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Around the Farm: Morgan Barron continues point per game pace

Morgan Barron continued his point per game pace yesterday, notching an assist in Hartford’s 4-2 win over Bridgeport. This is Hartford’s sixth win in a row over Bridgeport, since they only play each other for a while. Ty Ronning added an assist, as he continues his tear this year. That’s really it for yesterday.

AHL (W 4-2 over Bridgeport)

  • Forwards
    • Morgan Barron: 1 A
      • Season Stats: 17 GP, 9 G, 7 A, 14 PIM, +6
    • Will Cuylle: -1
      • Season Stats: 12 GP, 2 G, 3 A, 26 PIM, Even
    • Austin Rueschhoff: Even
      • Season Stats: 17 GP, 4 G, 2 A, 16 PIM, -5
    • Justin Richards: 1 G, +1
      • Season Stats: 14 GP, 3 G, 6 A, 8 PIM, +4
    • Patrick Khodorenko: 1 A
      • Season Stats: 15 GP, 3 G, 4 A, 4 PIM, +4
    • Gabriel Fontaine: DNP
      • Season Stats: 4 GP, 0 G, 1 A, 0 PIM, +1
    • Tim Gettinger: 1 G, +1
      • Season Stats: 17 GP, 7 G, 6 A, 13 PIM, +4
    • Ty Ronning: 1 A
      • Season Stats: 11 GP, 8 G, 7 A, 2 PIM, +4
  • Defensemen
    • Tarmo Reunanen: 2 PIM, -1
      • Season Stats: 17 GP, 3 G, 11 A, 4 PIM, -2
    • Hunter Skinner: DNP
      • Season Stats: 4 GP, 1 G, 1 A, 0 PIM, -1
      • ECHL Stats: 26 GP, 7 G, 10 A, 19 PIM, -5
      • 2021 World Juniors stats: 1 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, Even
  • Goalies
    • Adam Huska: 15 saves on 17 shots
      • Season Stats: 2.07 GAA, .909 SV%
    • Tyler Wall:
      • Season Stats: 3.83 GAA, .857 SV%


  • Yegor Rykov (CSKA, win series 4-2):
    • Season stats: 48 GP, 0 G, 9 A, 10 PIM, +11
    • Playoff stats: 10 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, +1
  • Vitali Kravtsov (Traktor)
    • Season stats: 49 GP, 16 G, 8 A, 12 PIM, +8
    • Playoff stats: 5 GP, 2 G, 2 A, 0 PIM, -2


  • Nils Lundkvist (Lulea, L 4-1, best of 7 series tied 2-2): -2, 23:36 TOI
    • Season stats: 52 GP, 14 G, 18 A, 30 PIM, -1
    • Playoff stats: 4 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 4 PIM, -1
  • Adam Edstrom (Rogle)
    • Season stats: 38 GP, 3 G, 7 A, 35 PIM, +8
    • Playoffs stats: 4 GP, 2 G, 21 A, 4 PIM, +5
  • Karl Henriksson (Frolunda)
    • Season stats: 42 GP, 1 G, 6 A, 16 PIM, -7
    • Playoffs stats: 4 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, -3
  • Hugo Ollas (Linkoping)
    • SHL stats: 2 GP, 1.99 GAA, .903 SV%
    • Allsvenskan stats: N/A
    • J20 stats: 9 GP, 2.20 GAA, .906 SV%


  • Leevi Aaltonen (KooKoo, L 4-1): DNP
    • Liiga stats: 22 GP, 1 G, 4 A, 4 PIM, -1
    • Mestis (IPK loan) stats: 5 GP, 3 G, 3 A, 0 PIM, Even
  • Lauri Pajuniemi (TPS)
    • Season stats: 44 GP, 21 G, 14 A, 32 PIM, +12


  • Jakob Ragnarsson (Timra)
    • Season stats: 43 GP, 1 G, 5 A, 28 PIM, +12
    • Playoff stats: 8 GP, 0 G, 1 A, 4 PIM, +2
  • Olof Lindbom (Mora)
    • Season stats: 24 GP, 3.46 GAA, .875 SV%
  • Oliver Tarnstrom (AIK)
    • HockeyEttan stats: 18 GP, 7 G, 3 A, 0 PIM, -2
    • Allsvenskan stats: 9 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 2 PIM, -4
    • SuperElit J20 stats: 12 GP, 4 G, 4 A, 4 PIM, +6


