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NBC to shut down NBCSN by end of the year

Some interesting news from around the league. NBC is shutting down NBCSN at the end of the year, and migrating everything to the USA Network.

The NHL’s contract with NBC is up after this season, where they will look to renegotiate with several different outlets. NBC/USA is certainly one of them, but expect Disney (ESPN/ABC), Fox, CBS, and Turner (TNT, TBS) to be heavily involved as well.

Hockey is not the game it was in 2003-2004, when it last appeared on ESPN. That was the dead puck era, and hockey scoring is up significantly since. As is the pace of play. This might actually position the NHL well

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    • Too good for the ticker, Rangers prospect derby between Mora & AIK went to the visitors in OT.

      Tärnström was goose eggs on the stat line, Lindbom had his best game in months and still was only worth an .890 effort.

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