On Tony DeAngelo, social media, and distractions

Tony DeAngelo and his social media were at it again the other day, causing another potential distraction. Or perhaps, they were at it again by deactivating once again. DeAngelo fired off a series of tweets and Instagram posts stating he was done with Twitter and Instagram, and moving to the app Parler. This was done in protest to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat banning Donald Trump following the attempted coup earlier this week.

Whether we want to write about it or not, the DeAngelo tweets are a story. It’s something that not just Ranger fans, but all of hockey social media are talking about. His decision to publicly state he is going to Parler is also at the root of this.

*As an aside – I hate writing about this crap. It’s stupid, and takes away from actual hockey content. However this is something being talked about, and it didn’t disappear overnight. It’s clear others want to talk about it, or at least read about it. I am trying my very best to present the facts of what happened, coupled with the discussion that he might be a distraction.

For those who don’t know, Parler is the app that most far-right Trump supporters and Q-Anon believers used to organize the coup earlier this week. The app was recently suspended from the Apple App Store and Google Play due to a lack of moderation. It’s that lack of moderation that allowed it to become the home of the domestic terrorists that staged the coup. This is important when a public figure like DeAngelo states he is going to that platform.

The team insists that there is no distraction with DeAngelo. Mollie Walker, Vince Mercogliano, and Rick Carpiniello all asked these questions. The Rangers came back with the same consistent answer. There is no distraction, and the team will manage DeAngelo internally. This is how the Rangers say, “it happened, we know about it, so stop asking.”

DeAngelo has been no stranger to social media, and is the only NY Rangers player to be vocal on any platform. He’s challenged fans to fights in the past. He made an ill-advised tweet appearing to question COVID-19, which led to his first account deactivation. To say he’s controversial would be putting it mildly. The question is: At what point does this become a distraction?

This is a difficult question to answer. DeAngelo is clearly well liked in the locker room. However it’s hard to ignore his attention-seeking behavior. Jacob Trouba is an outspoken anti-Trump teammate, and might now be his defense partner. K’Andre Miller was the victim of a racist attack on a Zoom call last year, and is now his teammate. This is not to say both players are anti-DeAngelo, they probably aren’t. They are all teammates.

But at what point do screenshots of DeAngelo’s activity on Parler become public knowledge? You know they will. Someone will post them at some point. It’s inevitable.

For DeAngelo, he should be counting his lucky stars that he had a breakout season last year. Without that kind of production, the Rangers likely would have walked. But it’s hard to walk from a defenseman that put up 53 points in 68 games last season. His on-ice production forced the Rangers into a “show me” two year deal.

The Rangers open the season against the Islanders in less than a week. Yet here we are, writing about someone’s social media behavior. The Rangers may say Tony DeAngelo isn’t a distraction publicly, but it’s hard to believe them. This is the main story that has dominated Rangers headlines for the past two days. Hopefully this is the end of it, and we can just talk about hockey. But for now, it is the major discussion point. And that is disappointing.

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  • Like most Trump fans, ADA has been going loco for his cult leader.

    In less then 2 weeks, Doofy Trump and his child bride are out of there for good!!!

      • If the Rangers brass decide that ADA is not professional enough to play in NY or just want to trade him. Let’s say they’re tired of the bogus political jargon in the locker room and during personal time on public social media.
        Would he be included in a package for Pierre-Luc Dubois? At just 22 He’s already 218lbs and skates really well. On top of that the kid is looking like a stud and doesn’t want to be in CBJ.
        Wouldn’t be the first time the NYR pouched the Jackets star players.

    • Challenge for you Dave. You put a lot of vitriol out in your Twitter account. I am not on Twitter but see it in sportspyder. Why don’t you write an article and explain to us why your vitriol on Twitter is ok and ADA’s vitriol on Twitter isn’t ok?

      • ADA represents the NYR organization… which have partnerships and sponsors to support/answer to. When actions of an employee contradict the values of the organization, it is the organizations prerogative to deal with those actions in a matter THEY see fit.

        This seems to be where everyone misunderstands their “Freedom of Speech”.

        While everyone has the right to express themselves freely, as a member of an organization, one must respect their the wishes of their employer… and, if rules are broken/ guidelines not followed, they must accept the consequences.

        In this case, the NYR have not (publicly made it known at least) demanded ADA recuse himself from social media, so he has not and seems will not be punished. Whether anyone agrees or disagrees is up to their own heart’s desire. The NYR will simply act if/when anything becomes a distraction and/or begins to affect the bottom line.

        Same goes for your example. If comments made by members who represent BSB have a negative effect on the bottom line, it will be 100% their prerogative to amend the situation the way they see fit.

