Does the Thatcher Demko contract impact Igor Shesterkin?

Yesterday, Vancouver goalie Thatcher Demko signed a new contract extension that will pay him $5 million over the next five years. Demko, with 62 NHL games under his belt thus far, has a career line of 2.92 GAA and .911 SV%. The contract takes the 25 year old netminder through his age-30 season. Almost immediately there were calls to sign Igor Shesterkin to a similar contract this offseason.

Shesterkin, also 25, has half the NHL games of Demko, at just 30 so far. He has a better stat line with a 2.40 GAA and .920 SV%. On paper, the two goalies are certainly comparable. Funny enough, they both have a rather expensive backup as well, signed through next season. That tidbit doesn’t impact anything, it’s just amusing.

The wild card is Shesterkin’s dominant run through the KHL. In 117 KHL games, Shesterkin put up an incredible 1.68 GAA, .935 SV%, with 27 shutouts. Those are almost alien-like numbers. I am no NHL agent or GM, so I honestly do not know if KHL numbers are used in negotiations. Logic would dictate they are, but logic would also dictate that they aren’t weighed nearly as much. If I were Igor Shesterkin, I’d want those numbers to play into any contract negotiation.

Shesterkin *is* better

I don’t think you needed any of the stat lines or charts to know that Shesterkin is a better goalie than Demko. It’s not really debatable. Shesterkin’s numbers have been on the steady rise since taking the starters reins from that silly goalie rotation the Rangers had going. He is consistently great and keeps getting better.

Prior to the Demko contract, I didn’t see Shesterkin getting $5 million a season. He didn’t have the NHL experience, in my opinion. Now I think he does, and possibly eclipses that amount. It’s amazing how one contract can change the landscape. If Shesterkin gets a Demko contract, that would be considered a bargain.

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  • Is shesty still an rfa after next season if he is signed to a 1 year deal? Demko deal is a big overpay imo. Shesty on a 1 year 3 mil deal then give him that 5×5 afterwards? Or we risk him becoming dominant and wanting more?

    • FO’s need to have conviction about their younger players. Too many bridge deals killed us the last time — it forces you to constantly “juggle” the cap because you keep putting off the long term deal until the long term deal takes the player to an age where you start to get uncomfortable with the big pay day. When you have the money to spend (like we will next year), you have to grab the bull by the horn IMO.

  • Disagree, he was probably going to get something similar to those numbers because the Rangers are probably looking to sign him even longer term than Demko (at least a smart FO would). He’s clearly a #1 type NHL goalie … there might be some minor question marks about just how good or great he might eventually become, but I don’t think there are big question marks about whether the Rangers should tie themselves to the Czar long term. So consider the cost for say 7-8 seasons, consider how many FA years you’re buying —- $5M per would be a steal, in fact I think it will be more, perhaps closer to $6M. We lived for what, 7 years with a #1 making $8.5M, $5.5M or so will be a bargain, especially after next year.

    • $6M is a steal as well. I hope it does not come down to this, but considering cap inflation $10M per year is less than what Lundqvist was paid. Getting Shesterkin’s prime years for that kind of money is better than spending it on Henrik’s declining years.

      Incidentally, among goalies with at least 30 appearances over the last two years, Shesterkin leads in save percentage at .928. Second place is only .924.

      I’m still betting on greatest goalie to ever play the game.

      • How much LSD do you take, Ray? Is it daily, or weekly?

        According to your post, $10 million is now less than $8 million? And a guy who hasn’t played 35 games is better than Roy, Lundqvist, Brodeur, Luongo, Dryden, etc?

        Hockey isn’t an imaginary sport. The economic value of certain things isn’t imaginary either. You should try to remember that.

  • You can’t really use KHL stats because Shestyorkin never faced the best team in the league: his own.

    Even sv% is skewed because shot quality was total garbage. The other numbers are generated as much from shot suppression as much as his skill. .920 sv% is now above average and I’m comfortable in thinking he will continue to be that good or better(big qualifier here) if he can stay on the ice.

    If they can get him as $5mm/5 or $6mm/6 get his pen to paper tout suite.

  • How is shot quality garbage in khl? If anything defense is trash and more offensive opportunities? Tougher for goalies? More skilled guys?
    Also he’s a proven goalie and possible best goalie to ever play??? Wtf you guys smoking he’s gotten hurt like 4 times in two seasons here, Jesus. Longevity? Fuck right off.

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