  • Matthew Robertson (Edmonton Oil Kings, W 4-0): 1 G, +1, 2 PIM
    • Season Stats: 11 GP, 3 G, 9 A, 12 PIM, +18
  • Braden Schneider (Brandon Wheat Kings)
    • Season Stats: 11 GP, 2 G, 11 A, 4 PIM, +13
    • 2021 World Juniors stats: 5 GP, 1 G, 2 A, 25 PIM, +8
    • AHL Stats: 2 GP, 0 G, 1 A, 0 PIM, +2
  • Matt Rempe (Seattle Thunderbirds)
    • Season Stats: 5 GP, 0 G, 1 A, 2 PIM, -1
  • Dylan Garand (Kamloops Blazers)
    • Season Stats: 5 GP, 2.98 GAA, .872 SV%
    • AHL Stats: 2 GP, 3.68 GAA, .839 SV%
    • 2021 World Juniors stats: 0 GP (third string goalie)


  • Zac Jones (UMass Amherst)
    • Season Stats: 29 GP, 9 G, 15 A, 8 PIM, +17
  • Eric Ciccolini (Michigan)
    • Season Stats: 24 GP, 7 G, 4 A, 8 PIM, +11
  • Brett Berard (Providence)
    • Season Stats: 18 GP, 5 G, 5 A, 16 PIM, -3
    • 2021 World Juniors stats; 6 GP, 1 G, 4 A, 0 PIM, +8
  • Riley Hughes (Northeastern)
    • Season Stats: 20 GP, 6 G, 4 A, 4 PIM, -7

Stats per

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    • A real NHL coach would jump on those lines. Not “I’m smarter than everyone Quinn” with his love affair with #AHLHOWDEN. Yes they have made strides under Quinn (in spite of him, not because of him. How much we further along would they be with a quality NHL coach?

      • I’ve made my opinions about him very clear, and it should have been obvious after the Canes’ series debacle. Where Quinn was taken to school by Brind’amour.

        And I totally agree that the Rangers’ talent is outplaying Quinn’s coaching. As I have said many times, put Trotz or Torts on this team as coach, and the Rangers are a legit playoff team, at the very least.

        But I would settle for Gallant, who is available. I’m not as keen on Boudreau, but he would still be an upgrade, with such a low bar that we have now.

        Quinn is a college coach, and that’s it. His cure for Covid is to change the lines.

        • Hey Richter….so great to see chat with you again!

          I agree, DQ did get schooled in August. But how much of that was due to the loss of Fast? And the fact the Shesterkin wasn’t healthy? What kind of shape did the Rangers in? Didn’t seem like much. Mika, Panarin? They weren’t the same. Was that on DQ? I think he deserves a pass on that series.

          I agree…..DQ was a successful college coach that still has to prove himself on the NHL level. Fair point. Would Trotz be better? Sure. Torts? I don’t know. Check Torts’ playoff record since 2012. Outside of the remarkable sweep of the Bolts in 2019, it ain’t great. Would AV have been better if the goal was to win playoff series? Definitely. But is he the right guy for a rebuild? Probably not.

          I think the jury is still out on DQ. Way, way too soon to start calling for a coaching change IMO.

          • Hey bro.

            The Rangers were too outplayed and unprepared for one or two players to make any difference.

            The first 2 games they were never in it. The third game they made it competitive but by then the die was cast.

    • Chytil.

      Worrying about replacing Howden or Rooney on the PK is the least of their problems. They could even play Blackwell at C for the PK only as well.

      It took forever to put Buch out there on the PK, and it turns out he’s pretty good at it. Give Chytil the same chance.

      The kids have to play these roles eventually.

      • Blackwell can play center on the PK if needed, but like I said, give Chytil a shot. How else do you get experience? Put Blackwell at C and Chytil on the wing for PK duties.

        Keeping Rooney in the line up just for the PK is counter productive, considering the minutes of PK vs the minutes for the rest of the game.

      • You think Kreider or Panarin can’t play on the PK? I’m betting Panarin can do ANYTHING he wants.

      • I did think of that, but I left Kreider on the top line, not because he’s the better player, but because he’s a better fit for the other 2 linemates.

        But there is a big case for Lefren to be on the top line next year, yes.

    • Might I suggest:

      Roll these four lines.

      • Strome and Buch on the 4th line?

        But I actually like the mix of each line that you have there.

  • Greetings all!

    Now, I certainly can’t say whether Morgan Barron is ready to help the Rangers yet or not. And with all respect, I doubt many if any of you know whether he is or not either.