        Personally, I think it’s sad this has to be a topic of discussion. I was/am looking forward to this teams seemingly bright future, and would hate to see some off-ice issues arise to derail what looks to be a promising season. I would hope that if it starts to become more of a distraction in the coming weeks/months that ADA would have the respect for his teammates and cool it down during the season at least. Agree or disagree with his opinions, he is currently part of this organization therefore I can only hope things work out.

        • so if the Rangers have not made him recuse himself of using social media and other players use it how do you know he broke their policy? Have you seen their policy? My question was meant to compare vitriolic statements. Not for your role in the organization but for your role as a human being. You verbally attack someone who verbally attacks someone how are you any better?

          • Yeah… then I guess I misunderstood your comment… no worries. I’m not on twitter, Facebook ect. so I’ll take your word on Dave’s comments and agree to the whole “glass houses” mantra.

            Also, just to be clear I’m not saying ADA broke a rule. I have no knowledge that he did or didn’t. Just pointing out the difference between when a writer says something vitriolic vs when an athlete does. Obviously, I would disagree with both behaviors, and consider it wrong, but I think we can all understand why one garners attention within an organization, and the other is just someone that you can easily decide to ignore if you so choose. I know I certainly am more apt to tune out these type of articles (of course look at me commenting now… SMH) which is why I said I hate this became a topic and hope this does not become an even bigger issue… The problem is… I’m sure you would agree, today people don’t let this shit go and it tends to snowball. I guess my pessimistic self is worried it will blow up in their face. I just hope it doesn’t.

        • Really??? So if you work for a company that doesn’t want to deal with your Liberal, Socialist views they should talk with you and tell you to knock it off???
          You’ll be ok with that?
          Look at LeBron’s comments, he’s the biggest RACIST. Refused to go to the WH… Because he’s a LEFTY, SOCIALIST… Means the NBA and lakers should tell him hey you represent our organization and we don’t want to hear the Anti Trump BS… How do you think that would go over??? About as well as Harden in Houston who is demanding a trade because he’s fighting with the owner.

          Get SERIOUS. Realize what you are saying, and then ask yourself what IF, it was a right wing employer telling you to get lost…

          • It’s true, Lebron is a lefty-handed person … but I didn’t know he was a Comrade.

          • If that is the case, then you have the option to walk if you think their demand is not acceptable to you. Everyone recognizes the need for harmony in a lockerroom and anything that causes discord can adversely affect team performance. Consequently, team members must consider the impact a public comment may have on the team chemistry.

        • For the most part ADA has behaved himself since coming to the Rangers and that allowed him to not only focus on hockey and his career, but possibly realize the potential that made him a top 20 pick (19th) of the TBL back in 2014. I do have to give credit to DQ for that. At least to this point.
          I think the players are just itching to get on the ice and play. Hopefully This is nothing more than ADA getting restless at camp and once the season starts, he’ll remember what made him successful and refocus on hockey.
          Sure the Rangers gave him that contract because they believe in ADA the player. However, after he failed in the TBL & ARI organizations, the Rangers won’t put up with that crap for long. He has a ton of trade value right now. Gorton could easily send him to Ottawa for picks and/or prospects in a blink of an eye.
          The Rangers players won’t put up with all that political garbage in the locker room

      • What Dave says is Totally different than what a fan states on his own private Twitter.
        Even if that is ADA’s personal Twitter account, anything he says is seen and heard by hundreds of thousands if not Millions of people/fans. ADA has a much larger platform than any of us and the big difference is that Dave is speaking to other fans. His platform is fans of HIS BLOG.
        ADA’s platform does not belong to him. His platform doesn’t belong to him. They’re fans of the NY Rangers. The Rangers belong to Dolan.
        That my friend is the difference and that is why ADA doesn’t have the right to say what he wants.

  • Hockey is so niche that it’s not really a story. People teasing this blog or on r/hockey are such big fans of the sport that it’s a topic of discussion. It barely moved the needle in his home market.

    That’s why the Rangers can take care of it behind closed door without missing a beat.

  • In general I agree with what you’re saying Dave … but the line
    “However it’s hard to ignore his attention-seeking behavior” gives me some pause.

    I’m going to have to take issue with that line. It’s 1st Amendment behavior, it’s his right to express those views — as much as I may disagree with them. Whether the primary or even secondary motivation here is to garner attention is not an issue, it’s also highly debatable that he’s just seeking attention.

