On the calls to fire David Quinn

Following the last few games, there have been very loud calls to fire coach David Quinn. The Rangers are 2-3-1 in February, but the four losses have been in a row. With each loss, the calls to fire Quinn have been louder and more frequent. Most of these are just gut reactions, but some do bring up valid points. As per usual, I have some thoughts.

1. I get the frustration, I really do. This season hasn’t been what most expected. Results are one thing, but the inconsistent effort is concerning. Last night is a good example, as the Rangers really had no reason to no-show the first period. They turned it on in the final two periods, but that first period was inexcusable. Effort is on both players and coaches.

2. David Quin n is far from perfect, and I am in no way a DQ stan. I’ve had some concerns about his systems in the past. This year I’ve had concerns about how his message is received in the locker room, as the execution wasn’t nearly as consistent as it should have been. His inability to “find players on the bench” is also frustrating.

3. That said, the team is significantly better this year than last. They are miles better defensively, and the offensive process hasn’t suffered either. There were concerns the Rangers were sacrificing offense for better defense, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. They aren’t dumping and chasing more (which leads to less offense, generally), per Corey Sznajder:

It’s hard to get anything going offensively when your best center (Mika Zibanejad) is more snake bitten than Severus Snape. Artemi Panarin is hurt. The team fired Tony DeAngelo into the sun, but he wasn’t producing anyway. Repeat production from that trio was a key to the season, and it hasn’t happened.

4. DQ has also done some good. Pavel Buchnevich is having a solid season and has rounded out his game to killing penalties too. Alexis Lafreniere and Kaapo Kakko look great, but can’t seem to buy a goal. K’Andre Miller, Adam Fox, and Ryan Lindgren have all played well. It’s also not a given that their puck luck changes, even with a new coach.

5. Usually a coaching change midseason like this is to put a spark in the veterans that are underachieving. This would, at least on the surface, make sense since it’s the vets that aren’t performing. However when Panarin is hurt, Zibanejad is speculated to have lingering COVID effects, and Ryan Strome can’t even hit an empty net, you have to wonder how much of that is coaching.

6. That doesn’t mean Quinn is absolved of any blame. He deserves a lot. It’s also very unclear whether he is the guy to get them over the hump. His in-game decision making and deployment is questionable. We’ve all yelled at the tv screen a lot, wondering why Brett Howden is out there with a minute left and down a goal. It’s very similar to the days of complaining about Marc Staal and Nick Holden out there to defend a lead in the playoffs. There are valid concerns regarding Quinn, as Suit has pointed out.

7. All this is to say: If you’re going to yell to fire Quinn, that’s fine. But let’s also take a step back to discuss this. When I started this blog 12+ years ago, I wanted to ensure there was coherent and logical discussion in the comments. We’ve gotten away from that. I posed this question on Twitter, and I want logical, thought out answers from you all (or at least the ones that are here regularly):

  • If you want the Rangers to fire David Quinn, who would you replace him with?
  • What immediate impact do you think firing him will have on the team?
  • Why do you want him gone? Cite specific examples.
  • Should this be done immediately, or at the end of the season?

Emotions get the best of all of us. Let’s channel it into actual discussion about why you think the Rangers should fire David Quinn.

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  • I will wait for JD to hold his upcoming presser conference because it’s coming. The team is not good right now, but I have an idea of who I want and it will not be a college coach.. That is for sure.

    • Tony D must be Lao… team quit last night, hope it’s not DQ goal tending
      Looks weak right now and we get anyone near the net on o to create havoc.

  • “Fire Quinn” is knee-jerk stuff. It’s not Q’s shooting percentage that has gone through the floor. Shaky goaltending at our end and near perfect goaltending at the other set the tone for the 1st quarter of the season. Overall play, other than brain fart periods like the 1st last night, is better than last year.

    • Quinn’s defensive systeem is DESIGNED to give up our blue line and allow oppents to enter our zone. May work in college but it obvisouly doesn’t in the NHL. Going on year 3 of this system and he can’t figure that out and blames the players.

      • It’s interesting – because we watch the games and we see it regularly. I’ve put a lot of ink on that.

        But per what Vince Mercogliano said, that’s not the plan. It’s lack of execution and consistent pressure defensively.

        So it’s either a bad system, or the message isn’t getting through. Both are on the coach, though.

  • If this team is capable of being more than a sub-.500 team, then it falls on the coach. We keep using the excuse of being young, or not deep at center. Maybe the truth is that DQ is not using his team properly. Not running “dump & chase” drills. Not showing how to get out of the zone. I don’t know. What I do know is that we are getting NOTHING out of the top line. Yes, that is on Zibby, but it is also on the coach.

    DQ may finish this year, but I am not of the belief that he can bring this team, or any team deep in the playoffs.

  • I am not a big fan of coaches that show no emotion. There is a reason that no one is wearing the ‘C’. What player is showing leadership by giving max effort as an example to his teammates? For the next game the speech should be “Hit everything that moves and when you get the puck at the point fire slapshots and keep firing them until they stop trying to block shots.”

    • There is a certain temperament needed to lead and the Rangers have a room full of the same type of player…they all take the passive approach…outside of Pepe.

      You would think that Gorton being from the Boston school of hockey he would be receptive to this approach but has clearly preferred the exact opposite approach…baffling.

      steve valiquette said during the Bruins game that the Rangers are plenty tough…again, baffling…and if they want to get tougher, they can do it when they are closer to competing for the cup…that might have been the dumbest thing I ever heard.

    • the guy who was best at firing shots from the point was kicked off the team.

