Henrik Lundqvist played most of his career with a heart condition

This Henrik Lundqvist heart condition news keeps getting worse. Less than a week after announcing he will miss the 2021 season, it was announced he had this condition for his entire career.

We don’t know the full details of this heart condition, and likely never will. The gut reaction is that this is not a good look for the NY Rangers medical staff. He played with a heart condition for his entire career. The most likely scenario is that the condition worsened and/or the post-COVID precautions played a role. However if it comes out that it is on the Rangers, it’s one of three things:

  1. The team knew and didn’t say anything
  2. The team didn’t know (arguably worse)
  3. Everyone knew, and Hank wanted to play anyway

That said, it is way too premature to blame the Rangers here. It’s just the emotional gut reaction. There is also a solid chance that he was cleared to play all other years except this one. This is a post-COVID world after all. Or it got worse over time and this was the year the doctors said no more.

Henrik Lundqvist’s career is all but over at this point because of this heart condition. This is a sad end to his career. We wish him the best, and hopes he gets well soon. Everyone’s thoughts are with him.