    Trouba, whose statements are also at times political, gets labelled as “outspoken” — a positive twist. Tony gets labelled as “attention seeking” — a negative twist. These characterizations come from the bias of the writer. Tony is outspoken, always has been — again, I disagree with most everything he communicates politically, but as of yet I haven’t seen him clearly step over line of what should be considered acceptable speech.

    • Bingo! Freedom of Speech is one of the few freedoms we still can enjoy in this country. You don’t have to like what other people say, but everyone should respect or at the very least tolerate it, because the next time they shut someone down it could be you.

      • Yes, but I’m still capable of distinguishing inappropriate speech. There’s a line that can be crossed where speech is no longer protected (the 1st Amendment has never been absolute) — and I’ve never seen Tony’s speech cross it.

    • Dead on!!!!everyone is so sensitive – Who cares!! He has the right to his views and i have not seen him cross the line with anything

    • Tonto, I hated you ever since I saw your name. But now I almost like you! Freedom of speech!

      • … but it’s not an absolute freedom, just like the 2nd Amendment isn’t … I studied my Constitutional Law thoroughly even if I always had to belt down a Scotch or two for it to make total sense. lol In this case though I have no issue with what Tony said, aside from the fact that I don’t agree with him and don’t think going to Parler is a good idea given their association with an attempted conspiracy to overturn a certified election result … but it’s his freedom and right to do so.

  • People treating it as a capital offense joining parler (The mere creation of an account). did the nhl designate it as off limits over night? did he break any rules. to my knowledge the answer is no. gov officials have accounts on there. there is tons of stuff on twitter i dont like. anyway i dont know enough about parler and i dont plan an making any new social media accounts. but imo unless he broke a rule or posted something there questionable, fans need to stop going crazy over him. Its enough already.

    • From what I understand Parler is the new kid on the block of social media platforms. It skews right, but I believe anyone can join. They don’t shut you out if you’re a liberal or whatever. They basically wanna be a right wing skewed Twitter. And in case people aren’t aware, Twitter has hundreds of thousands of whack jobs spewing crap every second of every day, including countries who’s governments are threats to the USA, and people who organize riots in our country. Are there crazy right wing nuts on Parler? Probably. Are there crazy left AND right wing nuts on Twitter? Most definitely.

  • “ *As an aside – I hate writing about this crap.”

    Calling BS on this line. You loooove stirring the pot with Tony D and waiting for the replies. And if you want proof, look not further than the BSB twitter account this week, haha.

  • His teammate and other athletes around sports can make political comments and everything is okay ? He goes against that , he’s a problem ? These articles are the problem .

  • I can think of several personal and/or comprehensiveness reasons why Dave logs posts like today’s, so I am 100% behind his decision to do so, not that he needs my support in that way. But I myself don’t want politics interfering with sports — it’s a turnoff for me. All I personally want to know about ADA is how his hockey is going and how he’s fitting in on the Rangers.

  • You write/warn that Tony gets along with his teammates (for now), and you don’t know how much longer that will last with teammates such as Trouba, who is an outspoken anti-Trumper.
    Sooooo there’s nothing wrong with Trouba being an overt anti-Trumper, but somehow Tony DeAngelo’s Republican views are??? Isn’t it because you and a LOT of other Ranger bloggers can’t stand the thought of someone having different political views then YOURSELVES?
    It’s just not objective writing. You and your buddies are out to cancel Tony D. for something that’s not even related to hockey. It’s a McCarthyism approach to journalism. A witch-hunt. Have you ever asked a Russian player their political beliefs, or players from Socialist countries what their beliefs are? And if they have an affinity towards communism, socialism or think the world of Putin do you ever write about it they way you write about Tony D.?

    We all come here to read and discuss NYR hockey, not this crap. Stick to the rivers you’re used to.

  • Last week you were suggesting the team may have known Henrik had a heart condition and may have not told him. That was a pretty brazen and unsubstantiated claim. And as I think it through it implies a lot of bad intents from people within the organization, not just the management, but the training staff and doctors would have had to be involved in such a cover up.

    That was pretty irresponsible. As the cliche goes. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • There is really no reason for this.

    …and I’m sorry, but I really don’t believe for a second that you (or anyone else going down this storyline) “hate” writing about this crap. You guys are gonna invent the conflict, then trigger your audience, and milk it dry for as many clicks as possible.

    That’s the business model, Dave… and it’s shamefully for nothing more than personal gain.

  • All comments are moot points. Amazon is shutting down Parker for violation of terms and agreements of using Amazon cloud.

  • “Domestic terrorists.” Hmmm. No doubt. But tell me, weren’t the antifa/BLM riots and destruction caused by domestic terrorists as well? Or were they peaceful protesters? Hypocrisy. Tony D is exercising his 1st amendment rights. Good for him.

