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Rangers blow two goal lead, lose to Penguins in shootout

The Rangers blew a two goal lead before losing to the Penguins in a shootout. That’s the headline, but the Rangers continue to make improvements. Even if this game didn’t have the results we preferred, it’s all about process. The Rangers had another solid puck possession game here, making it three in a row for the young Blueshirts. The third line again was the Rangers best line, and Phil Di Giuseppe may have been the best player on the ice in this one.

The bad process piece is blowing the two goal lead. That said, one was an own goal. The Rangers did control the puck for the majority of the game, but ceded quality a bit. In the grand scheme of things, this is a good learning experience and not something to worry about.

Penguins 1, Rangers 0 – A deflection

The gut reaction was, “Really? Codi Ceci?” But Bryan Rust deflected this. There’s a very small case that Jack Johnson should have put up more of a fight to get to the puck in the corner. I don’t buy that. He lost a puck battle – it happens.

Rangers 1, Penguins 1 – Sexy move

Phil Di Giuseppe is really turning into a great find. He forced the turnover, and Filip Chytil just waited out Tristan Jarry with the moves.

Rangers 2, Penguins 1 – It’s a powerplay goal

Adam Fox just blasted it by Jarry on this one. Guys in front, but no deflection. He looks good on PP1.

Rangers 3, Penguins 1

Kaapo Kakko drove the net behind Marino, who didn’t tie him up. He just buried the rebound. K’Andre Miller got his first NHL point on this one.

Rangers 3, Penguins 2 – Wrong net, Ryan

Ryan Lindgren punched this into his own net. Good idea, bad execution.

Penguins 3, Rangers 3 – Gap control

This goal is all about gap control. Notice how far back Jack Johnson is on the initial rush. That allows a ton of room for the drop pass and the initial shot. This is where the Penguins created their own luck. The puck rebounded nicely right to Teddy Blueger for the goal.

Skater Results

This shows what we see in the shot heatmap below. The Rangers had a distinct advantage in overall shot attempts. But they split the expected-goals and quality. Kevin Rooney stands out as exceptionally bad with quality, but “fun” with quantity. Pavel Buchnevich, again, stands out as exceptional. The dude is just good.

Shot Heatmap

The Rangers had a distinct advantage in raw shot attempts, but were even in expected-goals. The Blueshirts owned the first period, but it was the Penguins who pressed in the second and third to tie it. The game felt like a track meet, but the total number of shot attempts suggests otherwise. I found that to be interesting.

The Rangers really should’ve had two points in this one, but losing to the Penguins in a shootout isn’t that big of a deal. Sometimes, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. On to the next.

Charts from Evolving Hockey and Natural Stat Trick.

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  • The Rangers played a good game. Despite the lost the team should be confident that they can beat the Penguins, they just have to learn not to beat themselves. The young Rangers forwards, keep improving, but I am still concern about the Rangers blue line. Why does the coaching staff continue to punish ADA by pairing him up with JJ.

  • Disappointing … not dire yet, but we can’t keep giving away points like this. This was another game they should have won. Let’s hope for a better result in the next game.

    We need Mika to break out of his funk — at this point he and Panarin are the difference between playing well and not necessarily winning, and winning outright.

  • Great games: Miller, Trouba, Chytil, Kakko, DG, Fox, Buch
    Stiffs: Johnson (God taking him out of the f-cking line up and play Smith PLEASE), Zib, Kreider, Lafren, Strome

    Totally outplayed the Pens, but can’t score against a 3rd rate goalie like Jarry, who has been a sieve so far this season. This should have been a blowout win.

    Miller, after the first game, just wow. 20+ minutes last night, and he looked like he’s been playing for years. Very calm, no panic in the D zone, even under pressure. Now, even joining the rush in the offensive end. He’s as good as advertised.

    Chytil/Kakko/DG, just a great line so far. Love how DG is supporting this line, kind of like Jesper Fast. He won’t score, but he’ll provide support for the other 2, who will score. DG’s game markedly better this year, so far.

    Strome is a complete waste. Wow, giving nothing right now. The window to trade him has certainly passed. God, he’s terrible.

    And Johnson, no matter how many minutes he plays, more or less, will be sure to inflict damage to the team. In some form or another. But hey, he’s great in the locker room. Effing annoying. Smith is 100 times a better option.

      • Smith is not the greatest, but he is a very good 3rd pair defender. Certainly a much better option than JJ, who continues to prove why fans questioned his signing to begin with.

