Irresponsible Rumormongering

Will Florida get desperate enough to trade for Tony DeAngelo?

It’s been a while since Tony DeAngelo’s name has popped up in rumors. In fact, it would be irresponsible to call this a rumor, as this is just spitballing. Given the injury to Aaron Ekblad and wide open Southeast Atlantic Central Division, is there a chance that the Florida Panthers get desperate enough to trade for Tony DeAngelo?

The case for

The Panthers are riding high, sitting atop the Central Division and have won a whopping six in a row. They are going to make the playoffs, and in an unexpected twist, have a shot to make a run. The Panthers aren’t smoke and mirrors either, and are top-ten in both CF% and xGF%, showing they hold an edge in both quality and quantity of shot attempts. But they lost their best defenseman.

There is no replacing Aaron Ekblad, but DeAngelo does come close offensively. Using last year’s numbers, since DeAngelo only played 109 minutes this season, he at least drives offense. He can also be a powerplay quarterback for the Panthers, although that may not be an immediate need with both Keith Yandle and Mackenzie Weegar. Remember that DeAngelo is a year removed from a 15-goal, 53-point season.

The Panthers also have the cap space to absorb the full contract. He’d be a low cost trade option, since the Rangers are going to buy him out anyway. He’d also be a body to expose in the expansion draft, and someone they can buy out at a very low cost at $383k for two seasons. It’s a low risk, high reward opportunity for Florida.

The case against

DeAngelo has a ton of off ice issues, so many that there weren’t even any credible rumors after the Rangers placed him on waivers. This would require a major PR swing if the Panthers go this route.

Beyond the off-ice issues, DeAngelo may not fit exactly what Florida needs. Ekblad is a well rounded defenseman. DeAngelo is not. He’s all offense and no defense. A pure puck mover who would be more of a third pairing specialist. He’s also one they might not need, again with both Yandle and Weegar in the mix. Given how many goals Florida gives up, there’s a solid case they should go a more solid defender route.

The cap hit, while they can afford it, may not be something Florida wants to commit to, even if just for the remainder of this season. Also worth noting that Joel Quenneville would probably duct tape him to the bench or press box almost immediately. Probably doesn’t help that DeAngelo hasn’t skated since January 31.

In the end, I can’t picture Florida making a trade for Tony DeAngelo. There are too many question marks for what would most likely be a luxury, and not a necessity. Even if the acquisition cost is low, there’s just too much unknown at this point.

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  • A ton of off ice issues? Just because you might have a different political view as him please don’t think he has a ton of off ice issues. That’s so ridiculous!!!

    • Being dumped by 3 different NHL organizations for behavioral issues speaks for itself. His politics are irrelevant, he doesn’t get along well in team situations and hasn’t since he’s been in junior hockey.

      Stop making excuses for a clown who has gotten what he deserves.

      • Thank you, Perkele, for understanding what I meant. This has nothing to do with politics. DeAngelo is going on his fourth NHL team, which is equal to the number of years he’s been legally allowed to buy a beer.

        • Come on. Your hatred of DeAngelo would not be there if he was a public Biden supporter. Just admit it.

        • And why is he going to forth organization? Nothing political about that? I can see every day 60-65 point defensman being moved.

          Very mean spirited.

      • Too bad people continue with their terrible unsubstantiated views. Wish the same people were attacked the same way. Just shameful

  • Will be stunned if this happens—for Tony, it’s gonna be “next stop—AK Bars Kazan”. Can’t see Quenneville taking on a problem child at this point in the season.

    • he freaking had a player – a big name- accused of rape on his club. plus the same coach his squeezed his gonads behind the bench to a ref.

      • What does Patrick Kane have to do with Tony D? Your post is really weird, honestly. Comparing particulars though, you’re sort of right that there’s a double standard here. Not surprising that a superstar remains unscathed, though, while a lesser player suffers the consequences for their actions.

        What NHL team wants DeAngelo? None of them, they’ve had all season to trade for him.

        • Plenty teams want him, just not at the salary hit. Maybe Florida wants him. I’ve heard there might be others as well.

    • Any team worried about team chemistry will 99.99% stay away from Tony — bad reputations are easy obtained and hard to get rid of.

      • Yep. Rangers seems to lead a pack with labeling “bad reputation”. Do not remember anyone getting on their case when Lias accused them. The GM and the coach did not call him to see why he felt that way. JD had to appease.

        I did write below about Tony. Shame on anyone who continue destroying this young player life by repeating nonsense

  • ADA was given a really nice, pretty high $$$ contract by the Rangers for two years. He wasn’t a guarantee to be on this team in the future.

    That being said, he will get picked up by another organization, and now that he has learned how bad things could get for him, my guess is he will grow from this and end up helping another organization win a lot of games.

    I do not want to play against him but you know when we do the games will be fun to watch.

    I hope he has learned how to play off the ice so he can become a very good NHLer’ on the ice.

