumstances he would have played in the OHL this year and next year. Half a point a game in the AHL at this stage is pretty good.

    • And that’s at 4th line ice time. Would love to see what his P60 is, but the AHL doesn’t make that info public.

  • Off topic – NYR with 56 points make the playoffs in every other division but where we are. This division showing tough love to our Boys in Blue.

    I liked the way LaFren drove hard to the net. DQ being pushed to play the kids more and more, based on their ability and the fact that some days Zibby and Panarin need to not score 4 points in a win.

    • Your starting to see the player Laf is turning into…he went through something no one before him had to ever endure…

      Every game I watch…he seems thicker, more edge, more confidence…in two years…this kid will be near the top of the league….

      Kappo will be much more consistent. Miller will be bigger and meaner, Schneider, Coolio, Nils, Jones, Barron will be dancing on the big stage. Future is bright…no need to push the acceleration button..if Gorton and JD want to go on the Mount Rushmore of Ranger lure….let things play out…don’t rush it…and please give Gaut a legit shot. That game where he drove the net and scored…not many can do that.

      • oversight…kid is full of exceptional talent and I will be the first to admit…I didn’t love the pick…but boy, do I have egg on my face…even from watching the clips in Russia, I always had that “yeah, what till he gets on the smaller ice” mentality, kid could dance on a frozen bathtub. I love being wrong with this kinda stuff.

        • I could not find one Ranger fan that loved the pick at the time…….I remember a few calling for the head of Gordie Clark as the rumor was that this was a Clark and not Gorton pick…….

    • … and yet the 3rd line (the 3 kids) and Kravtsov played less than the 4th line, Howden included. So much for the “push” DQ feels.

    • If anybody hasn’t noticed how much better Laffy is playing now then he was in the first 20+ games, I don’t know what to say. The points will come.

  • The Rangers also signed Jonny Brodzinski to an ELC. Don’t know a whole lot but I’m guessing he’s a mid-level prospect.
    Maybe he’ll be an AHL guy and a possible doomsday injury call up.

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