    • Big difference between confronting the police over systemic racism and destroying some private property and attempting to overturn a certified election result by confronting the police and destroying public property — especially symbolic public property like the Capitol.

      • 23 deaths, $3+bil property damage, and 138 Federal buildings breached during the riots the past 7 months. What started as racial quickly turned to politically backed ‘domestic terrorism’.

        • Took them months to achieve that, but look what the Proud Boys and Co. did in just a few hours. They are the masters of efficient domestic terrorism.

          We’re not here to talk about the protests and riots against systemic racism, they have their own issues and I disagree with some of their tactics. We’re here talking about an attempt to overturn state certified election results and just saying “but look what the other side did over the summer” is a truly piss poor response that in no way negates the traitorous actions we witnessed a few days ago.

      • But when the left demonstrated in Capitol in 2018 pushing cops and distributing that was fine during Kavaugh hearing that was fine. Arrative dosent add up but it’s a great MEM spin.Both groups were wrong and I wish everyone was treated the same tired of hypocrite on the left. If Trump supporters were there to over throw the government then I would say their chances were slim unarmed citizens vs armed police. It dosent add up.

  • What a ridiculous post. The fascist tendency of the left is very disappointing. Dave , this is your baby so you can do what you want with it but we come here for hockey content most of which is very good. The debates here are good and thoughtful not like the garbage on the other BSB with the exception of a handful of posters.

    ADA has a political point of view shared by 10’s of millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Rangers fans. There is nothing wrong with it even if you disagree . Just because other players disagree doesn’t mean they won’t get along. In fact I know for a fact ADA’s point of view on the team isn’t just his and is shared by several players including a few of its best players. I am a financial advisor and have clients who I have had for over 20 years and we share different political points of view. The day that we can’t have a debate on our political differences without trying to shut down , silence or destroy the other side is the day we lose our country which is the best ever created.

    Let’s just stick to hockey

    • “ADA has a political point of view shared by 10’s of millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Rangers fans. There is nothing wrong with it even if you disagree ”

      This is the crux of the issue. The people who supported Hitler, the people who supported Stalin had a political point of view which was widely held. Would you say there was nothing wrong with them holding that point of view?

      That many agree does not make a point of view not dangerous. In fact, widely held perspectives are the danger.

      • To equate a conservative point of view to Hitler is the most idiotic thing I have ever read. You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting such a thing. As a Jew and a conservative, I take offense at what you posted but defend your right to do so. 99% of the people from the USSR vote conservative. Why do you think that is?

      • Ray you left yourself open here, but I understand the point you were making — just because a belief is held by a large group of people doesn’t make it “appropriate”, or reasonable or factual or ok or, etc.

        • Very few ever actually think about the people who voted for Hitler. I doubt all that many were rabid anti-semites. They were just people who were frustrated and bought into what they were sold on. Everyone thinks they are better than those people.

    • Funny you should mention the “other BSB” – I was a long term member on that site and finally got fed up and left left because of the garbage and disrespect “certain members” were allowed to spew directly at other posters who simply disagreed with their opinions – including the “moderators” who allowed it. We are all Ranger fans and want the best for our team – Its really OK (and fun) to disagree with other views as long as its done respectfully – when it becomes a personal attack though – then its gone too far.

      The Rangers have always been my “go to happy place” during these dark and divided times – a few hours to forget about daily problems and focus on hockey as if it is the only thing in the world that matters. It would be a shame if our Ranger community gets polluted with political rhetoric and nonsense as well.

  • ‘Attempted Coup???’ Whaaaaat? This is a major reason why I don’t hang out here anymore as you have gone way off on the deep end of the left Dave.

    Open your eyes and stop being brainwashed by the CNN’s and the NBC’s of the world. It was okay to storm the Capitol if you were a Labor Union or to protest Kavanaugh but God forbid if Trump supporters did it. Smh.

    They burned Churches, Federal buildings and took over sections of American Cities for months on end and 13 people were shot and killed including a few police officers. In this past weekends Capitol protest the only death was a protesters but sure, call it a Coupe. Smh.

    God help us!


    • Five people died, including a Capitol police officer.

      No one else has stormed the Capitol since the British in 1812.

      Maybe if you listened to CNN or ABC, you might know these things.

      • Communist News Network is propaganda champ
        Surgical mask not a chemical or biological mask
        Why you hate the USA?
        Why not MOVE?
        Venezuela is nice, Cuba too
        See ya

      • Was they armed? What do you mean under Stormed? When commies were taking Winter Palace in Russia – it was stormed, hundreds of Russian NAVY folks armed with rifles…. I am sorry, when unarmed folks trying to bring their opinion to the people in capitolium, let’s call it … I ma not sure how to call after all those riots in the summer!!!!

