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Jack Hughes proves too much as Devils top Rangers

After the Rangers showed us both ends of the spectrum, they gave us the middle ground. There was some good, there was some bad, but Jack Hughes’ three points helped the Devils top the Rangers. The process was pretty good for the Rangers, who controlled the final two periods, but they made mistakes they couldn’t overcome. Mackenzie Blackwood stopping 47 of 50 shots also didn’t help.

A lot of social media ink was spilled on ice time. There are certainly a lot of questions in this one. The ice time distribution, specifically for Brett Howden and Jack Johnson, is certainly a concern. Ryan Strome, who has been bad to start the season, is also becoming a concern.

Also, Mika Zibanejad was hurt in this one. More to come on that.

Devils 1, Rangers 0 – Bad luck change

The Rangers made a poorly timed defensive change here, which gave Miles Wood a lot of room to get the initial shot off. Adam Fox wound up getting cut off getting to the rebound. This left Travis Zajac alone to get the rebound. I say “alone” because, well, Jack Johnson.

Rangers 1, Devils 1 – Good luck bounce

Chris Kreider on the powerplay. The initial shot by Artemi Panarin gets stopped, but Kreider’s backhand pass bounces off a leg and by Blackwood.

Devils 2, Rangers 1 – Screen?

I think Alex Georgiev was screened on the initial shot, and Jack Hughes just beat everyone to the loose puck in the crease.

Devils 3, Rangers 1 – Hughes breakaway

Hughes blocked Jacob Trouba’s shot from the point and was off to the races.

Devils 3, Rangers 2 – It’s a powerplay goal!

Fox completely looked off the entire Devils penalty kill on this one. He made a perfect pass to Mika Zibanejad low. Zibanejad whiffed on the shot, but had enough to get it over Blackwood.

Devils 4, Rangers 2 – Johnson’d

A pair of cross ice passes, with the last one to the back door through Jack Johnson.

Devils 4, Rangers 3 – Crash the net

Pavel Buchnevich is very good at hockey. He split the defense here before getting the puck behind him to the slot. Phil Di Giuseppe got a whack, then Filip Chytil roofed it.

Skater Results

This game had a lot of pace to it, which is why we see a lot of guys in the bottom right corner of this chart. Overall, it wasn’t a bad game by the Rangers. Just had some bad luck.

Shot Heatmap

The Rangers did a good job after a slow start. They got the majority of the shot attempts and chances. There wasn’t much turtling by the Devils either in this. The Devils got their fair share of chances too, so the defensive effort could have been better.

The Rangers lost this one, it happens. They had decent process in this, and also identified some concerns to watch. The Rangers needed the two points here. Yes it’s early, but points against the Devils in a great division were needed.

Charts from Evolving-Hockey and Natural Stat Trick.

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  • Blackwood had a whale of a game as well as Hughes.

    The Rangers had some dominating shifts I thought they were going to complete the comeback. Fox was making some sweet plays out there, he was a treat to watch tonight.

  • You can’t win in this league when you have garbage like Strome, Johnson, and Trouba in the lineup. ADA is sitting while these two clowns are causing goals against with give aways and terrible position play.

    Quinn annoyed me by limiting Kakko who looked good tonight and Goat too. He also continued to play LaFreniere at RW when he clearly isn’t capable to play there and looks very uncomfortable. I have defended Quinn for a while but this type of deployment isn’t acceptable. Neither is not having another center because Mika will miss time . He does so every season just about.

    • It’s a conversation people in nyr verse try to avoid. Zib is very injury prone. Good luck on the next mega deal.

    • “I have defended Quinn for a while but this type of deployment isn’t acceptable.”

      Took you long enough bro, lol.

      • Got frustrated yesterday with his not giving Kakko time in the second for some reason even though he was playing well.

    • Kakko and Chytil had played about 7 and a 1/2 minutes after 2 periods. Sad. The second PP got about 40 seconds last night? Maybe a little more but not much. I guess the thing that struck me the most was seeing Lindy Ruff letting Hughes go and play and Kakko and Chytil basically getting 4th line minutes. I also thought the Devils’ clogged up the middle pretty well. Blackwood was amazing but they had their sticks on the passing lanes and we couldn’t get shots through.

      As for JJ. He attempted 2 shots in the first that appeared go to out to right field. Not even close to the net. And Hughes certainly bested Trouba last night. We keep talking about finding the right partner for Trouba. We’ve tried Skjei, Lindgren, Smith and Miller. Best results have been with Lindgren. Maybe it’s time for Trouba to figure out how to adjust to playing with one of these folks? (Obviously not Skjei) Strome needs to come off PP1.

      On the plus side. I like Miller and Smith together. Steady, and responsible. I thought Lemieux played a very good game. DiGiuseppe played well too. He does a lot of little things and when Kakko and Chytil were actually on the ice he complimented them well. I thought Fox had a great game last night. And Chytil was 55% of FO’s and scored a nice goal.

      • Honest recap, capturing the good and bad from last night. It’s frustrating that a lot of the bad is self-inflicted by our coach’s abysmal use of his personnel.

        • When Lindy Ruff is making your coach’s deployment decisions look bad you have to start asking some hard questions.

