Lineup Changes

Rangers lines change with Kakko and Panarin out

The Rangers will be without Kaapo Kakko (COVID) and Artemi Panarin (leave of absence) for tomorrow’s game against the Flyers. Naturally David Quinn did need to change the lines. The new lines don’t really scare anyone.

As expected, Jonny Brodzinski is going to be the call up. For financial reasons, this won’t be announced until tomorrow 5pm.

Obviously the powerplay needed to change up as well.

If there ever was a time for Mika Zibanejad and Chris Kreider to step it up, that time is now.

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  • until I see them in action you can’t convince me that third line isn’t really the fourth line given how hesitant coach is to play either lemieux or gauthier. rooney and pdg have both seen the ice more than either one. even with howden at center, who’s out there almost as much as lafren and kakko (a bit of an exaggeration but not by much).

  • Howden on the third line, yikes. When is Chytil die back? I can’t take too much more of Howden playing fifteen minutes per night

    • That’s why I have a hard time buying into this coach.

      Just like “fetch” Howden is not going to happen.

      • I don’t understand Quinns system either. Howden only has 2 points on the season and is -2. Rooney has four points in two less games and is +5. I guess Quinn doesn’t care about the stats.

        • Unfortunately my friend, the coach plays the “production” card when it’s convenient.

          Howden, as a whole, has sucked, turned the puck over continuously, taken bad penalties, been on the ice for a lot more goals against than goals for, has virtually no pts, but continues to play.

          Gauthier, who has obviously loads more talent than Howden does, gets picked out of 15 bad Ranger players when they played the Devils last week, getting scratched with a “his play has fallen off” BS. Quinn could have said that about 10-15 other Rangers that game, but GAUT was the one he decided lost the game for the Rangers, that game.

          So, IDK, I would love to hear an explanation. Let me rephrase, a rational explanation.

          And even forgetting pts, there is no stat metric that supports playing Howden. Rooney is 10 times the player Howden is. So is Blackwell.

  • That 4th line is bad, bad, bad. And that third D pairing. There like 7 bonafide AHLers on this roster.

    No “fire Quinn” allowed for the next few weeks.

  • Even one of Kakko or Chytil would make a huge difference. The D is fine. I think Bietto and Hajek have been serviceable as a third pairing.

    Until Panarin, Kakko and Chytil are back things will be rough. The Friday/Sunday Bruins games are going to be a ride. I just hope they hang in there and it’s not a slaughter.

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