        And died 4, not 5, and 3 of the folks were shot by confused police oficers…. Why wouldn’t we investigate them…. it’s quiet common lately…

        • Eugene, only 1 person was shot. The police officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. The other three died from medical causes, such as a heart attack, and one I believe from injuries suffered when he fell from a balcony.

    • Actually there were 5 dead Rob, maybe you should be watching and reading some different news sources — all in 1 day, nay a few hours of “protest”. Trying to overturn the certified results of an election is much worse than anything you’re trying to equate this to … false equivalency here.

  • Dave, this is your platform and you are free to choose the topics of your choice. Personally, I wish you’d stick to Hockey and not politics.
    I am not on any social media platforms. None, Zip, Nada.
    I, and I’m going out on a limb here and saying, others come here for Ranger news and discussion and could care less what ADA and Trouba feel regarding politics.
    It is platforms such as this that made me aware how ADA and for that matter Trouba lean politically. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue. AND NOR COULD I CARE.
    Twitter permanently banned Trump, but to my knowledge they didn’t ban ADA. So whatever he posted really can’t be that bad to warrant a article about it.
    I get that Twitter is a private Company and entitled to ban who and what they want. But ya know, I really take the Constitution to heart. And that includes the First Amendment. ADA as well as Trouba have every right to their respective opinions.
    Without getting melodramatic here, I fought and bled for the right of ALL of us to express our views. PERIOD.
    Dave, respectfully, can we stick to Hockey?

  • Very opinionated post judging and classifying people as “far right” without even knowing anything about them. Exactly what do you mean by “far right” . Maybe its traditionalism that you are against

  • We have arrived at a place where codifying speech has become commonplace, and, we seem not far away from mandated [formula] speech on all issues relating to race and gender. The emerging purity will make for a cold, colorless, place.

  • I find the comments here upsetting. I am an unusual person of course. I am a strong supporter of the truth. I have a not entirely serious mantra “I’d rather kill you than lie to you”. As Trumpism is the celebration of dishonesty, I abhor it and while giving up freedom of speech would be a large price to pay to eradicate it, fighting to protect the power to lie is kind of absurd.

    JFTR, I oppose political correctness. I am appalled that some students at my university want to get rid of the “Eyes of Texas” and that people are worried about offending people. So yes, freedom of speech is under attack and should be defended. But not absolutely – as one absolute freedom eliminates all other freedoms.

  • “Attempted coup”!?!?!?! Are you kidding me that you wrote that? No politics and or political comments or opinions. Stick to hockey. I’m done with this site now.

  • Well Dave it’s pretty obvious where the BSB commenters stand. Personally I’m with you and supremely happy that Tony will take his “rhetoric” to Parler, the perfect cesspool for him and his sedition-supporting buddies. Where is the outrage over the cold-blooded murder of a Capitol Police Officer? And btw gang the First Amendment does not apply to platforms run by private businesses…

    • Where is the outrage of a murder of an unarmed Iraq war veteran? Where was the outrage when an African American S Louis police chief was murdered in cold blood by Antifa thugs? Pot calling the kettle much?

  • Why is it assumed that Tony D is a conservative so he must be a racist! Your so worried about his thoughts that you don’t stop to think about yours!

  • There are a lot of attacks at me in the comments. I expected this and I will not address each one. My feelings on TDA as a person vs. my opinions on him as a hockey player are different, I think we’ve made that clear.

    My only comment: If you believe that the first amendment, 1) protects you from ridicule from the public opinion, or 2) protects you from the terms of service of a private company, then you should review what the first amendment actually is.

    • Dave you have rights on your opinion, but posting it here, knowing there are at least half of the folks here considering your opinion at least offensive…. Human Mind is pretty interesting thing, I mean we will all forget about it, but yes, next time before we read your articles many of us would subconsciously would probably wouldn’t click on it, because we have also right to ignore you…

      Is it all consistent with the 1st ammendment?

    • Points one and two are exactly what the first amendment is. These companies pretend to be a public forum protected under sec 230. They are not a forum and should lose 230 protections. Parler is closer to a public forum than Twitter and Facebook. They allow left wing hate speech without so much as a warning. That’s my opinion on this stuff.

      • The first amendment prevents the government from censoring what we say or write. Private organizations have the right to maintain their own standards, up to the point where they begin promoting violence or endangering people.

    • Dave,
      Thank you for everything you do. I’ve enjoyed the posts for a long time, though I do not usually comment.
      Your courage to write this post, knowing that those who hate are more likely to reply than those who respect you, is admirable.

