Filip Chytil injury update: Will not play tomorrow

An update on the Filip Chytil injury from yesterday: He is heading back to New York and will not play in Buffalo.

Chytil had a nasty collision last night in Pittsburgh and was favoring his arm. More information to come.

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  • I wonder what it would take to get a player like Greenway? They need a player who plays hard, physical and is always in the mix without taking stupid penalties. Lemieux is that guy only he takes stupid/selfish penalties all the time.

    They could use a trade for a decent middle six/2c center, another quality bottom six player so Lemieux can be a spare, waived part of a trade–whatever and a 4-6 quality left D. This is if they want to compete this year.

    I wish Gettinger had developed into a quality NHLer. The type of player he could have been for the Rangers would have been perfect for this team. However, looks like his chance to make the big club is pretty close to zero.

  • I’ve watched the collision between Chytil and Rodrigues quite a few times now, and it looks to me like Rodriguez’ shoulder might have caught Chytil in the collarbone … not good.

  • Agree that our big guns have been empty….Bad news on Chytil….it did look like a legitimate upper body injury……Still waiting for LaFren to get off the ice box and heat up..

  • Bummer for Chytil, but a move up for the no name guys from the 4th line. They played well against the Pens, hopefully they can bring the same effort against Buffalo.

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