When will Zac Jones get into the Rangers lineup?

When will Zac Jones get into the Rangers lineup? That is the key question following his signing with the Rangers and burning a year of his ELC. It was assumed there would be no quarantine requirement, as he was not traveling internationally. This was proven true this morning, as Zac Jones was skating at the Rangers morning skate.

Given he was just in the Frozen Four, he is likely in game shape as well. Now it’s just a matter of time before he gets into the lineup.

If we use the Vitali Kravtsov situation as the barometer, then we should expect a week of practice before he plays. That puts Zac Jones on track to get into the Rangers lineup on 4/20 against the Islanders.

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  • Zac needs to learn the system. In college I am sure he had freedom to roam, but here, he needs to play defense first. I am thinking a week of practices may be sufficient and then give him sheltered time on the ice.

    • Nobody is free to roam without a purpose … and without a guy ready, willing and able to cover for you. I’m less worried about his brain than I’m worried about his strength, the only reason why I wouldn’t have been upset if he had spent another year in College.

        • Play to his strength and not get caught out of position. Brilliant! I’d better write that one down. The Rangers should hire you to be the coach; Quinn is clearly in over his head.

          Regards- orange.

  • The Hartford Wolfpack have won their 6th game in a row, 5-4 over Bridgeport, Khodorenko scored 2 goals, Ruenanen had 2 assists, Barron, Rueschoff, Richards also added goals and Ronning had an assist.
    Tyler Wall was pulled at the start of the 3rd period after surrendering the first 3 goals, Huska finished the game.

    • If there are no roster changes between now and the draft, Seattle will have to choose from twelve members of the Ranger organization (7 forwards, 4 defensemen, one goalie). One of those twelve is going to be Ty Ronning. If I were Seattle, I would be scouting him. The “obvious” choices are not great players (other than DeAngelo) and Ronning seems to be putting it together. Seems to win the upside sweepstakes.

      • I think it’s 3 defensemen. There’s a really good expansion draft simulator at the following-

        Unless I’m reading it wrong (quite possible) I’m concerned they’re going to lose Blackwell or Rooney. Neither one would be the end of the world as we know it, but I think we can all agree those two have outperformed this season.

        Regards- orange

        • Didn’t realize the numbers were so close!!

          The Rangers have 23 players that are subject to the draft. They can protect 11 and so must expose the other twelve. As it happens the protected numbers (7-3-1) are almost identical to the exposed numbers (7-4-1).

          The Rangers will protect Trouba, Lindgren, Hajek while exposing DeAngelo, Bitetto, Geersten and Crawley.

          Unless they want DeAngelo, Seattle will not take a defenseman from the Rangers.

      • If he continues at his current scoring pace and stays healthy, its possible they would give him a look.

      • Good point Ray, most prognosticators for the upcoming expansion draft fail to look at late blooming AHLers that have never played in the NHL. Here and there there might be a few risky choices that actually pay off better than going with that same old same old “4th line/bottom d’ pairing guy” a team is exposing. That said, I believe we have to expose Blackwell and Rooney to meet the quota requirements, so Blackwell it is … clearly … unless the Rangers resign PDG to a 1 year extension, thereby exposing him and Rooney, protecting Blackwell and thereby exposing Gauthier and DQ’s fave, Howden.*

        *Of course trades with the expansion club can happen, but prices tend to be pretty high for those.

        • No problem with quota requirements. They just need two forwards with sufficient number of games. Rooney, Blackwell and Howden all suffice (not sure about Gauthier), but since they can only protect one of this quartet, they must satisfy the requirement.

          With 9+ forwards and 4+ defensemen satisfying the number of games requirement and 2 goalies subject to the draft, there is simply no way the Rangers can avoid satisfying the required exposure rule.

          (unless they start trading people)

          Making a trade with Seattle would not be smart.

          • Oh — but they do not have to be signed. All the Rangers have to do is to make qualifying offers — and can you imagine a world where Howden does not get a qualifying offer.

          • Good stuff, Ray and Tanto; much better than the coaching drivel that usually suffices here. Everything you both have said convinces me even more that they’ll lose either Rooney or Blackwell. Too bad, but other teams will lose valuable players as well.

            Regards- orange

  • Playing defense in the NHL is quite hard. I have no problem with him practicing with the team a bit before getting in a game. Also, he is going to be playing against the big boys while being even smaller and lighter than Tony DeAngelo. It might be wise for him to get in some practice for that reason too.

  • Honestly, they should not give him too much too soon. Give him the basics and then let him play with his instincts to see how he looks. I worry about DQ over-coaching these young kids and making them tentative out there.

    They put Kreider right into the mix out of college. Granted, that was Torts and that guy has guts when it comes to that stuff. There has to be a good amount of talent there, cuz this kid jumped the depth chart line and is going right in. Can’t wait to see him play…

    • Hey, he hasn’t even signed yet. First he needs to practice with the team and learn the system. Then DQ needs to figure out where he belongs. He may look comfortable and he may look like he belongs in Hartford. Matt Gilroy won the Hobey Baker award. Success in college is not a guarantee of NHL success.

      There is not really any depth chart for the Ranger defense, there’s just Bitetto.

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