NY Rangers will not have a captain, will go with four alternates

In some relatively surprising news, the NY Rangers will not have a captain this season. Instead, they will go with four alternates. The alternates are the expected: Mika Zibanejad, Chris Kreider, Artemi Panarin, and Jacob Trouba.

There was a lot of speculation that one of Zibanejad or Kreider would get the C, with the others getting A’s. By not naming a captain, the Rangers kick the can down the road a little bit. It is a little surprising, but these four are clearly the leaders in the locker room.

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  • One could argue that this leadership by committee takes the burden and pressure of being THE CAPTAIN off of each player … I can live with that.

    • True, though Kreider has seemed quite comfortable taking on the leadership role, and I dont think it would be a problem for him.

      • We don’t need to add to the pressure he already feels … this also precludes the possibility of jealousy or disappointment, not that I really believe that would be an issue, but subconsciously it could be.

  • Totally b.s.
    Quinn’ excuses are a joke. Every team need a captain and real teams have a captain.
    Is that means for DQ this group of players are only losers and lessers with no winning attitude? Show them some respect and faith and give a C to Mika or Kreids

    • Not always Sid the leaders in the locker room are wearing the C on their Jersey., My friend worked with the Colorado Avalanche staff in 1996- the year the Avs won the cup. There was a player named: Mike Keane- RW ( played with NYR as well), who did not have the “C” on his jersey nor a “A”, but was he was the player who worked with the young players in that locker room and was a quiet leader in that locker room. Joe Sakic, Adam foote, Forsberg were the leaders, but Keane was the guy who helped the young players get acclimated at the NHL level on many levels as well as having the coaches going to Keane when they leaned on him to focus on helping a young player or a player getting back on track..

      • AZgene4240….This is a great share. The person that wears the “C” doesn’t need to be the point or ink leader. That person (C) needs to be the best hockey person – mentor, not the most popular, on the club. Thanks for the window.

        • my pleasure Jeff. and great point by you as well. Many times the equipment manager or strength coach have a really close relationships with the players. it is much easier and accessible for a player to voice concerns or ask for help on anything to a equipment or Strength coach.

          What my friend would do is and for example with Mike Keane: My friend knew Keane has an exceptional work ethnic and had a selfless nature to help others players, so when a rookie would make the team (i.e. Adam Deadmarsh that year for the AVS) my friend had Deadmarsh’s locker right next to Keane’s and had him train with Keane and mentor Deadmarsh through-out that season.

          It appears Kreider is that player on that club. I’m curious when they show the Rangers pre-game in the locker room, who is sitting next to Kreider.

          Regarding Lias Andersson tenure with NYR: in my opinion: some blame is on Quinn and rushing the player, but also could have very well been on the player not having the willingness to have the mentality to put that extra time and work with a player closely like Kreider. This off-season Laffy and Miller to my understanding were working out with Krieder, Andersson was playing video games when he was with the NYR on his off time and not tailing a player with a intense high work ethnic like Kreider. Kredier level of influence is very motivating to a young player when they see a player like Kredier to how he keeps himself in great shape and his attention to detail to his skillset.

          The adjustments for these young players to make at the NHL level is intense. The travel schedule, your training, your meals, where you will be living, it is such a big adjustment and they really need mentors on their respective teams.

  • I’m even more convinced they are waiting for a young player to grow into the eventual captaincy. I’m looking at you Laf.

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