  • Psst…Dave, there are Russian commies playing in the NHL. Should we worry about their politics? Maybe Rangers should cut bait with Buch & Panarin. It’s a slap in the face to Americans & NYers, amirite? Instead of focusing on skating ability, puck handling & talent, only those players with liberal views that are acceptable to the MSM will be accepted.

      • Communist party is second largest political party in Russia and nearly 40% of Russians still view themselves as communists. Point is, which your closed-minded liberalism tends to distort, hockey fans are not interested in a player’s political views. Should I boo Trouba every time he touches the puck because he’s an anti-Trumper? No, I want him to clear the crease & make that quick outlet pass to one of the forwards and pray he’s hoisting the Cup someday. Shouldn’t the NBA’s God awful postseason ratings been a lesson for you?

        • Where are all these communists? Are these comments coming from someone in a bunk–scared because they swear they saw Khrushchev at a local coffee shop? This weird obsession with something that is not a real threat is bizarre.

      • Yes they are Socialist! What they declare and what they are and what the are different. They are modified communists.

    • Russian commies? Were you on HUAC with McCarthy?

      This whole, “The commies are coming!” bit is so strange.

      • It was hyperbole about how ridiculous Dave’s article is because his political view is different from ADA. Nothing stranger than mixing sports & politics.

    • Players from the extinct Soviet Union that play in the NHL are capitalists, not communist.
      Players who paved the way, like Sergei Fedorov and Pavel Bure, defected from USSR and renounced communism in order to play here.
      ADA has the right to chose his ideology, as do you in supporting him. But I highly recommend that your comments would carry more weight if they had at least a spark of intelligence.

      • Really? Tell me more, oh wise one. So none of the Russian players return to their native country after the season ends? You have personally spoken to everyone of them and asked their political affiliation in their homeland? And that’s my whole point – Dave, Vince, & the other flaming liberal Tommy Urtz don’t go asking the other players about their political beliefs. Their beliefs are different from ADA’s, hence the hatchet job and pot stirring crap these hacks spew out are garbage.

  • Tony getting angry over Trump’s Twitter account being deleted after using it as a tool for sedition and treason is a little weird, but is his constitutional right unless he starts to post similar calls to violence.

    Don’t really care what he has to say.

    Hopefully they can package him for Pierre-Luc Dubois.

    • I agree with this. hes not the only one moving out of censorship protest. but until he posts something flagrant there i really dont see the offense committed.

      oh they were coordinating the attack on there? guess what linwood was piping off about pence roberts kemp, etc for weeks on twitter. and the shooting victim even liked a few of them. so why doesnt twitter take a little responsibility.

      • Harris and the other Dems were supporting the protesters who were biting all the cities on Twitter and no one censored them. Social media has destroyed our world. It’s that simple.

  • The problem is we need to stop thinking and wait to be told what to think, what to say, and what to believe. Until then please remain silent. bahhhhhhhh

  • Tony–just think of this all a little differently. Imagine Twitter is a Christian bakery and Trump is a gay wedding cake.

  • Only you make it an issue. If you want to make it political, how about the 25 million Zuckerberg gave the Democrats, in the Georgia election. Let’s keep this site about hockey. Its Tony’s right to write what he feels just like you just did. I’ve meet Tony several times. A real nice person.

  • After reading the comments, it is obvious that Ranger fans are just as divided as the country is. But what really matters is performance. If ADA plays within the rules, I don’t care what he believes. I know people who won’t see DeNiro movies because of his politics. Others won’t see Eastwood movies for the same reason. If I had to choose who to watch or read because of their politics I would have missed much education. I love the Rangers and just want to be entertained. The real world has enough problems to deal with,

  • Rangers keep responding it is not a distraction to the team until people like you keep bringing it up and MAKING it a distraction for the team. What ADA or any other athlete does on their own time is their business. Maybe if people actually cared more about their neighbors instead of a twitter, instagram, parler, Facebook or any other social media post, the world would be better off. Stop trying to find trouble. Or even worse, make it.

    • Fox, Nils and Schneider make trading ADA the smart move this Summer. I hope he has a great season and can fetch a nice return!

  • Conflating Republicans with racists is beyond disgusting. Shut up if you’re incapable of honest writing about politics or society! Tony D is “controversial” to liars, cancel culturalists and hate filled npc’s.

  • trade DeAngelo while you can. Why would Miller even want to be a team mate of someone like this?

    • Why trade DeAngelo?? Why not trade the left believers??? I’m not here to fight but right away you want to trade DeAngelo for what his political stance is. What makes your beliefs better?? You are the perfect example of why people are upset.