      Another gaffe by the Rangers…for Gorton to come out and say…this guy will never play for us again…you lost all trade value for him…suspend him, bench him, fake an injury…but to make that statement….if we only had a real owner that cared as opposed to the one who looks at a revenue report.

    • Absolutely correct Lindy was stuck with our defense here goes across the river and gets a young team to play his system. The Rangers are still looking for a system. Quinn is a college coach and that’s where he belongs Ranger leadership should begin to realize as no high draft picks have really responded except Fox who has amazing talent.

      • Lindy Ruff has been around a LONG time, and knows how to coach….and you can see the success by the way he has the Devils playing.

      • I always liked Lindy Ruff. He is still among the most winning coaches in NHL history. Look how he has turned around a Devils team that had a very poor 2019-2020 season.

  • I agree he is not perfect as a coach. His deployment of players just boggles the mind. For all of us to say fire him!! I say give him more time. Why? This is not all his fault, look we are playing better defensively as a team. Look who is not carrying their weight right now, Zib can’t buy a goal, Buch finally got one last night, Lafren,Kakko can’t put the puck in the ocean right now. Once this all shakes out we will probably not even bring this up again.

    • Your right we need an other 1st or 2nd selection in the draft. That is all that DQ has done for us.

      • didn’t do the oilers much good after the last few years, they got some good players but not much playoff time

  • To answer your questions to us regarding DQ:

    -Not a lot of NHL coaches out there that I like as a replacement. Gallant seems to be the only one I would contemplate.

    -I think the immediate impact would be a positive one. Not only a wake up call, but maybe a sigh of relief to many of the players, who may not agree with DQ’s system or lack there of.

    -Personally, I don’t see DQ making any in-game adjustments where the NYR come out after a bad period and turn things around. It’s usually the inverse. I don’t like how he shuffled the entire roster throughout the first 4-5 games to start the season. I don’t agree with singling out Tony D. After first game disaster and benching him for 2-3 games. This probably exacerbated the issues with Tony D. I don’t like how he put Laf on 4 different lines in 4 different games to start his NHL career. I don’t like how he’s distributed Kaapo Kakko’s playing time the past two seasons. These are two of the most important players the team has moving forward. He HAS to do a better job at managing their progress and psyches.

    -Overall, I don’t know if DQ is a round peg in a square hole for this roster. He’s a dump and chase, grinder, north south coach, who basically has a roster of the opposite types of players that are more in line with a team like Toronto than they are say the Bruins or Canes. Plus, he’s nowhere near as good of a coach as Rod Brindamor, for example.

    -I’m not a fan of in-season coaching changes, but I think in this case I would pull the trigger and replace him with Gallant.

    • Results matter and our results are pathetic…This is a business where results are measured in wins. We have injuries, young players, underachieving players, terrible fundamentals, etc…….and inevitably will all fall on the coach…I’m sure that DQ is a super nice guy. I hear that the players and leadership like him, but unfortunately IMO, not the right coach for this team

      • Too many finesse players it seems..need some straight line grinders to jam the net on offense to create traffic…last night for first time it looked like the team didn’t want to play, my first reaction was coach gotta go, but in retrospect, players have got to perform even though most are young. Also surprised on shaky goal tending.

    • Thank you for answering the questions and putting great thought into the reply.

      Gallant seems to be the go-to answer, but I wonder why Jacques Martin wouldn’t be handed the reins? He’s already had a positive impact on the defensive structure.

      As for DQ and the round peg/square hole, I’m unsure if DQ is the coach to get them over the hump. I’m also not ready to say he needs to be fired. I’m still a tweener.

      • Valid point regarding Martin. I admit I don’t know enough about him to throw him in the discussion.

        Regarding square peg/round hole. His north/south style might be fine for certain teams. I just don’t think it’s correct for this roster of players… and by forcing them into this style are you taking away what makes those players special and productive?

        This is year 3 of DQ’s reign, and we still see complete stinkers produced by this team every other week it seems. I get the whole puck luck, goalie standing on their heads thing…but you cannot accept this every game. I mean the Isles put a 4 spot on the Bruins right after they shut down the Rangers for 2 games. I think a change has to be made.

        It’s a shame, because I wanted DQ to be our home grown next great coach, while we develop our own home grown stars… but it’s not happening.

        • If the Rangers are to replace DQ, I’d prefer they get a coach that has a history of generating creative offense, while keeping Martin on to drive the defensive structure.

  • Firing Quinn now makes no sense.. first, as was stated who replaces him?.. and there’s obviously health issues with Panarin, Mika, etc.. also this is the youngest team in the league, now that’s not an excuse for last night.. that was a brutal game but I would ride it out with Quinn for the season & let’s see where the team is at. JD & Gorton won’t have a problem getting the coach they want here if a change is needed..

    • Gorton calling the shots has become a problem in itself…again, he has made some very good moves:

      the Nash trade moving up for Miller,
      Fox trade, although, that was Fox forcing the issues more then Gorton’s astute ability

      he has made more bad moves

      McDonagh trade
      Trouba trade
      not trading Kreider

    • There is a respectable coach on the the team and its not DQ.
      It like… Dr, the patient is bleeding to death! No let him bleed out its good for him! We already removed his spine (ADA), I think we need a brain transplant.

  • I have a gut feeling that Gorton and JD are not the kind of guys who readily fire a coach during the season. I think DQ would have to be far worse to have that happen. I am not happy with him in some respects, but coaches get too much blame and too much credit too often. No matter the deployment, or even the system to some extent, it is the players that have to perform. The youngsters are going to make more mistakes than vets will too. Altogether, I doubt DQ gets fired. If he does, sure Gallant would be worth a try.

