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Rangers dominate Devils as Igor Shesterkin gets second straight shutout

The Rangers came out firing in this one, taking it to the Devils from start to finish in another big win. The Rangers dominated from puck drop, getting three quick goals while the Devils struggled to control the middle of the ice. With the big lead, the Devils seemed to unplug from the game. The Rangers got their fourth while most Devils just stood and watched. And Igor Shesterkin got his second straight shutout.

David Quinn started experimenting with lines in the third period, which was fine. Nothing wrong with tinkering and seeing what works when the game is out of reach. You never know when the situation comes up that the combos need to be changed up. An in-game injury would force that.

The Devils got their revenge though, taking Vitali Kravtsov’s first career goal away from him after a coaches challenge. The play was barely offside. It’s a bit of a bush league move by Lindy Ruff to challenge a kid’s first NHL goal in a blowout. Someone needs to cancel Ruff.

Rangers 1, Devils 0 – Fast start

Artemi Panarin started this by drawing two Devils to him on the zone entry. That opened up space for the other Rangers to join him and generate some sustained offense.

Rangers 2, Devils 0 – Finally a goal for Lindgren

This is just pretty passing all around. Colin Blackwell gets it to the corner, and then it’s a quick transition before Adam Fox finds Panarin in the slot. A little touch pass gave Ryan Lindgren all day, and he waited it out to use the defenseman as a screen.

Rangers 3, Devils 0 – Odd man rush

Look at the way Panarin stopped on the rush here. He let the back checker fly by him, and also opened a huge pass lane for Ryan Strome, as the one Devil back was too far back. This might be one of the best plays I’ve seen from Panarin.

Rangers 4, Devils 0 – Lazy Devils

The Devils took this play off. No one wanted to get the puck off the side of the net, so Strome got there first and fed Panarin at the back door.

Shot Heatmap – Devils unplugged

The Devils unplugged in this one. We knew they were basically an AHL team heading into this, but now they just look uninspired. This looked a lot worse before the third period, which the Rangers basically took off. The Devils got nothing through the actual game, before the Rangers started toying around.

Skater Results – Good and fun

Good and fun explains how the Rangers looked tonight. Good because, well, they dominated. And fun because they were generating chances (and giving up some). This shifted a lot from the second to the third period when the Rangers basically coasted.

The Rangers needed all eight points, and they are halfway there. A second straight shutout for Igor Shesterkin was the icing on the cake here. It was good to see the Rangers truly dominate tonight. They get the Devils twice more, and have turned it on as of late. They are at least keeping pace with the Bruins. But now they might need some help.

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  • Love this team, love the youth movement……but without Panarin, we are scarily similar to Ottowa. Imagine he didn’t sign here….

  • I thought Bread was really good last season. But this season I think he is even better. Very refreshing after decades of watching the Rangers sign free agents who mailed it in as soon as they signed their deals.

    • I said yesterday that he is a rarity among FA signings in that he has actually gotten better after signing the big $$$ deal.

  • Points Per Game
    1. McDavid: 1.643
    2. Draisaitl: 1.452
    3. PANARIN: 1.438
    4. MacKinnon: 1.359
    5. Matthews: 1.325

  • The Rangers really dominated this game but they were playing a weak Devils team. The scoring came mainly from the Panarin, Blackwell and Strome line with 8 pts and goals from Trouba and Lindgren. The so called “first line” with Zib (1 pt) , Buch (0) and Kreider (0) didn’t do much. The alarming part here is that the team will only go so far with one line carrying the load.

    • to rephrase what your saying they need their forwards aged 19-21 to be more effective to get to the next level (like duh) … I would have said that even if mika and kreider dominated. That being said something tells me the lines will look a bit different next year due to a myriad of factors.

    • I notice Kreider always telegraphs his passes and defenses usually picks them off, for a speedy guy he sure is predictable on passing the puck and takes STUPID penalties all the time.

      The other night leaving the ice after the game you can see he was giving $hit to zabby about a play when exiting the ice at the door.

      The game was over and he still talking $hit. They went back and forth for a while then Zabby gave up, Krieder Just a waste of $6.5M

  • Great game for the garden faithful to see!


    BREAD pulled the Tom Cruise top gun move and let the back pressure fly right by as butter got his goose on with that wheel house saucer baby!

  • Bread is an amazing talent…reminds how dominate Jagr was when he was here.

    Kratsov is an insanely gifted player, if he can add 10-15 pounds…he will really be a load.

    Brett Howden might belong in the ECHL at this point….not sure what Quinn and management sees in him…I mean, if fans can deliberately see it…can’t imagine that they don’t.

    It amazes me how Kreider can look like the best player in the league for a few weeks and then one of the worst for months…the true definition of an enigma.

    I can’t imagine the mental set of Gauthier is at this point. The kid was showing a lot of promise…adapted to playing on lines he was never asked to play before and starting to understand and thrive at it with the occasional hiccup and then had his legs taken out from under him for Brett Howden.

    I can smell a trade or exposure in the offseason…similar to what they did to Graves…and I can see the front offices thinking, we are so loaded with forwards….lets just move him for a 4th rounder.

    • It must be tough for Gauthier to watch Howden do basically zero in his spot. Don’t know the fancy stats but the eye test tells me someone is blind to effort, working hard, and effectiveness.

      BTW – Who are trading for a 4th rounder – Gauthier, Howden, or god forbid Kreider?

  • please excuse my anger…..but Lindsay Ruff you ##$@%##&$$*&%*&&^(*^(&^(^(^(*&^(*&^(&^(*^……

  • Odd statistical fact: This games was only the third time this season that Panarin was on the ice for an even strength goal without getting a point on it.

    • No idea what that means. Does not pass any smell test. Rangers scored 4 goals last night all even strength. Panarin was on the ice for all 4. # of them he had points. What am I missing from your stats?

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