  • No you are not adding anything worthwhile, EXCEPT your biased, liberal, partisan, anti Trump rhetoric.
    You can’t help yourself, that’s why you write about it. Your words of “coup”, immediately tell me this is a biased, writer who wants to point out who the Right Wing, pro Trump players are. It’s a method of shaming.
    Why don’t you write about a Left Wing player who also “represents”, his organization?
    Let’s see how different your tone is, your biased words and writings are.
    If this was my company, I would fire you on the spot… You’re not a fair minded Hockey writer… Your own words scream biased, partisan, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive… DEMOCRAT.

  • Ok so I stayed out of this, as I usually stay out of the comments on here, mostly because I never have anything good to say, but there’s a couple of things that really bum me out about this thread. This’ll be a little bit long, but I mean it all very sincerely.

    To start, there are no First Amendment issues at play here, not even close. That’s not how the First Amendment works, nor how it has worked for over 100 years now. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. If you’d like to chat more, we can set up a private way to exchange emails (I also have some reading material if you’d like, but casual conversation works too). Maybe there’s some broader concerns about how we treat people with differing opinions from ourselves, but let’s put that to the side right now.

    The bigger thing is this, and I’d like to think we can all agree on these few things, without requiring comment on every other thing in the entire world to contextualize our feelings on the matter.

    Earlier this week, a mob started a riot in building that houses one of the coequal branches of American government, with varying degrees of nefarious intent, and in any event wound up killing five people one way or another. Here’s step number one: I’d hope we can agree this was bad.

    The next bit is just factual, regardless of our feelings on the matter, and it’s that Twitter banned the sitting President of the United States as a precautionary measure to prevent future violence from occurring. I’m not going to comment on whether this was good or bad, because I think it’s complicated, but that’s what happened.

    Now this is also 100% factually accurate – Tony DeAngelo voiced his displeasure concerning this (he didn’t say much in his Twitter post, but explained to reporters that his displeasure was over free speech, and that he didn’t condone what happened at the Capitol). Again, just the facts.

    The last part is a matter of opinion, reasonable people can disagree, but I’d hope we’re all in accord with each other here. We want the Rangers to win a Stanley Cup, and locker room distractions are at best just not going to help and at worst going to actively hurt our chances. Dollars to donuts, guys in the locker room will be talking about this, and that’s a distraction from hockey.

    That’s it, that’s all. If there’s anything we can (I hope) agree on, and something that as surely as it’s consumer the blogosphere has at least to some degree come up in the locker room in one way or another, it’s that Tony DeAngelo has become a distraction, even if we think he hasn’t already been one. How the Rangers should deal with that distraction, everything that goes on from that basic premise I leave up to you to decide (regardless, neither you nor I have any say in it, so there’s that), but Tony DeAngelo is a distraction, and that hurts the team’s chances of winning a Stanley Cup. End rant.

    • Let me commend you on your well thought out comment. One is that every team always has distractions and one more is likely not that important. A good coach and good personalities on the team can overcome this; lack of these likely will doom the team in any case. The other is that Trumpists are not all that interested in facts.

      • Appreciate it! That’s a pretty good point too, I think. I’m sure a lot of teams are in a weird spot right now as far as how to make sense of the past uh I don’t know I mean the world has been a shitshow for a little bit, but you get what I mean. I think Tony is probably a higher amplitude of that to some degree, but I also realize that I have literally no idea of the locker room dynamics of 31 NHL teams, so giant grain of salt on that one. I’d like to think that the other guys in the room have strong enough voices to not just keep Tony from becoming a detrimental distraction, but also to communicate with clarity and sincerity the notion that they all belong on that team, and that everyone is welcome. I don’t know probably rambling at this point, but thanks again. Fingers crossed on overcoming this whole “thing” because it’d be really cool to win some hockey games, maybe a lot of them, I think.

        • Maybe the guys on the team deal with Tony as he deals with them. Twitter comments about Trump just may not weigh much with them, after all they see and interact with Tony every single day and that is what probably forms their judgment.

  • It seems your country is just as divided as we are in the UK. I’m Scottish with a military background living in England who supports the UK staying as one – as does my mother. My sister in Scotland wants Scottish independance away from England. My wife is half English and half Welsh, she wants the UK to stay together but the Welsh side of her family want to split from England. Everyone has their own personal politics/view but at the the end of the day we all still love each other and that’s how it should be.

  • Let the guy speak dude it’s freedom of speech that’s what makes this country so great. All you soy boys complain when someone says something you don’t like.