      • My approval of DQ is limited. I think that he was better last year most of the time than he has been thus far this season. Though I think he didn’t have a good playoff round against the Canes.

        As fans we often presume to know more than we do. Kakko is playing much better this season compared to last. Maybe DQ has had something to do with that? Same thing with Pepe and Buchnevich and DiGuissepe. He has given K’Andre Miller and Adam Fox and Ryan Lindgren the chances to play and they have responded by being pretty darn good. Perhaps the coach gets some credit for the good that happens in addition to the bad?

        But, don’t get me wrong, it is not that I think he is great. I didn’t mean to impart that. I just believe that Gorton and JD might tend to be the types that do not fire a coach quickly. If they do fire him, I am all for giving Gallant a try.

  • Gorton needs to wake up soon and realize he made a bad coaching hire. The Rangers need to fire Quinn and hire Gallant. Gallant took a very mediocre bunch in Vegas to the Stanley Cup Final as an expansion team. Gallant has proven to be able to get “the most out of players.” He can motivate. The Rangers show NO jump or passion. The Rangers have more talent than the team Gallant had in Vegas. I think Gallant would be a great hire for the Rangers.

  • All you have to do is look at the NY Knicks. They hired a coach that gets the best out of his players. The team’s core personnel is almost the same as last year, but results are great. TT does not play favorites, and is not afraid to sit a player who is not producing, or not playing hard defense. DQ on the other hand does not treat players the same, he made Buch a wiping boy (granted he was not playing best the last few games), but what about Kreider for instance whose name you mostly hear when he commits a dumb penalty, or Zib who has not produced at all. And don’t get me started on JJ. The team has no structure, no heart, and no desire to play for this coach. DQ has to go.

  • Remember when 90% of Ranger Fans got their wish and AV got fired? AV moved the Rangers Organization into a contender VERY QUICKLY. He deserved better from Ranger Fans. He didn’t get the respect he deserved in NY. How about Lindy Ruff as an Associate Coach? Ruff was repeatedly dumped on by Ranger Fans. He’s taken a young roster in NJ and he has them playing hard and competing. Quinn doesn’t deserve patience in NY. He needs to be fired and Gallant needs to be hired as the next Head Coach. Gallant can motivate and he’ll have this young Rangers Team playing hard.

        • Over what hump? He got us to the finals one year and then proceeded get masterfully outcoached — the HUMP IMO is winning the SC, he didn’t do that.

          • You’re delusional. You don’t get it. I’m not going to continue to bicker with an idiot who doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

  • A major issue besides the ones I mentioned earlier is the entire Ranger team is extremely slow (and predictable) on their shots compared to last year. They’re waiting and hesitating an extra second or two before getting a shot off, thus giving D-men and goalies a chance to get a stick on or make a square save on their shots. The other thing is the forwards are just not finding open spaces around the dangerous areas to shoot from. They’re always tied up it seems. Is this on the players? Probably. But the coach has to see this, and make adjustments. I just haven’t seen any the past several games. They make every opposing defenseman look like Chris Chelios and every opposing goalie Kenny Dryden these days…and it’s simply not the case.

    On a different note: Did anyone see Buchy go into the corner on the Dev’s third goal and NOT check or touch his man? He shied away from contact allowing the Devil to continue up the boards and shoot off Trouba’s leg into the net. Unacceptable. He reminded me of Dubois during his last and infamous “shift” for CBJ. Buch was fortunate to score moments later, but jeesh…if he checked that guy AND scored Rangers would be up after two instead of tied. It’s the little things!

  • Rangers are for the most part a group of talented youngsters who are more suited for the European style of hockey, that will not get us far come playoff time. ( if and when we get there? ) Quinn has tried but I feel he has lost the locker room. A shake up is needed , how do you explain a team that came out in the first period with no fire in their belly playing an inferior team who had not played in 10 days????. That’s on the coach, get me Gerard Gallant, or what the heck, see what Mike Keenan is doing these days!!

    • Good points Bobby…. We have very few players with big loins….The team is in a major funk and if we lose tomorrow….oh boy…..Calls for a new coach will be at MT. EVEREST LEVELS…

    • I hope you’re 100% kidding about Mike Keenan … I mean I know you dropped his name for the sake of hyperbole, but c’mon. lol

  • The calls and the need to fire Quinn are totally juatified. Anyone who thinks otherwise has no clue about managing. A team is guided and LED by a coach and GM. The issues and fights plaguing this team are cause by management. First it was Hayes bashing them. Then we had the Lias “incident” which was all from Quinn and Gorton, and Ice time. Then Vitale “opts” and “bashes” the team. Then the Tony incident, which only happens when your leader is weak and a liar. Then came Kaapo speaking to a new out outlet from his hometown, stating He, Tony and many others were promised more ice time. YOU DONT BENCH A PLAYER or take away ICE TIME because of a penalty or fight. And ONLY do it to certain players. Favoritism causes animosity and anger. Why is Brendan L not fighting or checking hard?? Why is everyone playing tight and scared?? Threats of benching and losing ice time by thr coach! When an entire team is NOT playing its the coaches FAULT! This is like AVs last years all over again! Common denominator? GORTON! Krieder should NEVER have been signed with a full NO MOVE clause. He plays when he need a contract. Why is Hayes and Miller so much better now?? The team does NOT seem to like each other and they don’t really protect each other! That is ALL ON THE COACH AND GM! MAKE DRURY THE GM AND GALANT THE COACH!!! STOP RUINING THESE PLAYERS AND TEAM

    • What has Drury done to make us think he would be a better GM than Gorton who has a track record of doing more good than bad?

