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ESPN, NHL agree on seven year TV deal

Per Chris Johnston, ESPN and the NHL have agreed upon a seven year TV deal for the US media rights to the league. Terms of the deal aren’t confirmed yet, but it is believed to include streaming on Disney+ (and likely ESPN+), and the rights to broadcast four Stanley Cup Finals over the life of the deal.

It is believed that the deal is not exclusive to ESPN, thus the NHL will have other media companies involved in broadcasting the NHL.

The NHL currently gets $200 million a year from NBC on an exclusive deal. Given what we know so far, that revenue will balloon in the next TV deal. ESPN is only the beginning for the next era of the NHL on TV and streaming platforms.

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  • Booooooooo! Hate ESPN! Well I will be watching the “other” media companies. Disney+ and ESPN+?!?!?! C’mon man! Well the league certainly can’t address high head hits so I wouldn’t expect a good TV deal either! Sucks!

  • It sounds like ESPN is going to be handling NHL streaming going forward, so that contract is going to be a big bump up even if NBC stays flat.

  • If it means a bump in the cap, this is fine. I don’t like ESPN either, but I also don’t pay for streaming hockey. Maybe they’ll hire some decent analysts. Maybe.

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