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Rangers blow another lead, lose second in a row to Penguins

The Rangers again played well enough to win, but couldn’t get the job done. They took a 2-1 lead into the third period, but gave up a pair in the third to again drop two points to the Penguins. The dagger game with 90 seconds left in the game.

This is a tough one for the Rangers. The last two goals were highly questionable by Igor Shesterkin. It’s clear he’s going to be the guy, but he’s either rusty or shaky. As an aside, this is what normal goaltending looks like. We’ve been spoiled by Henrik Lundqvist for the better part of two decades. You shouldn’t be concerned about Shesterkin. This is a blip.

Rangers 1, Penguins 0 – Fight for the deflection

Colin Blackwell did a good job here getting to the front of the net to deflect Adam Fox’s shot. There’s nothing else here other than a good effort by Blackwell to get his stick free.

Penguins 1, Rangers 1 – Bouncing puck

Brendan Smith pinched a bit to keep the zone, but was unsuccessful. Bryan Rust used that to get behind him, and the outlet pass then bounced over Smith’s stick to give Rust the breakaway. He went five-hold on Shesterkin.

Rangers 2, Penguins 1 – Strome gets one

Pavel Buchnevich started this by circling the puck back from the corner and leaving it for Jacob Trouba. The initial shot was stopped by Tristan Jarry, but the rebound went to Artemi Panarin with Ryan Strome in front drawing attention. This opened a lane for Trouba to cut to the net, and his follow up –following the pass from Panarin– was again stopped. But Strome was there to bang home the rebound.

Penguins 2, Rangers 2 – Oof

Shesterkin wants this back.

Penguins 3, Rangers 2 – Backbreaker

There’s nothing defensively wrong here, and again this is one that Shesterkin wants back. On the postgame, Steve Valliquette said that Shesterkin’s center of gravity was off. This led to him dropping to butterfly on his stick.

Shot Heatmap – Good process

The focus will be on the three goals against, but the Rangers really did a good job limiting quality chances. There is no red in front of the net. The first red comes at the high slot. Good process breeds results, but this one was done in by poor goaltending on two shots. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Skater Results – No one is bad

The loss sticks out, but let’s focus on this. No one was bad, a few guys were fun, but mostly everyone was good. That’s what you want to see. Again, good process.

This is a tough one, since the Rangers really deserved four points and are only coming away with one. In a short season sprint, losing these three points is brutal. For this season, it’s tough. But from a process standpoint, which again was good, there’s not much to complain about. Shesterkin will come around.

Charts from Evolving Hockey and Natural Stat Trick.

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  • I miss Hank really hope Fillip is okay he was playing by far the best hockey of his young career.

  • Good write up Dave. I am very optimistic from what I watched today. The young Rangers are good, I mean really good. This team is going to dominate. Once the vets shake off the rust, this team will score a lot of goals.

    • We’ll hate because there’s no basis for that comment. He dominated in the KHL and dominated in his (brief) stints in the AHL and NHL last year. He’s literally never been bad in his professional career.

      You’re trolling with that comment.

    • Not hate, he’s looked pedestrian in the last 3 games he’s played and that hardly constitutes a sample size from which any rational human being could judge him “not as advertised” when the advertisement is based on years of performance. So no, not hate … just the acknowledgement that your hot take lacks substance at this time.

  • This game turned on that hit. Which I thought was a bit late. On the ice on pens win that trade (At least Rodrigues paid a price as well. Eye for an eye )

    This team hasnt been able to hold a lead since the 2014 cup vs LA. Ghosts?

    I’ve said that this year nyr success would depend on laf being able to lengthen the lineup in terms of production. He seems to be finding his way still like all young players but hes not today ready to be an impact player. Seems like hes still feeling his way around the nhl ice. Like where to go etc.

    Goaltending this year has been a let down.

    3 points total from kreider/zib

    They are at risk if falling out of this quick if they cant find a way to get points.

  • I’m sure that Ranger fans will blame Hank anyway.

    Hank is not here to kick around any more. Hope that you all enjoy average goaltending.

    4 pts available that should have been won and 1 pt actually won. But, we have hockey back, so there’s that.

  • BTW, Miller is a star. Wow!! So is Fox.

    I give a lot of credit to the 4th line, yes, including Howden. Not a lot of skill there but they made their minutes count, when they were out there.

    Once again, the top 6 did not make their minutes count, even with Strome scoring. Zib has to be playing less than 100%.

  • When do we start blaming the coach? We are bottom of the division. The last defense coach we had moved on to our rivals and they are 3-1-1 with our sloppy seconds.

    We now have another former head coach as our assistant again.

    At some point the old college try will start to get stale. I’d rather have a two time Stanley cup winner running the team instead of Quinn.

    • “When do we start blaming the coach?”

      For me, after last year. And proof by the Canes’ series’ result.