    As for the line combinations, I really think that is SO overblown. Lines get shuffled all the time. This imperfect team is still under construction and as a result there are going to be line combinations that we are just not going to like.

    I’ve been away for three years and the more things change, the more they stay the same. The coach is keeping us from winning. The lines are wrong. Play the kids.

    First it was AV, the coach who won more playoff series than any coach in Rangers history other than Lester Patrick, and did more with less to work with than any coach in franchise history……Fire him! He’s keeping us from winning it all! Now it’s DQ’s turn, even though the Rangers are in the midst of a rebuild, he’s done a good job so far and progress has been made. He has a long way to go to surpass AV, or Torts, or pretty much anyone else in Rangers history not named Bryan Trottier, but why in the world would the Rangers want to make a coaching change now?

    DQ is Tom Renney. He’s here to develop and so far so good. When the Rangers are a legit contender, we will see if he is able to meet up with the loft expectations involved in chasing a Cup. Unknown if he’s the right guy for that mission. But he seems just right for this phase.

    Line changes? Why would he want to make major changes to the lines NOW if the team is winning? If they were in the Sabres or Devils position with no hope of making the playoffs, then sure, experiment. The Rangers are four points out of a playoff spot. This push to make the playoffs, whether they ultimately accomplish it or not, is the best teaching tool imaginable. Play what’s going to win you games NOW….not what will win you games next season.

    This reminds me so much of the AV discussion. Why is Glass playing? (Because they were winning). Why is Fast on the top line when he should be on the 3rd or 4th line? (Because they were winning and his teammates were begging to have him on their line.). All I kept hearing was, if only we’d have a different coach. Fast would be demoted. Buch would have a longer leash. What happened? Fast remained a top line player (and remains that way in Carolina BTW!), Buch was benched and given tough love just like AV did with him. Different coaches, yet same decisions made.

    The kids will play. They are playing. But there is nothing wrong with sitting and learning. There is nothing wrong with easing a kid into the fray. AV did it. Now DQ is doing it. Granted he’s giving the kids much more of a leash and rightfully so. It’s a different mission now.

    There is no rush folks. Be patient. And enjoy the ride. This is fun and the future looks bright!

    BTW, I really prefer typing out DQ as opposed to AV. With the latter, I feel like I need to give a PowerPoint presentation. With the former, my mind drifts to dessert, which I think I will go and get right now! 🙂

    • We know one thing for sure, Howden does not help the Rangers, so I would be more than happy to take the plunge with Morgan.

      • Howden has been a disappointment but i don’t think he’s anywhere close to being a liability. We don’t know if Barron is ready on the NHL level.

        One of our old friends out here, I’m forgetting his name now so shame on me, I used to tease him about “future HOFer” Vinnie Letteri because he insisted the Rangers should bring him up because he was doing so well in Hartford. Well, we saw how that played out and now he’s Adam Clendening. Someone that most overrated who is nothing more than a journeyman.

        Now obviously, I’m not suggesting Barron is a borderline NHL player. He projects to be a good player. But let’s not forget, he was a 6th round pick who’s in his first year as a pro. There is no rush in bringing him up until he’s truly ready.

        • Actually Howden is a detriment. He has an empty net goal and a couple of assists to his name this year. He’s been a negative GF/GA player for a long time.

          It’s ok to be a defensive liability as long as you produce points. Howden is no where near that and he offers nothing else.

          He does not drive play, does not score pts, is not a shut down defender, and he can’t skate. So, why not try Morgan, other than for the reason that Quinn is stubborn about Howden?

          We’re talking about an upgrade on the 4th line, and I would bet a lot of money that Morgan has more skill than Howden.

    • E3, as usual, even after your long hiatus, you’re one of the few voices of reason on a blog where it is sometimes sorely lacking.

      • Having said that, I would like to see Gauthier or PDG get a legitimate shot at replacing Howden in the lineup before we hand the role over to Barron, I agree with you on all other points.

    • Agree with your general principle EEE, but:

      “First it was AV, the coach who won more playoff series than any coach in Rangers history other than Lester Patrick, and did more with less to work with than any coach in franchise history……Fire him!”

      Torts had far less than AV and did more.

      • Hey Tanto….great to see you again!

        “Torts had far less than AV and did more.”

        Let’s take this in two parts in reverse order…..

        “(Torts) did more”.

        That is a factually inaccurate statement. AV won six playoff series in four seasons where the Rangers were competing (fifth season didn’t count following the sell off). That’s double what Torts accomplished in the same four opportunities to go and advance in the playoffs. AV made the playoffs every year they were allowed to try and get there. Torts made it 3 out of four times.

