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Penguins (4) / Rangers (3) Game Thoughts

A great night decided by a shootout

Last night’s game was tremendous indication that this team is trending upwards in dictating flow, possession, and shot share. While the team played well, the Penguins got some lucky bounces directly to their sticks, plus one of the worst defensive plays I think I’ve ever seen from a professional hockey player in my life. We’ll get to that later though. For now, let’s start off the thoughts with a list of positives. Let’s get to these thoughts shall we?

Igor Shesterkin started in this one and I thought he had a really good game. He was tracking pucks extremely well. Plus he was quick in his positioning, and showed some great resilience when the Penguins crowded the net. Despite the score, I really couldn’t blame Shesterkin for any of the goals against tonight.

The goals against happened like so: Cody Ceci shot deflected in front by Bryan Rust. Ryan Lindgren blocked a shot while crouching in the crease. He then slid the puck into the net so he wouldn’t get a covering the puck penalty. Finally, a lively bounce off the end board right to Teddy Blueger’s stick. Soft defense by Tony DeAngelo and Jack Johnson gave an open net. Zibanejad tried to cover for them, but couldn’t get his stick in front of the shot in time. So while yes, the Penguins did score 3 goals tonight, it was not by Shesterkin’s play like we saw in the opener.

The Rangers would respond with their own set of goals tonight though. All were scored in the 2nd period while demonstrating some textbook game flow. They also showed puck possession that I think we would all agree we know this team is capable of with this roster.

The best line tonight was by far Phil DiGuiseppe, Filip Chytil, and Kaapo Kakko. That line combined for four points with goals from Chytil and Kakko. PDG added two assists. That is a line that I would wager is going to stay together for awhile with their early click of chemistry. Incidentally this is reminiscent of a 3rd line back in the day of Zuccarello, Brassard, and Pouliot. Unbelievable forechecking, active sticks, and jaw dropping hands–particularly in this case by Chytil.

Some say Tristan Jarry is still trying to find himself after Chytil’s forehand backhand tuck for the Rangers first goal. Another goal would be scored by Adam Fox with a blast from the point on a power play with some good traffic at the net. Lastly, Kakko would clean up a rebound shot by K’Andre Miller and snap it past Jarry. This was Miller’s his first point, and Kakko had one of the most genuine smiles I’ve ever seen from him as he continues to get more confident.

Though the Rangers took a 3-1 lead in the second, the Lindgren own goal occurred and then the Penguins had a flurry of chances. The Rangers kept them to 3-2 going into the third, and the Rangers certainly had their chances to score. Buchnevich in particular was buzzing in the third period doing everything in his power to extend the lead. But Jarry came up strong, and then he hit a goal post off a beautiful pass by Chytil, who got some ice time with Panarin and Buchnevich. This game would require OT. Awesome, that means Lafrenière gets some open ice right?….right? Wh-where is he??

I don’t have a ton of complaints in how tonight was played, in fact I would say this was one of the Rangers better games. But Quinn gave Strome (invisible) and PDG OT ice time over Lafreniere. While PDG might have earned it for sure with his play, there’s nothing Strome did to warrant that. I’m not tremendously worried through four games, but I do wish Lafrenière was able to get some looks with all of that open ice. This was not to be and we go to the dreaded shootout.

*Whispers* 3 on 3 should be 10 minutes and we eliminate the shootout, someone is bound to score in those 10 minutes and all of that ice.

The shootout is something that I think Shesterkin can definitely say he needs to work on. He got beat by Guentzel on the backhand cause he bit and went into the butterfly. Then Kris Letang hit another perfect backhander on the short side that Shesterkin would probably say he could normally stop.

The Rangers only goal in the shootout was Panarin with a beautiful shot through the five-hole. Then Quinn made probably the oddest decision of the night and instead of putting out any of the skilled forwards, he put out…Tony DeAngelo? DeAngelo has some hands, but with all of that forward power I question it. DeAngelo didn’t exactly impress in regulation. His best chance was a slap shot that just went right into Jarry’s chest from the circle.

Overall I would say very good game with some really bad luck. Pittsburgh is racking up points with OT and shootout wins so it does not do well for the standings, but hopefully the Rangers can get them in regulation on Sunday. Thanks for following along!

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  • Trading Buch, because the Rangers think that they have too many good players, or the Rangers don’t want to pay him, would make the JT Miller mistake look like a small blunder.

    No way should this guy be traded. I said this last year and it’s even more emphasized now.

    And guess what? Who needs Dubois when Chytil plays like this and gets the OPPORTUNITY to play like this? I would hate to break up the line with DG, but seriously, Chytil and Kakko should be playing with Panarin, IMO.

    If Miller and Trouba becomes a thing, then it solves 2 problems (where to play Miller and the partner to help Trouba). They were great together last night. Playing against Crosby and Malkin.

    Man, Rust was dominant last night. All over the ice.

  • Rangers played hard. That’s all I can say!
    JJ and ADA minus 2…always out of position. Smith better than JJ
    ADA I can see a trade coming!
    Gauthier scratched (why) Howden,Rooney Howden DQ pet!!
    Strome not even carrying his weight now.
    Nothing will change,until there is change.

  • Team played good, but a veteran Pen team knows how to come back and take advantage of mistakes. We should have won the game. Some good signs from skilled young players developing. Never mind Johnson, Strome has been absolutely pathetic from game one. Again, no physicality, little hitting, easy team to play against. When will this Ranger nemesis end year after year? Lack of toughness and tenacity. Typical for the Rangers.

  • Phil DiGuiseppe, Filip Chytil, and Kaapo Kakko … you know that line combo won’t last long in DQs world.

    • DG has really impressed me (I was not a believer of him last year). He is a limited talented player, but he is getting the most out of himself, and he knows what he is, because he passes to his more talented linemates. DG is like Jesper Fast lite, IMO.

      I hate to break that up, but seeing Chytil and Kakko with Panarin is for the greater and long-term good, IMO.

  • Very disappointing last night but can still net a 1 point gain on the back to back with an outright win on Sunday.

    LaFreniere played better cause he was on LW where he should be. You can tell the game is till moving a bit fast for him.

    JJ is a detriment to the teams success and must be released. I would rather see Robertson called up in case they need a number 7. Who knows. He may surprise .

    Kakko coming along nicely now anthat 3rd line was very good. Chytil games like this where he looks great and will then disappear.

    Miller looks fantastic with every game. He is even carrying Trouba’s dead weight.

    Fox and Lindgren continue to shine as a pair.

    Mika not where he needs to be. CK still invisible.

    As for PLD. I think we should absolutely trade Chytil and Strome and if we have to, Kravtsov. He is a legit number 1/2C who is 22 and will light it up on the Rangers. We won’t go anywhere until we have a legit elite number 2C who in 2-3 years even be a number 1C

  • Lafren was put on the top line but Zib (who appears not to be 100%) and Kreider did not do him any favors.

    I think that it’s clear that Zib is not 100%, because of his fall on the ice and maybe lingering issues due to his bout with Covid. So putting Lafren with them is only as good as those 2 players will be. It goes hand in hand, IMO.

    Zib may not be 100% but what’s Kreider’s excuse? He was awful last night. It’s 4 games in, no reason for fatigue or whatever, unless the players are not 100%, physically.

    I wanted PLD last week, but not this week. If Quinn plays Chytil like he should then we have our own version of PLD. I get that PLD is not happy, but that shift was reprehensible. Eff him.

  • On another big Nhl Trade,we don’t have to keep. Talking abt PLD anymore traded to the Jets for Laine and Roslevic..

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