Artemi Panarin, K’Andre Miller out tonight

In relatively unexpected news, both Artemi Panarin (lower body injury) and K’Andre Miller (upper body injury) are out for tonight’s game against the Devils.

This puts the already shorthanded Rangers in even more of a bind, as they are running out of defensemen. Brendan Smith is back though, and he skated with Jacob Trouba at practice yesterday.

Based on what David Quinn said, they may be back in time for Thursday’s game against the Flyers.

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  • The Rangers will be playing a Devils team decimated by Covid-19 so tonights match may not be as lopsided as some predict. As it is much of the scoring has been from the forth line so I hope Quinn gives them more ice time. Who will replace K Andre on defense?

  • Both will be missed! Especially since the Devils will be without players also.
    However with injuries it’s better to be safe than sorry in this instance.
    I know every game is very important in a short season, but I’d rather have them miss 1 or 2 games now,than try to play and their out for extended period of time..

  • So I am on the FIRE DQ bandwagon!!! How do you not promote Gauthier? How do you demote Buch and why would you ever play Blackwell as a first line RW when he is more of a 4th line C/RW?

    DQ has completely lost it and is now using Tom Renney’s line generator wheel!

    • I mean, Blackwell has done nice things..but seriously, what is the point…Goat should be afforded every opportunity to succeed.

      Even the way Quinn speaks of Goat makes me angry…how you score in AHL is different than how you score in NHL…really Einstein…should he build the kid up…not knock him down.

      I am sure Howden will out minute him with horrible stats tonight.

      • I am very disappointed in DQ. The sad thing is that he thinks he is coaching this way to win and save his job when in reality, he is only burying himself and his job. The biggest issues he should be dealing with is that his supposed leader on the team is literally dogging it night in and night out and looks completely like he is just punching the clock and cant wait for the games to end. Thats the guy who should be either riding the pine or up in the sky box.

        • Well, I will admit, I was all for bringing in new blood and not the old guard, Gallant wasn’t available and they should have tried harder on Trotz, but the new blood I really wanted was Keefe, and if recall correctly, the Rangers dismissed that notion rather quickly.

          • I think where we messed up is not bringing in JQ. Dude always played kids and look at the job he’s done in Florida. 9-2-2. They actually lost Mike Hoffman and Dadinov and replaced them with kids and are killing it.

            Not at al a fan of Trotz. His style doenst really work. The Caps winning was a a fluke in my view because you and I could have coached that team and won. His teams never score enough because he fails to switch it up when needed.

            Galaant doesnt play the kids much either although he is a good coach.

    • Are you sure DQ ever had it with the young Rangers, Czech? Kravtsov, Anderson, Chytil…….were pissed at how they were treated by DQ and went home. Kakko and Laf have been bounced around the lineup all year (i.e. not put in a position to succeed). LeMieux and DeAngelo were banished for a couple of games for dumb penalties. Howden still commits lazy penalties and he is promoted to 3rd line center. Locker room is a mess. Rangers are not playing for each other. Hence, 4 wins in 13 games!

      • Anderson is a head case. He will never be anything other than AHL depth. He was poor pick. Chytil has done fine under DQ. Kravtsov needed to grow up and now has apparently. At least we all hope so. I agree that they aren’t playing for each other and that’s coming from the vets of the team mainly CK and Trouba.


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