        AV rallied his teams back from 3-1 deficits in the playoffs in back to back seasons (I think he’s the only coach to ever do that). Torts blew a 3-1 lead in large part because he was an immature baby who couldn’t control himself because a fan in DC taunted him. Heck of a job!

        Indeed, don’t compare Torts to AV because it is NO comparison. Compare him to his predecessor Renney, who won two playoff series in three seasons and made it all three. You can make the case that Renney was the better the coach.

        So on the facts, there is no argument. AV outdid Torts by every measure.

        “Torts had far less”.

        Ok, that’s subjective and open to a fair debate. Let me start. Torts had Gaborik in his prime and misused him, eventually chasing him out of town. AV had no such sniper except briefly with and aging MSL and a concussed Nash. He had Hank at the height of his play including his Vezina year (AV did as well). Torts had Staal and Girardi at their best for longer, before the former got injured and was never the same and the latter started wearing down. Both had Nash, (albeit AV had him for much longer) but Torts had him pre-concussion).

        It is more than fair to say that both coaches did a good with a good but hardly great team that talent wise just wasn’t great enough to win a Cup. But there is no question AV did it better.

        I respect Torts, but sometimes the love for him is not in line with what he actually has done in recent years. Since 2012, what does his resume show? Seven seasons, twice missed the playoffs, and a grand total of three playoff series wins. Not exactly the stuff of legend. Just because a coach growls and snarls in press conferences doesn’t make him better than one who doesn’t embrace those theatrics.

        • Columbus has had even less talent, overall, than our Ranger teams … but of course this is all subjective. Torts had a youg MZA, not the fully developed MZA … he had a young JT Miller, a young Kreider, a young Stepan, a young McD, he had to rely somewhat on players like Stu Bickel, Matt Gilroy, Mike Rupp, taylor Pyatt … yes, he had a Gaborik, a Richards (way past his prime) …

          AV had the benefit of all the young players growing up — and that was the core of players that drove those playoff wins … but who developed them into warriors? Torts. Plus add Skjei, Hayes, Matin St. Louis …

          Re: Renney, he had Jagr & Co. … enough said. 😉 Just kidding, but in all honesty it’s all a toss up IMO.

          • Tanto, who is MZA. I’m probably having a senior moment. Is that Zuc? If so, it was widely reported Torts had no use for Zuc. He blossomed in AV’s system. JT Miller was just a blip on the radar so Torts had little to do with his development that which it was. He tolerated Kreider and sent him down the year after arguably saving the coach’s bacon from what would have been an ignominious first round loss to the 8th seed Ottawa.

            To suggest that Torts did all the dirty work and then AV just took it from there is a stretch at best and an inaccurate appraisal at worse.

            I think it’s fair to say that all three coaches during that era—Renney, Torts and AV, all should be celebrated for taking a flawed squad and for the most part overachieving with that group. But the record clearly shows AV did it better.

        • RFF….excellent post. I can see we will have some terrific discussions down the road. This is well thought out and you have given me a lot to think about.

          In the minutes before puck drop, let me try to respond….

          “Lets start with presumption that if people did not like Trots or AV style they got DQ and therefore they had to accept and like him.”

          I apologize if that’s what you thought I meant. You have to understand I’m experiencing a bit of “Rip Van Winkle Syndrome”. I’ve been asleep in terms of this site for three years. I come back and see almost exactly the same arguments. Coach needs to be fired. Team loses it’s on the coach. Team wins or players play well, that’s on the players or GM. I’m not suggesting that wanting AV out means you must like DQ. Not at all. I’m just finding the arguments ironic.

          “Let me also be honest and acknowledge I am bias against DQ. I played for Northeastern and we hated BU more than we hated BC and Harvard. I have been one of the most outspoken critic of DQ here. And I really do not consider him a good college coach either”.

          If you played college hockey you clearly have a unique perspective that I clearly do not have, so that deserves respect and attention. Mine is as a journalist and a former sportscaster/sports writer. What I see is a tendency for fans to very quickly jump to the narrative that all problems stem from the coach. I was a supporter of AV. Before that of Torts. Before that of Renney. I was in their camp until they showed me they were no longer worthy of my backing. Every coach has a shelf life. DQ is a rookie NHL coach coaching the youngest team in the league and trying to develop players during a pandemic, which I think favors teams that are made up of veterans. I just think it’s too soon to call for a coaching change.