    • I love to read people that think like me! You will now face the downward knuckle people who don’t think like you.

    • Teams are led by players, coaches teach & gameplan & GMs assemble teams.

      Get any one wrong and you got problems.

      Quinn needed to set the standard in year 1, then have the players hold each other to that standard. That’s never happened and we’re in year 3.

    • I’ve been saying for awhile now that the Rangers need to FIRE QUINN and HIRE GALLANT. What Gallant did in Vegas was absolute genius. The Rangers have much more talent than Vegas did. I can only imagine what Gallant could do with this Rangers roster.

  • In my view Quinn’s woes go back to the bubble. Maybe further, but to me that’s where things became problematic. The team was playing well heading into the covid shut down. Even without Kreider who was hurt. They came back for the bubble games and that was tough at times to watch. And Brind’amour out coached Quinn from game 1 to game 3.

    We went on to win the draft lottery. No major signings this off season and other than JJ, the other minor signings have actually been pretty good. (Bitetto, Rooney and Blackwell) We lost leadership with Hank, Staal and Fast all moving on.(Fast was also hurt during the bubble) So there was a void and no one really seems to have stepped in to that void. And if we are honest with our self, if someone had, we would have named a captain by now. Hank and Staal at best were only here one more season as well. So the coach needed to have some idea who he was going to turn to for locker room leadership. It appears either he didn’t or his plans haven’t worked out. I also have to wonder if losing Fast caused the team more turmoil than most people expected? Just a thought.

    So other than the personnel what changed?

    We lost Lindy Ruff before the bubble. I know most of us were glad. Myself included. He never really seemed to be a fit. And our D was pretty bad last year.

    He was replaced with Jacques Martin. Other than being involved in the decision to bring in JJ, Martin has been solid. Our PK has been great. Finally gave one up last night. Our Defensive metrics are all better. The problem now is we aren’t scoring. On the PK, guys like Kreider and Buch are now out there. Martin’s influence? Quinn wanted to do this before, but Ruff said no? I don’t know. It’s a good change for the PK, but is the new responsibility effecting these guys offense? I’d like to believe that’s not the case.

    It’s easy to say Ruff was the problem. But look at NJ? They’re playing better than their roster would indicate under his leadership. Maybe a coincidence? Maybe not?

    We are shifting to a more defensive system. But we are still out shooting our opponents most nights. Our PP moves the puck well, but we can’t seem to score. We’ve generally played well, up until late in most games when we make a mistake that costs us.

    The top guys timing seems to be off. Particularly Z bad, Kreider and Strome. Kakko had a similar issue last year, but he’s been much better. And these guys haven’t. We are far enough into the season now that timing shouldn’t be an issue for our top players, but it is.

    Face offs are a disaster. NJ is one of the worst face off teams and they out drew us last night. You lose that face off on the PP and you lose 10 to 20 seconds of PP time or just about 10% to 15% of the PP time. You lose the face off on the PK and it’s the same amount of time you don’t get to shave off of the other teams PP. We had Rooney taking face offs then going off the ice for Strome last night because Strome was so bad in the face off circle. Can someone please please hire a coach to work on face offs? It won’t effect the cap. The team can afford it. And it’s a glaring on going problem that seems to be getting worse. We can say all day long FO’s aren’t that important. but sometimes they are, and failure to win key face offs has evolved into a chronic problem for this team.

    So when I add all of this up. It seems to me the guy at the top isn’t instilling confidence in the group. He’s not addressing the problems. When Chytil returns maybe Z bad or Strome needs a night off? We’ve had coaching staff changes, but those changes have mostly yielded better results at least defensively. He makes questionable deployment decisions on a regular basis.(if JJ wasn’t hurt would he be playing?) Constantly juggles lines. These guys need some consistency. I get that we have a lot of young players, but they need some consistency with their line mates. That’s how you form chemistry. But it takes time together.

    We’re in year 3 of this rebuild. It’s going to take time before we’re really competitive. We improve the D at the expense of the O. The kids are playing well, but the veterans aren’t. K Miller has been a big bright spot this year. But remember he had an extra year in Wisconsin to tune his skill set. Fox has also been great, but again he spent 3 years at Harvard preparing for this. Deployment issues are certainly questionable. It’s not all bad. Chytil looked good before he got hurt, Kakko has been much better.(he should have spent some time in Hartford last year) Buch has improved. That said, IMO this coach isn’t the right coach for this team. And not because we aren’t winning right now, but because he doesn’t seem to be able to pull all the things together that the team needs. With the young kids on the team we need to set the tone now(for the entire team) as to how we expect them to play today and in the future. We need consistency and that has been lacking for a long time.

  • Buck stops with Quinn! How many times have the Rangers come out dead? 13 out of 14 games by my count. Players overthink and not reacting to their insticts. Quinn has fear over those on the team that he doesn’t protect. (Mika, Kreider, Howden) 1 mistake by anyone else, benched! Night after night our # 1 line has looked extremely awful. Quinn sends the message and the kids are not dumb they know there is a double standard. Then Kreider comes out AGAIN, blaming everyone else… Kreider is not a leader of this group that the team needs. Nor is Quinn the voice that players are willing to go through a brick wall for. Unless people are completely bias, changes need to be made. I am okay with moving Kreider, never should’ve been resigned when he couldve gotten us a kings ransom. at last yer’s trade deadline. Which leads to another topic for another time on how poor of a job Gorton’s has truly done. Even Brian Burke called out his poor performance for us! I say bring in Mark Messier, & Bruce B1 That will light qa fire! How about Convincing Gretxzy would be amazing too!