    • Freedom of speech demands that the complaint should be just as free as the original speech. If someone can’t take the heat they can leave the discussion.

  • It’s a distraction for people like you. That’s what’s sad. You just cannot stand people having differing opinions, and not just you Dave, all of you whiny New York perfect angels. Sickening.

    • The fact you denigrate a whole group of people based on their postal address kind of weakens your point.

      • You are right, not all New Yorkers are out of touch with reality, good point tanto. However, my point was posted on a comment section of a one sided “article”, much like social media it means nothing, like your opinion. Have a great day and don’t think too much about it.

  • I am not a fan of Trump by any means. But I think too much is made of Tony’s social media posts here and on other blogs. So long as he is as liked in the locker room as he is apparently, it seems to be a problem only for outsiders.

  • If he said Antifa are just a bunch of angry guys expressing their hatred for the country would that have been ok?

  • I’m on Parler and I am not Q-Anon or far right wing. I just want to know the truth of what’s going on. I was always called stupid and racist for supporting Trump on Facebook. I would quote certain things to defend myself and I got who cares. It is frustrating. The said many stupid things in 4 years but he also told it like it is. I guess DeAngelo is a racist now too?? What social platform or his beliefs or my beliefs are no one to judge. By judging us and telling us we are wrong is what fuels the hate. Thank you for letting me speak. Don’t judge me because I like Trump because no one knows me.

  • “This is a difficult question to answer. DeAngelo is clearly well liked in the locker room. However it’s hard to ignore his attention-seeking behavior. Jacob Trouba is an outspoken anti-Trump teammate, and might now be his defense partner. K’Andre Miller was the victim of a racist attack on a Zoom call last year, and is now his teammate. This is not to say both players are anti-DeAngelo, they probably aren’t. They are all teammates.”

    This where I have a problem in your post Dave. The mere mention of KAM being the victim of a racial attack within this paragraph implies everything that TDA stands for is racist including Trump and the event that unfolded in DC. Your article clearly had a motivation, who you kidding.

  • NYR are owned by a major Trump crony. Supporting them should have ceased years ago if your moral high ground and sports loyalties need to dovetail. Same goes for the Knicks and Jets.

  • Tony has every right to express his opinion what he does on Twitter should not be a distraction for any one with a brain

  • Long time lurker, but there’s two key points that I don’t see articulated in the dogpile.

    First, every single sports fan has cheered for assholes. In the bad old days, we usually didn’t know who they were until they either showed up in the police blotter, or in someone’s post-career memoir.

    As a recent example on this very team, Sean Avery is an asshole. While he was on the Rangers, he too was well liked in the locker room and by fans, because he was an effective player and stood up for his teammates. Sean Avery’s lefty politics are irrelevant to him being an asshole.

    Tony D has been an asshole. His coaches and mentors have attempted to curb his behavior because it makes him a less effective hockey player and can poison a locker room. We don’t actually know if he’s grown into a mature, but feisty player that the people around him hope him to be, or if he is still an asshole. His teammates apparently like him, probably for similar reasons as Avery, and he is still young.

    Second, there is a big assumption in the piece about Miller’s politics. Athletes often skew right because they live the meritocratic dream: hard work pays off handsomely in their world. Brown folks are frequently church goers, another cultural marker that tends to drift right. At the same time, some of the most influential people in sports and media hate Trump. We don’t know how K’Andre feels. Don’t assume.

    Finally, I know what I saw. I watched Trump’s speech live and I watched Proud Boy dLive and Twitch streams live. To everybody whatabout’ing and but antifa’ing, check yourself. This was a different beast than any of the summer protests. The riot was directed at a government body certifying an election result that the mob didn’t like, despite no evidence that the result was fucky. Judges of every ideological stripe laughed the lawsuits out of their courtrooms.

    Step off social media and turn off cable news for a few days. None of what happened was ok and you don’t need to pretend otherwise for tribal loyalty.


  • Didn’t many of them use Facebook to organize the protest as Facebook has been used to organize many violent things- so why isn’t Facebook removed?

  • FFS everyone needs to look up the definition of what a ‘coup’ is. That was not one, or an attempt at one. It’s just sensationalism to call it that.

    I am by no means a trump supporter personality or policy wise, but this drama queen stuff needs to die off already.

  • In a contemporary sports arena given to inauthentic virtue signaling it is satisfying to hear a voice of reason which is predicated upon genuine testicular fortitude. Thank You Tony D.

  • Don’t care if he is a distraction to the team, he’s a racist idiot who doesn’t belong in NY. (Staten Island aside
    So bad karma for the Rangers, lose, lose lose till he’s gone

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