          Let’s evaluate these points….

          1. Lias— Hard to say what went wrong there, but remember this selection was widely questioned to begin with in that the Rangers went with a player that many had rated lower in the draft. He struggled under AV, and he struggled under DQ. So far, from what I’ve seen and read, he’s having issues in LA as well and the coaches are trying to figure him out. Ultimately, I blame the front office for making a bad pick and the player for showing a stunning lack of maturity.

          2. Howden/Hajek—First of all they both just 22. Especially Hajek, you have to be patient with defensemen. It’s the toughest position to play in terms of adjusting to the NHL game. If you’re panning the trade, fair, but that trade happened before DQ was part of thre organization. If it fails that’s on Gorton.

          3. Graves— Again, defensemen take time. He hardly distinguished himself in the Rangers system and he was dealt before DQ came on board. Even if DQ had been there, he has very little to say about transactions involving minor leaguers. That’s on Gorton and Drury. And the reality is, Graves had one great year last year. He’s regressed this season. Let’s see what happens, but this clearly had nothing to do with DQ.

          4. Kakko and Laf— On this i think you have a fair point. But they are 19 year olds trying to develop in a less than ideal pandemic environment with limited practice time. This to me is an incomplete. Not a failure. Next year will be key.

          5. ADA—My nickname for him in my last incarnation three years ago was Trainwreck Tony. The Lightning moved on from him. Arizona did the same. No one wants him at the moment. He’s been his own worst enemy. I don’t fault DQ at all. This is all on Trainwreck Tony.

          6. Captain- I agree with you. This is missing at the moment and needs to be addressed. But is this on DQ or is it simply the makeup of the team at the moment. If you slap a C on someone currently on the roster does that fundamentally change the dynamic of this team? I doubt it.

          7. Kravtsov—I mean…maybe? These decisions are not made in a vacuum though. JD, Gorton, Drury are all involved in deciding who makes the team. I thought like Lias he showed a lack of maturity, but going to the KHL helped him. As for not slotting him in right away, again, this is an unusual time. Very little time for practice. It’s late in the season and they are trying to make a playoff push. You have to earn your way in and now he has. Two weeks does not seem unreasonable to me.

          And sorry, DQ did NOT destroy Lias. I heard the same silliness about AV with guys like Hayes….who then decided to sign with AV in Philly!!! (I laughed so hard when that happened by the way!). It was a combination of the player not being as good as advertised and the player’s total lack of maturity. Not buying that argument at all.

          “So where has he been so successful with development? I cant find anything”

          Well, let’’s start with the improvement on defense as well as the PK. Let’s really start with Adam Fox, who incredibly is in the conversation for the Norris at this early stage of his career. And Lindgren. And Miller. I am SO impressed with what I’ve seen. We are going to have one heck of a defense in the years ahead. So this goes back to what I’ve said before. Not about you specifically but in general. Things go well… the players. Things go not so well? Blame the coach.

          Oh…and also they are playing REALLY well the past month or so since Igor and Panarin came back. This is a results business. He’s getting results.

          Now, I want to say again I’m not SOLD on DQ long term in any way , shape or form. I simply think that given the circumstances, with limited opportunities to develop players in training camp or during the season, he gets a solid B. Next year will tell us more about whether he’s the right guy for the long haul. It’s just WAY to soon to be thinking about a coaching change.

          Ok….back to the Rangers routing the Devils! 🙂

          • Hey RFF!

            First of all, I was not ill. When I said I was like Rip Van Winkle I was simply saying I was too busy and therefore absent from the site. So thanks anyway but I’m fine. 🙂

            I don’t think we’re going to agree on much here but here goes…

            1. I mean of course you ask but everything I read there was nothing that I recall that suggested he was mishandled by Quinn. Maybe the conclusion is that Gorton messed up, first AV and then DQ realized that. He wanted to play more and didn’t have the maturity to handle it. I find it perplexing that in many cases on this blog, the player or GM gets no or little blame. It’s somehow the coach’s fault if a player who was overrated to begin with fails to perform. And again, what is he doing in LA? This is all on the Lias and on JG for making a poor evaluation.

            2. Totally disagree. Especially on defense. Torts once said it takes something like 200 games for an NHL defenseman to figure it out. As for Howden, look at Buch. He’s just now getting it at age 26. It takes time sometimes.