    • Apparently you missed Gretzky’s work in AZ. They were a Mickey Mouse organization under him.

  • Two unrelated comments:

    1. I don’t agree with the notion that one should not call for DQ’s firing without naming a replacement. If one believes that DQ is simply well below a generic coach, well you can replace him with just about everybody.

    2. This is cherry picking, but Cedric Paquette (-9), Mathias Brome (Detroit) and Alexis Lafreniere are the only three NHL forwards with1 or fewer points and -7 or worse. In shots/60, I believe Lafreniere is 14th out of 15 Ranger forwards ahead of only Howden (13th of 14 if we drop Brodzinski). He may have a bright future, but he is awful.

    In terms of disappointment, Mika only gets second place. You can’t blame everything on the veterans.

  • It doesn’t matter how much talent you have or don’t have….coaching matters….This team has been underachieving and I am sick and tired of excuses…..We lost to a team that had not played since the turn of the century…C’mon man, that is bad……real bad….

  • Stoobie, great post!
    It is not DQ who is unable to take advantage of great scoring chances. I blame him, however, for mismanaging the development of Kako and Lafranier and the constant changes of the lineup, some of them blatantly lacking sense. For example a few games ago DI Giovanni played on the first line instead of giving an opportunity to Kako. He needs help and JD SHOULD DO THAT!

  • A coach is responsible for taking too many men on the ice penalties he’s responsible for a team passing the puck instead of shooting he doesn’t hold the veterans accountable for taking stupid offensive zone penalties does he deserve to get fired no but he has to do a better job of coaching the kids and vets the same way

  • At this point I don’t want Quinn fired. I think there are some issues with his coaching, as you mentioned, but I just don’t think the timing is right. This is still a rebuild and no one, except maybe me, expected a whole lot this year. It seems most people are seeing exactly what they thought they would see.

    • Babcock is a DB, treats his players like crap — you’ll be calling for his head after 5-10 games.

  • I think we need a coach who has been there and done that in the NHL….Mike Babcock, Bruce Boudreau. DQ may or may not be a good NHL coach, he has no NHL exp. as a player or coach.

  • A coach is hired to help develop players and to drive them to get the most out of them. I am not saying that firing Quinn is the right move but someone needs to take responsibility for the poor performance. If Tortorella or Ruff were coaching the Rangers, if they saw a poor effort they would come down really hard on the player like drill sargent. A couple more losses and IMO Quinn is history.

  • Kreider calling out his teammates in the press…talk about a cancer.

    When Mika got blasted into the boards…Kreider skated over not really wanting to do anything…McLeod dropped his glove and started firing away.

    Dave wont call out Quinn because he was part of the group that banished Tony, Howden literally does nothing and never sits, never misses a shift…never nothing. The puck is like a grenade right now for Zib, maybe move him down a bit…Quinn loves to sht on Buch and sometimes rightfully so. You want to wake up the team…sit one of those guys for the night. Trouba for 8mm is such a waste of money…

    Like Winston Churchill wrote, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Wade Redden
    Chris Drury
    Bobby Holik
    Scott Gomez
    Brad Richards
    Kevin Shattenkirk

    and now you can add Trouba, Kreider and soon to be Zib to that list.

    • Hey Hey Hey Hey! You can’t put a fork into Z bad or Captain Kreider yet. Quinn is the one that does not want a leader!

      • I was the first to dislike the coaches coaching. The stripes on the animal does not change. His poor decision making is evident for years now. I feel relieved the people are finally coming over to my side. We have wasted enough time on inept coaches like AV and DQ. If he was good I would not be trashing him. Maybe its best if he does not destroy more kids lives because of his favoritism.
        What mathematical equation says Howden is doing good and needs to be played more? It appears you may be the angry one, for you are defending the incompetent.

  • You know what set the tone for this season? The President saying the playoffs were not a real goal at the beginning of the season. Whether or not you believe that your team is a playoff team, saying it so matter of factly sends the wrong message. I feel like this team plays sometimes knowing it wont make the playoffs and it lacks the urgency because of that.

  • This season is lost. Just let the kids play close to 20min TOI, and for a sake sit the vets and let them watch some effort

  • Idk where I sit with Quinn. But I can say the team has a different feel and different look to it since the bubble. And Quinn doesn’t seem to know how to fix it. The lineups and ice-time have been an issue, and frankly he’s been looking more like a coach who is on the hot seat to me in the way he cannot seem to keep any consistency in his decisions. I feel like all his decisions have been for the short-term gain. But they’re not working, so now we have both short and long-term pain.

    I think he has the team playing very tight and very worried about mistakes. Kakko is a great example. He was an absolute beast last night, and has been for a few games now. BUT we had to wait almost a month because he had a bad first game. So of course DQ had to bench him, shelter the minutes, take him out of the top-6 for a while, etc. Maybe give him at least ONE more game to see if he can bounce back first before taking those actions. He’s so afraid of letting (some) kids play through things that it just makes things worse in the long term.

