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The NHL confirmed that it will allow helmet ads this season. It’s a pretty clear way to get back some revenue, as there is no clear date when fans will be allowed back in the stands. Even if the country vaccinates 1 million people a day, it’s 231 days until we reach heard immunity of approximately 75% of the population. The owners need revenue in the interim, and this was the most obvious way.

Currently three teams have released their helmet ads. The ad will replace the team logo on the helmet, and not be an addition. This leads me to believe that the ads are short term, and not something expected to be a permanent addition. Of course, the owners could see the increase revenue and want to keep it.

Potential Rangers Ads

For the Rangers, there are three very obvious choices that they could go with. We constantly see ads for Northwell Health, Montefiore Health, and Chase Bank. We also get the Foxwoods Final Five, but that is an every-game occurrence. I don’t think Foxwoods would advertise on the helmets when they already get that in-game shoutout regularly.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet on one of Northwell or Chase. Northwell is the COVID vaccine center for Long Island and has locations in the city. Of course the counterpoint there is Montefiore will need the extra publicity without being the vaccine center. But that’s just me spitballing.

Chase is another big partner with the Rangers, and they have the deepest pockets. Chase also has MSG card holder benefits, which they could promote as a way of getting back to normal. MSG corporation still owns the Rangers, so that could be a way for MSG to boost business as well. A form of double dipping, if you will.

Of course, the Rangers could be one of the few NHL teams to go without helmet ads. They are one of the few teams with enough cash on hand to manage the pandemic. Jim Dolan isn’t exactly in desperate need of cash, since selling Cablevision for $17.7 billion. It’s a possibility, but an unlikely one.

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