            3. Graves was traded during the big purge in February of 2018. Quinn was hired in May. He was not involved in any way.

            4. Again. They are 19. Patience my friend.

            5. Captaincy? For Trainwreck Tony? Oh my Lord. Yes, he had a great season last year but again, why is it that NO team wants him? There must be a reason. To say it’s irrelevant what others think is all well and good except if those that are doing the thinking at the other 30 GMs. Why did NO team want him? That’s telling.

            He may very well salvage his career next year. He is talented. But TB and Arizona all came to same conclusion that the NYR did. How is that on DQ?

            6. Ideally, sure. But maybe the right person isn’t there at the moment. Maybe they are waiting for one of the young guys to grab the captaincy. Interesting that despite re-signing Kreider, they didn’t offer him the C as best as we know. You’d think Panarin would be the guy. Maybe that’s just not him. Trouba maybe?

            7. All he has said about Jones is that when and if he’s ready he will play. That seems to me to be the same as Kravtsov.

            As for your perspective on coaches, I guess if you think they all suck I’m not sure what to say. I mean these guys are the 31 best in the field of what they do. I don’t think that pretty much every coach other than Brooks (who was not a great NHL coach) or Torts (who’s hardly been stellar for almost a decade now) are bad.

            But I respect your opinion. Even though I don’t agree. And I’ll say again, the jury is still out on DQ. Next year will tell the tale. I may very well hop on your bandwagon by then. 🙂

  • Going back to Morgan Baron, I hope the Rangers give him at shot as a pivot on the 4th line for starters. I would like to see how he handles himself in the big league. Is he good on faceoffs?

  • I am going to preface this rant with I truly believe the main issues of this team lie with the front office.

    Now onto Quinn and whether he is a good/bad coach.
    1.) Chytil has essentially been the same player since he first came up. No consistency in his passing. Horrible at the faceoff dot(38% career avg). Averaging less than 14 min. a game. Large parts of games where he just isn’t noticeable.

    On plus side I think his reads have gotten better. He is more responsible on the defensive side of the puck. And his shooting accuracy has improved.

    The items Quinn should have control on …TOI…Faceoff Wins/Losses….a consistency to his game/effort. A plus to quinn for his defensive improvements but everything else is a negative.

    2.)Kappo Kakko.
    We all can see the increase in speed and defensive abilities. He is
    light years above last year in these categories.

    But again I think both these improvements stem from the one…his speed. He isn’t the sloth he was last year. Is this Quinn’s doing?

    In 2 years this kid has 35 points in 102 games and is a negative 23 averaging 14 mins. With many of the games sitting on the bench in the 3rd period for players like Blackwell, Fast.

    Here is a quick comparison….. Andrei Svechnikov had 98 points in 150 games and was a plus 6 while averaging 15 mins. in his first 2 years in the league. Svechnikov was a 2018 2nd overall pick and he was only 18 when he made his debut. To add insult he is a right winger just like kappo.

    3.) Buch, Zib, Strome, Panarin, Kreider, have been Quinn’s go to guys. Rightfully so.

    I disagree. Quinn is here to “Develop Young Talent” How is playing these 6 players 20 minutes a game helping the kids in anyway? Look for the first half of this season Mika was a shell of himself. So why didn’t Quinn switch the lines around? Any coach in any league could have seen Mika was not himself and needed to sit. Doesn’t matter if we lose 5-4 or 10-2 …a loss is a loss. In the games that were a struggle …why didn’t we roll the kids in? Instead we got the “they got lost on the bench” quote.

    Quinn is not the coach he was propped up to be by the media. He coached in AHL for 3 years and made playoffs once. 114-97-0. I don’t know how that got him a assistant job at the Avs. But that obviously didn’t last cause after 1 year he was back at BU, but this time as the head coach. 100-59-20. In this 5 year span he made the final 4 ….1 time. And it was the year Eichel was on the team. The guy is not a winner.

    Panarin, Mika, Kreider are here to stay. But are you really going to keep playing the number 1 overall draft pick 13 minutes a night when every single #1 draft pick before this one played close to 18 minutes a night their rookie seasons? I mean He is a number 1…we haven’t had one in 60 years. I can tell you what we have had a lot of ….highly overpaid free agents and players. And guess what Kreider is struggling to live up to his newly acquired lofty contract..what a shocker!

    Bottom line…Quinn is another in a long list of overhyped underperforming coaches. The team is heading in the right direction. The kids are gaining confidence. Whether that is due to coaching or just the team starting to play for one another…who knows. But the likelyhood that a new coach, that this franchise would hire, would actually be an improvement over Quinn is a complete farce.

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