Rangers sign defenseman Mason Geersten to two year contract

This is an odd one. The Rangers have signed 25 year old defenseman Mason Geersten to a two year contract.

Geersten’s name might sound familiar. He was a part of the 2019 training camp roster, and was one of the third round of cuts that year.

The Mason Geersten NHL contract is interesting, as I believe he was on an AHL contract prior. He’s already played four games for the Hartford Wolf Pack, with one assist. The 6’4, 220 lb defenseman is in his second year with the Pack, with nine assists in 64 games so far over two seasons. This is his sixth season in the AHL.

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    • The more successful teams take their farm teams seriously. Create a stable environment at the AHL level with pros will help our many prospects develop quicker.

  • He’s a big tough crease clearing defenseman with size who skates and passes well, he will also drop the gloves to protect his team mates and is pretty good at it, something many on this blog including myself have been calling for for a while now.
    I’d say he’s at least as good if not better then 2-3 of the current dmen on our roster, Bitteto, Smith and Johnson

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the above mentioned on the waiver wire sooner then later.

    • How long is it going to take them to realize that this team needs size and toughness to survive in this league/division, bring him and Schneider on,

  • It’s about time that add some toughness and a guy that deop the mitts.
    The lineup has all the same players that are soft, do not hit, and are cowardly.
    Look at at the Bruins and Caps. No way as presently constructed you will ever match up against them physically in a 7 game series.
    JG says he wants a team that is hard to play against. I still haven’t seen anything even close to that.
    Muscle up!!!

    • I totally agree. Rangers cannot match the Bruins, Capitals, or even Isles toughness.
      I love the NYR, but unless Gorton and Davidson get some hard edge players, they are going nowhere.
      Skill is a must, but muscle and size matter.
      Bruins have constructed a young, nasty team that when they want and you will see it next week, put the Rangers into the meat grinder. Going to be ugly.

      • We had this type of a player in McIlrath, unfortunately, he was just too slow and not too good of a player…BUT he had all of the physical traits (and SIZE) that this team still needs as of today.

  • Not only does this signing make sense, it was a very good signing. Last year Carolina, not nearly overall as physical a team as the Caps and Bruins, showed us just how soft we are. If your goal is the big prize, then you need to physically match up with both the Caps and Bruins.
    Front Office, you realized we need more physicality and you finally made a move to start the process. Good job.

  • Might just be expansion draft fodder. I’m not sure if the team needs to have more contracts to fill the 50 total. Might just be simple ‘paperwork” stuff.

  • Maybe because they don’t expect Tony De’Angelo around to be expansion draft fodder. Or it could really be a two year ahl contract with the option to call up some toughness once in a while.

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