  • I have thought Quinn has been a bad choice for a long time. He fundamentally does not have what it takes to take the Rangers to the promised land or even put them on the path. First, The Rangers have great potential young talent. Young talent these days responds to how Andy Reid treats Patrick Mahomes; pat him on the back after a mistake and put right back out there. Quinn puts young players in the dog house after they make a mistake. Second, The Rangers have strong existing and potential offensive talent. They will win by scoring goals. Quinn needs to implement a system to facilitate scoring goals and then tighten up the defense. Instead, Quinn has put in a defensive approach which will get the Rangers to become a mediocre team sooner but never a great team. Third, great coaches adapt to teams. With Quinn being here for a few seasons now, we have seen no ability to change which leads me to believe he is unlikely to change going forward. I hope this explains my views on why Quinn needs to be fired for fundamental reasons of achieving the goals as opposed to a short term reaction to the last few games.

  • When I’m watching the games (especially recently), I want Quinn’s head on a plate, then after I cool-off, I’m not sure that’s the best course of action – at least right now. If we are going to skewer him for all the bad, then we have to heap praise for all the progress the young players are displaying. The top line is pathetic and the mounting injuries (yes, all teams experience it) are taking its toll and can’t entirely be placed at the feet of Quinn. With all that said, he needs to be thoroughly reviewed at the end of the season, and if everything is status quo, he needs to go!

  • I really want to like David Quinn. I really do, but he’s not getting it done. Since you can’t fire the players, I think it’s time for a coaching change. Who to replace him? Easy – Mike Babcock – a Stanley Cup winning coach and a hard-ass who will get the team going in the right direction.

  • To lose to the devils after 15 days without playing is inexcusable. Ranger Team totally unprepare, it reminded me of the qualifier against the hurricanes. Since then I been saying quinn’ s college system dies not work in the NHL. Rangers have to much talent, need a coach who put some fire up there ass. No motivation whatsoever, quinn has to go no doubt.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Joe! As many bloggers here have noted (1) DQ daily message seems “lost” in the locker room, (2) players are NOT playing for each other (3) 18 and 19-year old kids (i.e. Laf and Kakko) are playing with different line mates every 2 games, (4) pat these kids on the back once in a while and build their confidence (why does Blackwell move up to the 1st line ahead of Gauthier?), (5) leaders like Zib, Kreider, Strome are playing like 3rd and 4th liners and don’t get called out by the coach but Buch gets “singled out by DQ for a drop-off in play” this week?, and (6) why isn’t the LeM/Rooney/Gauthier line getting more minutes given their soli play the last two weeks? Last year, DQ rode career years from Zib and Panarin and Shesterkin grabbing 10+ wins after his call-up to make the playoffs. Without that Shesterkin run, NO PLAYOFFS last year. Fox, Lindberg, Miller are all fantastic prospects so please STOP giving DQ credit for developing them. Rangers were lucky last year thanks to Shesterkin but they are a real mess right now heading into AV turf and a Flyers team playing like a contender!

  • The fire Quinn chants are really half warranted and half not, as you explains in this article. But I blame Gorton more for this situation were in right now. This is Gortons team, he put it together. It’s an unbalanced roster. How can Gorton expect any success. He center position is bad. Period. In the whole system, he has 1 top 6 center and Mika is off the charts with production, unfortunately, it’s in the wrong direction. This is an awful situation for Quinn and the forwards is all on Gorton including a bad collection of centers that can’t win faceoffs. A pure disaster. We have no energy, grit, sandpaper, toughness guys that play the north south game that both JD and Quinn like. As far as the kids, they are doing fine under Quinn, it’s the vet players that are a very unbalanced group and that’s on Gorton. What should happen is Quinn finishes the season and when management has their big letting after the season, it’s then you decide the coaching situation. For now, I think Gorton needs to get to work and finish with this rebuild I feel is only 75% complete, and finish up balancing out the roster, mostly with the older guys. I mean we really don’t need Smith, Johnson, DeAngelo, Gauthier, Howden, Strome, Buch (they are not paying him 5-6 million on his next contract), I wish Kreider too, but we are stuck with him I guess, and maybe a couple more. That’s where you change over the roster and bring in the needed pieces to complete the rebuild. Our goalies are fine with Benny and our D core is fine under J. Martin (just remove Smith and Johnson) so it’s all about the forwards and Gorton needs to fix this up to have a playoff team. He can keep trying for Jack E. and overpay if you must and maybe Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is another good center choice who is on the market. I think if Gorton can do his job, they will be a sure playoff team next season.

  • When you single out 1 player for a whole team getting out played being unprepared sends exactly the wrong message to the team, to be a team, to play as a team. When use a player to deflect, one who is, was liked by the ” Team ” sends the message loud and clear. Playing the 2nd worst player in NHL , statistically, again sends the message Loud & Clear. Perhaps DQ should show the same emotion as a player frustrated enough to show emotion, only to be benched after a game was already over SENDS A MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR. Last yr the excuse was Lindy Ruff, No Problems in N.J. however are there. Go back even further, when he blamed Hank as a diminishing talent. Creating the disaster in Net, hows that working out now ? Then after not playing Hank for 2 weeks, then pulling him at Home against the defending Champs. again sent sent a message loud and clear. Watch replays of the last few gms. When Ranger vets had plenty of chances, Shooting right into the Opposing Net Minders Chest, Veterans are sending him, Gorton, JD a message LOUD AND CLEAR !

  • 2 Words…. Steve Valiquette
    If JD can move from Broadcast booth to the President’s suite, I think SV can move to the bench

  • It appears that what is transpiring goes back to last years playoffs where the team was outplayed and looked unprepared, especially knowing they made the playoffs. He has lost the team as a whole with his inconsistent coaching decisions. As to who would replace him not sure but a change has to be made because the the playoffs chance is slipping away due to the structure of the schedule and less games to make up ground!!!