    It’s a Jersey Thing….

    GodSpeed Anthony.

    • I hope he does grow up. This is the first time he’s actually suffered REAL consequences for his behavior which I suspect was actually worse than we know — because based on what we’ve heard (that which has been verified), banning him from the team seems harsh. There were many ways of dealing with his behavior, they chose the nuclear solution.

      • Why do you think it is “worse than we know”? what made you think so? And what from what you know he did this year to deserve it?

        I remember Tortorella fighting opposite teams players in the locker room. That was labeled passion and eccentric. He was hired after that with Blue Jackets. There were no issues with him until last year when he declared that he would not play players who kneeling for the National Anthem. Well, he got the same taste of it and had to denounce it this summer. Now he is fine.

        Tortorella is an excellent coach with the same issues as anybody else but he did not get destroyed but Tony did. For anyone who feels that it was justified I hope you experience the same yourself

        I am being passionate about it because I did live thru it before. And do not want anyone else treating it mildly

  • Has he gotten some anger-management counseling? Is there a conduit to him? The Panthers (with Rangers permission) would be derelict not to check it out.

  • I wonder if anyone has read Brooks’ article in the NY Post on February 13th on his interview with DeAngelo? If you think you know all about him you might want to read it.

    An organization would need to at least require that the young man get counseling for his anger issues before taking a real chance on him. But financially it does not seem to be a big risk.

    • It was an excellent article and makes you wonder what really happened. In any case, I hope he gets a handle on his temper and insecurities because he could be a great asset for the right team.

      • They keep saying politics had nothing to do with it, but Tony’s ouster happened right at the same time as the Rangers, probably due to woke corporate pressure, started posting a lot more “social justice” related BS than they ever had.

  • Another waste of time “article” by Dave. Why do I even bother clicking anything that says Blue Seat Blogs.

  • As you said, it’s low risk, high reward. If you’re Florida, might as well take the shot. The only reason they wouldn’t, or any team wouldn’t, is the lies that DeAngelo is a “racist” or “bigot”. Besides that, what are these “off-ice” issues? The only thing that he’s known for off-ice is his pro-Trump twitter, which is gone anyway, and the charity work he does for wounded veterans.

    • Wow, 4 posts about Tony D. Didn’t you finish crying about this yet? It’s been months already.

    • Junior’s, TB, Arizona and now New York stop enabling his discretions. It surely ain’t his politics.

  • Of course this was a political and let me explain why

    Seems many keep repeating the narrative of ADA “on the ice and off the ice” Let me go thru them separately

    On the ice. Few mentioned about many times ADA was “dumped”. Not sure why trades considered to be as such. Last trade was to the Rangers for 1C center and backup goalie that has not been yet replaced. Interesting the same people who loved that trade viciously attacking ADA. From Rangers career, first year he and coach had issues with each other. I believe ADA was not the only one who had issues with DQ. Second year he had 53 points in 68 games. Not too bad. He got rewarded with $9 million contract over the summer, many thought was a fair deal. If there were any issue with his personality then why would Rangers give his such a hefty contract?

    So what happened on the ice since then. First he had “unforgivable” unsportsmen 10 minutes misconduct. Unheard that anyone could get that. He got sidelined and got warned by our GM. Seems reasonable to some of course. Everyone gets the same treatment for such behavior on ice

    Then he got in the fight with the backup goalie. As it was reported , the goalie threw the first punch (did not get suspended for that). But also was reported that ADA used a “racial slur”. What “racial slur” he used against a Russian born in Bulgaria? “White Supremacist”? Give me a break.

    I have watched and read multiple interview with his teammates (Fox, Strome, Trouba). None of them had anything negative to say about ADA. One interview with Ponarin I watched on a Russian blog. To the questions asked about ADA Ponarin said that Tony was on of the most talented offensive defenseman he ever played with. And he does not get into any politics and staying away from it. Not too bad for the guy wh expresses his political views freely (not judging his views against Putin or Ovi views for Putin, They are both great players)

    For “off the ice” issues. I have not read a single issue in any articles about ADA “off ice”. However, I read an article about ADA involvement with 10-12 years olds hockey team in South Jersey. Several kids and their parents wee interviewed and they raved about ADA being a great support for the team and developing the kids. So parents trusted their children with this horrible guy? Surely for any of you have children you would trust their children to someone who has proven himself with their actions

    This is more not “Inconvenient Truth”, it is more of a “Convenient Lie”. Shame on anyone who keep repeating the narrative without having any facts. If anyone thinks this was not political check Wikipedia section “Personal life” for ADA. Seems to me that ADA does not have any personal life except political posts they did not like. Whatever views ADA is his views. I do not judge them either way. He is an excellent player and does not deserve that his life being destroyed

    Dave, I know your blog is not political. And my views are not political either. I defend a young player who got a reputation for expressing his views. No matter what they are they are not part of hockey. Hope people will know the difference but in today world many find it hard to separate it. Too bad

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