      • Speaking of DQ screwing up things with a young player….Lias Anderson is up at the NHL level with the Kings (who have boatloads of young 1st round draft picks who are centerman like Turcotte) and scored his 1st goal as a King yesterday.

        • listen 1 game, 1 goal doesn’t make a career, but it is certainly a gotcha, isn’t it? I am beginning to be embarrassed for DQ. Good process is important…almost as important as winning. The effort appears, on the tv screen, to be there…i wonder what the ice looks like when the camera is not on the puck. Fox, Lindgren and Miller definitely way above good.

        • Yeah I saw the goal, Lias almost messed it up, lol.

          Funny how the Rangers thought that they were drafting their next Captain, at the time.

  • I have never been so optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. Our youth looks really good. Some veterans look pedestrian still. And yes Shesty is struggling but I have confidence he will come back to form after Gorg starts getting back to backs. After watching Fox, Miller, and Lindgren getting out of touch situations, to watch Trouba is VERY VERY concerning. He looks like he has been out of hockey for a year.

  • I highly doubt that JD will fire DQ during the season. As for Igor, he looked much quicker last season…..probably just nervous…but I have confidence in him. Just that i’m tired of the “we played good enough to win quotes”.

  • Plain and Simple – Our goaltending needs to be better. We always knew the offense would take time past the first 2 lines and that our defense was suspect. What we thought we could get behind was superior goaltending. We are not getting that.

  • The flashes this team shows are exciting. This year is definitely a learning experience, but next year, expectations will be high. With some good signings, the window will be open for a number of years.

  • There is a simple explanation here folks – surprised nobody here has commented on it yet so I will say it –

    Most teams in The East are all playing a type of trap – Flyers, Isles, Pens, Sabres, etc… That is why we are seeing so many OT games. Teams realize that every game is 4 points and are playing that way, basically playoff style like we saw from Carolina. Obviously some teams are better at it than others but for the most part they are all doing it except 1

    Yep – you guessed it the Rangers. Why? because its more about skills development for our guys than winning right now – our youth makes mistakes and when they do we see the results we do – breakaway goals, give-aways in our own zone, teams stacking 5 guys in front of their goalie, etc..

    Question is do we want to play this way too or do we want to let the kids skills develop first. DQ has chosen the latter. Thats it in a nut shell

    • very true. however – where DQ says they need to learn the moment – What are you discussing at practice? or on the bench? dont play run and gun with a minute left a period. why is that rocket science?????

    • Stop it Hawk. Just stop it. They lost the 5th game of a season no predicted they would make the playoffs in. They have the youngest team in the league so clearly not being in 1st place is solely on the coaches head.

      Another season they won’t win the cup and another season they have “the worst head coach” in existence. Let’s just rip the band aid off and fire the guy so they can hire the next “worst head coach”.

      Why does it seem every time I read the comment on this site for the last 10 years it’s always the head coach is the problem? How can this organization make the same mistake so many times?

  • Yes it was a lost weekend, 1 out of 4 points..
    the signs are there, the kids are playing well, we need to get Lafren his 1st NHL goal.
    Top 6 not playing well.
    Not having pre season games hurt.
    Once everyone starts to get out of their funk,I think we’ll be ok.
    JJ and ADA should never be put together again.
    Shesterkin just doesn’t look comfortable yet, play Georgi the next 2.
    Let’s see how they come out against the Sabres..

  • Over analysis of the game. This one is on Shesterkin. We could have scored more if the top 6 could finish,but that will come. As a team,we were better,except in goal.

    • Because his track record over the course of the last 4-5 years is excellent … and because we saw how he could play in the NHL last season. It’s not a guarantee that he will come around, it’s just a pretty reasonable assumption that he will. Whether he’ll ever be a another King or just a pretender to the throne is still debatable.

  • Good learning game.
    I thought they played pretty well against a veteran team with several all time great players.

  • Very frustrating weekend in Pittsburgh. Rangers controlled or dominated both games for the most part. One brain fart by Lingren and a couple of softies let in by Shesty and you lose both games.
    That being said the Rangers future is here on display. It’s exciting. If they get a few breaks against Devils and in Pitt they could easily be 4-1 and nobody is upset in the fan base. Things have a way of evening out and puck luck will turn for the Rangers. Their young goalies will come around, as well
    as their top two lines. Have you ever seen Zibby and Bread whiff on so many one timers before? I haven’t. The Rangers will be just fine…and even with their crummy record I’d still rather be a Ranger fan than a Pens or Nashville fan any day. The kids and team are exciting.

  • The last two goals Shestyorkin gave up were rather straightforward:

    Goal 3 was Shestyorkin going to RVM and taking the calculated risk of giving up the top shelf snipe. A tipped snipe later, it’s in the top of the twine.

    Goal 4 was just a screened shot that made it through.

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