  • The players the rangers have do not fit DQ system. The rangers have 2 numbers 1 picks in the lineup who are offensive players and he restricts them to just play defense and not push foward. Pannerin should be basket hanging like Gretzky. Krider should be going north and south not just back on d. Too much defense no offense. Always playing 1 on 3 in offense zone. Bad system by coaching staff.

  • This season has got the wammies all over it.. covid regulations, etc etc.. I agree that he may not be the right coach and his influence and decisions are questionable but I would say to give him another “regular” season and if it has this same trajectory then you pull the trigger when necessary! Bring in Gallant?

  • What is so bad about Mike Babcock?

    He’s getting downvoted all over here. But I’m not sure why exactly. I’ll admit I have not done a ton of research here. Did he do something?

    He was considered a top coach in the NHL for a while. I think he’d be better than Quinn, and he has a Stanley Cup on his resume. He also worked with a young, talented group in TOR that had a similar setup with very young top picks.

    If the reason is some PC-bs, I’m gonna puke.

    • No, not a PC thing … he’s notorious for treating his players badly, in a nasty spiteful sort of way. He’ll throw you under the bus at the drop of a hat. In a word, a DB.

  • 1. Gallant, I have said this for months now, especially with Laviolette off the market.

    2. I would do it after the season, so no immediate impact, per se.

    3. Why? Because, as I have said over and over, Quinn is trying to employ a college game concept into the NHL. You can win on talent alone in college, not so much here. Systems matter. his “north-south” game is fine, around the front of the net, but not for 200 feet of the whole ice. Valliquette CLEARLY stated that “east-west” wins the NHL, because you get the goalie moving from side to side.

    Then, the line changes are amatuerish, at best. How many too many men?

    Then, his lack of overall awareness, especially in the deployment of his players. No less than 2 times, Quinn himself admitted that he did not remember the minutes of some of his players, and how he failed to deploy them in the right way, during games.

    Then, there is the lack of in game adjustments.

    Then, if Quinn IS NOT to blame for giving up the neutral zone, then that means his players are NOT LISTENING TO HIM, which is even worse.

    Same for shooting the puck. They’re not listening to him.

    And my #1 example: He continues to play Howden, lol. 🙂

    4. Do it after the season and start fresh. This season is toast anyway.

    • And therein lies the conundrum I’ve been taking my time to really come to my own conclusion. Either the system is bad by giving up the neutral zone and blue line by design, or the players aren’t listening to his message. Both are on him.

      Devil’s advocate argument: What if they players are listening, but can’t execute?

      The answer there is still on coaching: Adjust the system to fit the players, not vice versa.

      • Vince M, who seems to have a good pulse on the team seems to think that it’s not Quinn, but the players, as it relates to the neutral zone. So, the players are not listening.

        I think that the last couple of weeks shows that the players are capable of playing tighter D in the neutral zone. Maybe the better players have no fear of ramifications for bad play? Except for Buch, lol. Torts benches his top players regularly, and makes no bones about his players’ play.

        And, to your last sentence, “dump and chase” has no business on this team with these players. All they do is throw the puck in deep only to have the opponents get it easily and come back the other way. Doesn’t Quinn see this? But he insists, because that’s his “north-south” mentality that doesn’t work here.

        And, he just never changes anything (in game), other than juggle the line up. Maybe he’s not capable of that.

        What did it for me (firing Quinn) was the Carolina series. Totally, totally unprepared (coaches and players) and totally out coached by Brindamour. No answers from the Rangers.

        • all excellent points…….the 1st quarter of this season is simply an extension of DQ’s “unpreparedness” dating back to that Hurricanes debacle. Rangers were not ready to play during 1st game of the season against the Islanders. They were not emotionally or mentally ready for last night’s game against the Devils. The boys in the room seem “checked-out” on DQ! Losing breeds big-time frustration for players and fans like us.

          • I think that the alarming part of the first game of the season, against the Isles, was that it was a total no show, same as the Canes’ series, the last games they played before the Isles’ no show.

            Like you said, an extension of how the last season ended. They righted the ship with their own shutout the 2nd game, but while the team has played better D lately, I don’t think that there is any question that there just is no flow to their overall game. On a consistent basis.

            And, again to your point, their overall body language does not look good.

  • I don’t think the Rangers should fire Quinn now. I think you mix in Covid and all the other problems associated with Covid and it is just not a smart move. I wouldn’t doubt the league would get involved and probably kill a attempted sacking of Quinn. For Covid reasons.

    Quinn’s replacements could be Karl Taylor of the AHL or Zinetula Khaidarovich “Bill” Bilyaletdinov of russia. I feel the retreads like Babcock and Gallant are just stop gaps like Quinn. Good old boys that really have no merit in adding anything to the game of Hockey. Taylor has a lot of history in the AHL under multiple franchises. And he is a winner. He might be the better selection at this point. And I threw in the Russian since we have a lot of russian players.

    I think Quinn’s biggest issue is he has no NHL history of any real measure. Players like to play for coaches that actually played in the NHL and had a career that lasted. That is why Brind’Amor is so loved in Carolina. He is just as much a gym rat at his age as his players. That is not to say that people like Trotz/Torts don’t have their place also. But they have long history of winning in the league so the players respect them more.

    Quinn never won a thing in his time at BU. And he was barely a NHL player. It is the same thing with Gorton. The guy had 1 draft and 1 summer of free agency were he drafted Kessel Lucic and Marchand and signed Chara and Traded for Rask. Outside of the that one year he was always a assistant GM or just a scout. And don’t get me wrong that is a hell of a list of players but there is really no long term track record here.

