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LeBrun: Rangers have inquired on Pierre-Luc Dubois

Per Pierre LeBrun, the Rangers are one of many teams that have kicked the tires on Pierre-Luc Dubois.

This is no surprise, as it isn’t often a 22 year old top-five pick comes into the situation he’s in today. There is clearly a rift between him and coach John Tortorella. The situation is getting untenable.

How the Rangers can make it work with the cap, that remains to be seen. This situation is very fluid. More to come, obviously.

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  • Make the move. We needa 2nd line cneter. With the cap staying flat for next 2 years, we can make it work withhim and Zibad.

    • if he won’t play for torts why would any one want him anyway ? sounds like a bad attitude to me !!

  • Make the deal if it’s the right one and worry about the cap down the road. We’re already penciling in guys like Fox and Kakko getting 8-10 mil a year deals two years in advance. Maybe we’ll have to bridge one, or both of them, but if it gets us Dubois and makes us a serious contender I’ll take it.

    • Ha, if you think the two of them would get that sort of deal based on performance. Fox will get a good deal, but not close to being over $8M per … and Kakko has to come a long way to sniff that type of money.

  • I would take him in a heartbeat.
    However there other scenarios in play here.
    He already stated he wants to play for the Habs,
    Even if the Jackets trade him to us in the division they will make us overpay.(prospects)
    If we traded for him, no telling he will want to re up with us.
    Realistically we will only have him for a year before we think of trading him.
    Then question becomes to resign he would want a lot more here to stay,then Montreal.
    Short term great, long term..I don’t think so.
    If we can get him to resign and figure out what do do with Zib next year then it’s possible.
    Just my take on this..

    • Agreed Joe … would rather go after Barkov, or better yet a young center like Trevor Zegras or Lundell. We have some young assets to trade back, especially on defense … the trick is to get some mileage out of Strome or DeAngelo in the trade, if we can. Fill a hole from strength, as long as you don’t KILL your strength … that’s just sound asset management.

      • Absolutely agree!! Forgot about him..
        There are so many ideas out there that could work to our benefit.
        You have to give up something to get something..
        Just for argument sake I would do Chytil ADA the pick of Robertson/Jones #1 for Barkov and Weeger or Lundell..

  • I mean realistically this isn’t gonna happen unless we overpay, we may have to give up a player like kratsov, strome and a pick to even let them hear our trade, if we give to get a solid 2C and make us contenders I’m fine with it, just gotta be careful to not overpay too much ! Gordon will do the right thing !

  • The more I read about him, the less I like him. The talent seems to be agreed upon almost everywhere you read up about him. From that perspective, sure go get him if the price is right. They will want a kid from us for sure as the main piece… be it Kakko, Fox, Miller, or maybe Lundkvist. I’m sure they’ll ask about Laf too, and it wouldn’t be just one player anyway. That’s a hard no from me if any of them are involved.

    But lately, he has a case of the “Lias Andersson’s.” Hje’s basically giving up on the CBJ. He’s going out there and not even trying, and is a straight up detriment to his team… on purpose. Now THAT I have an issue with. That is an issue with his character and personality and should be a huge red flag. Sure Torts can drive players crazy. But he’s coached hundreds of players, and I can’t think of one who quit on him during games and sabotaged their own team.

    Maybe it gets better with a change. No way I’d make a huge deal to get him though. There’s something off with this kid…

  • That was a helluva shift that got him benched. I wonder how he can look at his teammates.

    Yet, some team will give up a fortune to get him.

      • If the coach would just let Chytil/Kakko play, like he did late in the game last night, then no need to trade for Dubois, or any other center.

        Why does it take the coach so long to find out what us dumb fans have already known? Oh, and keep playing Johnson. What a effing stiff he is. Maybe worse than Staal, if that’s possible.

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