        • One point that coaches in various sports and baseball managers seem to not get is that hockey players fit on the far left of the bell curve in ability. There is a very big difference between the greats and ordinary first pair defensemen, a substantial difference between first and second pair guys, not so much between second and third pair and even less between third pair and top flight AHL.

          They act like there is some chasm between “proven” NHLers and minor leaguers. The fact that Johnson used to be better does not make him decidedly better than Darren Raddysh and Vincent LoVerde, both of whom as Hartford veterans probably know Quinn’s system better than JJ does. And if we stop assuming JJ is better than those two and honestly compare, you see that he is not nearly as good.

          Now I am not arguing the Rangers should use Raddysh or LoVerde – they do have Brendan Smith who is likely better — BUT JJ should not even be the in-case-of-injury option.

          • Raymond, the only reason JJ is on the team is because JD and Martin wanted him on the team.

            Now if you look back, the Rangers were quick to sign JJ for $1.1M, which is laughable in of itself. The question is why? Why did the Rangers need to have this guy and sign him so fast? For the PK, they said. Well, he’s a disaster on the PK.

            Any young player, or vet, for under $1M per would have been better. And we’re not being Monday Morning QB, because a lot of us said it when he was signed. So the Rangers will continue to play him to justify the signing.

            I say put him on the taxi squad and forget it.

  • I’d give that too line another game or two. But Kreider zbad and Alexis played like trash.

    It also did not help that jack johson and Tony dee are a tire fire on defense.

    And Stromer. 2 for 11 in the face-off dot.

    Bench johnson demote strome to the 3D line.

    I’m starting to lose confidence in Quinn’s game decisions. He’s a step behind. If you can’t motivate your players to play 60 minutes. Maybe we should bench him too.

    Time to alter the lineup to match output

    PGD – Chytio – Kakko. Should be getting all the minutes for how well they are playing. Send a message very quickly.

    You can’t come out blow your load and then play flaccid the rest of the night. This isn’t prom night.

    • I would rather lose playing our younger players…..I have the patience in seeing our youth play, but have no patience watching over the hill hockey players…..aka..JJ

  • Playing well enough to win is not enough for this Ranger fan….wtf is JJ still playing????

    • I can understand that leadership is very confident about our yong D men that are in development elsewhere, but you cannot tell me that we could not find a better option than JJ????? My goodness…

  • If there is such a thing as a solid lose we saw that last night. It felt like kids night last night(in a good way) with Kakko, Chytil, Fox and Miller really leading the way. I was happy to see the kids getting ice time late in the game and playing in OT. Other than Johnson who is just awful, and Strome, I thought the deployment by the coach was better last night.(that is relative) 72,24 and 33 deserve more ice time IMO. They have confidence and keep getting better by the game. And I would actually take Strome off PP1 and PP2 for that matter. He been overall ineffective. I read that Chytil has been mostly kept off the PP mostly because he can’t win face offs. Neither can Strome but at least Chytil can score. I’d like to see what Miller and Fox can do together. We keep saying Trouba is our #1 D man. IMO Fox is our #1 and Miller is morphing into a close second. Good debate to be having. As good as Fox is offensively he’s equally as good defensively. After Pittsburgh tied it late we started to shell and they were pressing, Fox got the puck and carried out of the zone instead of making a lame pass attempt or icing the puck. And that blunted their momentum. His stick play is elite. Little things like that are the difference between getting 1 point of no points. Bummer on the outcome but from a development standpoint the results looked pretty good.

  • Team played good, but a veteran Pen team knows how to come back and take advantage of mistakes. We should have won the game. Some good signs from skilled young players developing. Never mind Johnson, Strome has been absolutely pathetic from game one. Again, no physicality, little hitting, easy team to play against. When will this Ranger nemesis end year after year? Lack of toughness and tenacity. Typical for the Rangers.

  • Howden played 4th line minutes. I can’t complain. 10.29! DQ played the youngsters, can’t complain. I guess Strome can’t play with out Fast? Who the hell needs Fast anyway?

  • Rangers played hard. That’s all I can say!
    JJ and ADA minus 2…always out of position. Smith better than JJ
    ADA I can see a trade coming!
    Gauthier scratched (why) Howden,Rooney Howden DQ pet!!
    Strome not even carrying his weight now.
    Nothing will change,until there is change.

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