    As far as a immediate impact …I see none. I think the vast majority of this team is “underperforming”. Which can’t really be true. So I say… maybe people’s expectations of these players was just too high. (Shocker right? NY fans overrating their players, that never happens)

    I ran the numbers on Mika for last years stats and the guy had just 5 even strength goals against our only opponents this year in 18 games and was a -12. Remember 3 of them came in 1 game against Washington. Now add in Covid and no fans in the stands and it all kind of makes sense. We all know Strome is a 3rd line center at best and take away panarin and he is a nobody. And Chytil was a maybe but at a win percentage in the faceoff dot of 37.2 is not exactly becoming of a 2nd line center is it? And then what are left with? Howden, Blackwell, and Rooney? These guys couldn’t break any other NHL roster so we have them.

    I think the smart move is to play this out til the summer and see how everything falls out. Covid has really wreaked havoc among the league and making it a flat cap for the foreseeable future is going to change alot of things in the league. I mean if fans don’t get put back into the seats teams might be dropping out of the league. Cause Arizona was always a struggling franchise and now add even less revenue this might be the end of the Coyotes. And I am sure there are others that don’t know if they will be able to survive this Covid mess also.

    • “I wouldn’t doubt the league would get involved and probably kill a attempted sacking of Quinn. For Covid reasons.”

      As if the League would stop a team from firing their coach — for ANY reason.

      • tanto you are the most negative person on this board. I wrote a 1000 word post and you focus on the dumbest thing said? REALLY? I get that you love to be the spotlight and point out the flaws of others. But jesus h christ keep it to yourself… you negative smuck. Is your head so far up your own ass that you can’t say anything positive to anyone? I obviously made some valid points outside of the 1 thing you pointed out.

        I get that being different scares you and you have to assimilate all those around you so you feel better about yourself. But please try to have an original idea once or twice in your life. You are the definition of a tool.

  • A lot of good comments here but lets actually look at a similar situation in our own division – The Flyers

    In 2015 – in the midst of a rebuild the Flyers brought in a successful college coach from University of North Dakota named Dave Hasktol. The Flyers had a similar group of young developing players mixed with veterans and needed an overhaul. They looked pretty decent over the first few seasons Hasktol was there – eked into the playoffs a couple of times but were basically ousted in the first round. Some blamed the players – they needed experience, they were young but eventually fans in Philly actually began questioning his system and bench decisions The college game is a bit different than the pro game. Just a dozen or so games into 2018-2019 he was fired and an experienced coach who we all know was brought in – one big center added – who we also know as well as a star potential goalie and now look –

    “magically” everyone is playing much better and Philly is a contender now.

    Anyone see any possible parallel here?

    Enter Jacques Martin … a Stanley Cup Winning Coach

    Sorry but its time – maybe too late for playoffs in this messed up season but time nonetheless to begin developing the Rangers into the team we all know they could and should be. The Quinn experiment is over. Lets get a real NHL Coach in with this group now and start the process.

    • IDK, but I have a bad feeling about Martin as the HC. I think he’s fine as a D coach and in a secondary role of the coaching staff.

      If Gallant were the HC and Martin were the D coach, then add a younger asst, I think that would be a very solid staff.

  • Quinn might not be a bad coach but he is not a special one and the team doesn’t win. Its highly unlikely Quinn is around when/if the team contends so firing him this year is just giving the org a head start on the 2023 coaching search. Its infinitely more likely that the team is bad again next year than great, especially with the all the elite teams in the East returning to the NYR schedule and 2022 is wasted on Quinn when it could be used to evaluate another coach.

  • I think quinn has done a reasonable job developing players (I personally think kakkos game this season* has been outstanding) but I dont think hes a coach that instills confidence with an Nhl winning formula from a tactical point of view. Go forecheck doesnt cut it. Also The college playing mentality is a lot different than pros. So while he does a good job with the younger players why is it that the vets can come out flat so often?

    My verdict: I don’t think hes on the hot seat this season* but def the wood is being placed in the fire with each piling loss.

  • I don’t care whether the Rangers fire DQ now or at the end of the season, as long as they fire him. Gallant doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in me as an alternative to DQ. I’d rather see who’s available at the end of the season than commit to him. I’d be happy to see Martin as interim coach until then.

    I don’t hang all of the Rangers’ woes on DQ. I think a lot of blame goes to Jeff Gordon. We don’t have the necessary leadership in the locker room. I get that this is a rebuild, but trading away the character guys in the locker room and not keeping or bringing in some experienced guys to lead the kids is a major failure.

  • The young players are not improving under Quinn. He does not get the best efforts out of his players and there is no rhyme or reason to their power play. They need a coach under whom the players will progress. Quinn is not that coach!

  • Should have hired Messier instead of Wuinn. And they should hire him now if he’s still interested.

  • Why does anyone need more time to evaluate Quinn? He’s not the guy. Move on. JD turning 68. It’s not a rebuild anymore. That came and went. It’s win now.

  • It’s no wonder why Ranger goalies make so many saves, the Rangers year after year give up way to much ice on the defense. They don’t stand up at the blue line but allow way to much space in their own zone. They’re are fixed on the puck and not enough on their man leaving huge gaps in their zone for the opposing team to freewheel and make plays. They are always out of place and have a hard time getting out of their own end, they’re undisciplined and lack the basic fundamentals necessary to win with any consistency, this is due to bad coaching.
    You just don’t forget how to play the game it’s more that they’re not being put in a position to win and again that falls on the coaching.

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