          • So true. He definitely has his team playing 200′ of hockey. Maybe DQ needs to look at some of his decision making. NYR team is not deep and needs a real center. As someone else commented, the time to trade Strome has passed. Package him and Tony for a real scoring center.

          • I agree. I hate trading ADA, but I think Fox gave us a look at what he can do on PP1 last night and that was pretty darn impressive. With Lundqvist and Schneider in the prospect pool we’ll be fine. Don’t expect much for Strome IMO. They considered letting him walk for nothing before finally qualifying him. But together they should be able to bring back a pretty good return

          • Andy I disagree. Their cap is just short of $10 million. If they are as bad as folks think who wants to trade for them? what return would you give? Its just 3 games in with no real training camp. I think we will all know in another 20-3- games where the real issues are.
            Hard to imagine all the blame L Ruff got here last year. Devils 2-0-1, NYR 1-2. Small sample I know….give it some time.

  • This was a painful way to lose. Let me count the ways:

    1. Allowing a goal against within the first minute of the game off a bad line change

    2. Allowing two goals from the Devils’ Jack Hughes, the second one on a breakaway off a turnover.

    3. Making it a close margin. Two PPGs scored, allowing one PPG after Hughes threads a needle through JJ to Miles Wood for the GWG

    Effort was there, but the process doesn’t interest me – only results. Not only did the Rangers not earn two points, they lose against a bitter rival. As DQ summarized in his press conference, “We showed urgency… for 48 minutes of the game.”

  • An insight in to Hughes vs kakko/laf

    I find it ironic how everyone thought since kakko is bigger hed be more nhl ready. When in reality hughes who clearly is the best skater of the the three is going to make the most immediate impact. Skating/speed >>>>toffness

  • Blackwood stole that game for the Devils. Sure Hughes had a great game but Mackenzie Blackwood earned them Devils 2 points IMO.

  • I hate to say it, but Smith is by far and away the best vet D man the Rangers have. And it’s not particularly close. Trouba, a guy I wanted for 3 years, is terrible. What a mistake (and we’re only in year #2!!). I would rather a young player play. And JJ is worse than Trouba, if that’s possible.

    The guys on the ice for the most goals against so far this year:
    Howden (on for 5 out of 9 goals given up, incredibly)
    All 3 coach’s pets.

    Someone explain to me why Chytil and Kakko are not getting more minutes? Seems to me that they have played exceptionally well the last 2 games. They got 13/14 minutes each last night.

    The Strome magic seems to have ended. Sometimes I forget that he is even on the team. The “sell high” time has passed.

    Blackwood was outstanding though. So was Hughes.

    • Took you long enough on Trouba pal. 😂 told he sucked and was way overrated. Two goals on him directly. Just a pathetically overrated and grossly over paid bumb

  • Top 3 disappointments thus far:
    1) Quinn – his line juggling is atrocious
    2) Trouba – quickly becoming a big liability (no accident Schneider was drafted – kudos to JD, now he needs to figure out how to get rid of him by year’s end),
    3) Johnson – he should stick to singing. makes you miss Marc Staal

    Special Mention: Center depth

    • Lots of fellow bloggers laid the blame on Ruff for Rangers defensive play the last few years. Yet, he goes across the river with a less talented team and teaches them how to defend like a champion. Ranger announcers kept highlighting that the Devils have not given up a 5-on-5 goal through its 1st three games!!

      • JD please reply….We would like to see more of the kids and less of Johnson, Strome, Howden and Quinn…

  • TROUBA is a disaster. The pegged this guy to be the second coming of Scott Steven’s and Larry Robinson rolled into one. They paid him like he was too. In reality he is an overpaid version of Dylan McIllrath. Good luck moving this guy out.

    • The worst part is they effectively traded Hayes for him too. Hayes has been great in Philly. Think of how great he would be centering the second line between Panarin and Laff or moving up the the first.

      • See? There’s lots of proof in the following statement about our “stars”…
        “They’re really good on other teams, or, they go to other teams and excel.”

        … That’s all on the coaching, and line combinations. While the Rangers have a lot of young talent (and high expectations of many of these young players), if you don’t have the correct mix of talent on each player’s line (to bring out the best in each young player)…and if you don’t have a coach that KNOWS HOW TO COACH who can motivate (more than punish) and who gets the best out of each player…then, you have the New York Rangers of today.

    • Not a panic button. I won’t mind another run at the lottery as even going into it this season I didn’t think this team would be ready for a legit run. I also look at the upside of perhaps getting rid of DQ in the process.

      For those with higher expectations for this season, getting off to a good start is key as each of these games will have a playoff intensity as they work through the 56 game season. Every opportunity for points this season is critical. Losing to the Devils are lost opportunoties.

      • So when I said “some fans” you clearly thought I was referring to you?

        Even with just 56 games to play this season 3 games is a terribly small sample size.

        • no, just wasn’t sure. regardless this season has greater urgency thus cause for quicker critique. You know I respect your opinions more than most.

  • Sleepy Lindsay told Baby Jack H…to wing it and play fast….Geez..why can’t we get DQ to have our top three or four prospects to have fun and wing it????

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