Henrik Lundqvist played most of his career with a heart condition

This Henrik Lundqvist heart condition news keeps getting worse. Less than a week after announcing he will miss the 2021 season, it was announced he had this condition for his entire career.

We don’t know the full details of this heart condition, and likely never will. The gut reaction is that this is not a good look for the NY Rangers medical staff. He played with a heart condition for his entire career. The most likely scenario is that the condition worsened and/or the post-COVID precautions played a role. However if it comes out that it is on the Rangers, it’s one of three things:

  1. The team knew and didn’t say anything
  2. The team didn’t know (arguably worse)
  3. Everyone knew, and Hank wanted to play anyway

That said, it is way too premature to blame the Rangers here. It’s just the emotional gut reaction. There is also a solid chance that he was cleared to play all other years except this one. This is a post-COVID world after all. Or it got worse over time and this was the year the doctors said no more.

Henrik Lundqvist’s career is all but over at this point because of this heart condition. This is a sad end to his career. We wish him the best, and hopes he gets well soon. Everyone’s thoughts are with him.

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  • What exactly is the condition? Medicine is an art that uses science, so I wouldn’t start making. assumptions. Did the Swedish national team also know?

  • I think it’s highly unlikely(And irresponsible to say it without proof) the team knew and didn’t tell Hank. Kreider had a blood clot issue that we all knew about. There are also HIPAA laws which prevent this news from being shared without consent. Hank probably has health insurance or can afford to buy it and at his age he should be getting routine check ups so I would imagine he knew. Before you jump to conclusions maybe get all the facts? And it’s troubling how quick you are to be accusatory towards the team. They must have done something wrong? Did it occur to you that if the team knew they could have LTIR’d him and not bought him out? And saved all the cap space?

    • “That said, it is way too premature to blame the Rangers here. It’s just the emotional gut reaction. There is also a solid chance that he was cleared to play all other years except this one. This is a post-COVID world after all. Or it got worse over time and this was the year the doctors said no more.”

      • There’s more than a solid chance he was cleared. These contracts are insured and I am sure the insurance company went over his health details with a fine toothed comb. The team also made it clear after they bought him out that he had a job waiting for him in the organization. That organization would hide this from him? We’ve also been in a rebuild for 3 years. If they knew this they wouldn’t have LTIR’d him vs. carry 3 goalies last year. It’s sad your gut just assumes the team sucks.

        • The most likely scenario is the COVID and/or issue getting worse scenario.

          That said, negligence is always a possibility. However small the possibility, it still exists.

          • “Henrik Lundqvist’s heart condition is apparently something the veteran goaltender has been managing for most his career.”

            This is the opening sentence of the story from the NY Post. Which makes it clear he knew about it.

          • In this day and age, mentioning negligence in any way counts as an allegation. And your caveat comes six lines after the “accusation”.

            Primary responsibility for the health of an adult lies with the person himself. If this was a long term problem, most likely Hank had some symptoms, ignored them and failed to mention them. Most likely because he was not alarmed. The human body does not come with an instruction manual and we really don’t know what normal means. Some people ask about everything, but I certainly have ignored lots of stuff over the years. Sharing symptoms with others can turn molehills into mountains.

            Also, what is probably most likely is that Lundqvist was never in any danger because of this and would not be in any danger if he played this year. Not certain of course – which is why he won’t play.

  • You clearly don’t know anything about heart conditions. Many you can play with. And sometimes they get worse. Sounds like an irregular beat. You should have done some research first. It’s called journalism.

    • You say it’s an “irregular heartbeat.” There are two problems with this. Either 1) you’re assuming and did no research yourself, or 2) you know and just divulged private health information, a HIPAA violation.

      See the dilemma with attempting to call me out here? Also, read the post.

  • He probably had this condition his whole career, and because of the threat to people with underlying conditions, the specter of Covid was just too much of a risk to allow him to play this year.

  • Really? You really think the organization just… Kept this from him? The doctor, who has to spend tons and tons of money a year on medical malpractice insurance is just a HUGE Rangers fan and would rather win a cup and possibly kill Henrik Lundqvist? Why right this click bate stuff man?

  • Whats important now is that he gets the proper medical attention going forward. Whether it was a risk or not, the Rangers were aware or not, etc. is just speculation at this point. Thankfully he played without any incident, we enjoyed him during his pro career and now he takes care of himself and hopefully returns one day in some front office or other capacity with the Rangers and lives a long life.

  • I am praying for you Mr. Lundqvist
    Watching you play for the Rangers was awesome I took my son to watch you in the 2015 playoffs in Madison Square Garden it was amazing run , will never forget god bless you & the New York Rangers, forever Blue 🇺🇸🙏👍

  • My husband and I had season tickets to the Rangers games and when Henrik came on the ice Madison Square Garden erupted in cheers. HE WAS THE BEST!!!!!!

  • How could anyone tell hank had anything wrong with his heart? If anything,
    He was all heart! He wore it on his sleeve, and left it on the ice every night. If this is true more players should have his heart problem. Thank you hank! Be well!

  • I find it very hard to believe that Hank was playing with a potentially severe medical issue after all this time.

    I mean the Rangers’ medical staff, Sweden’s medical staff, and now the Caps’ medical staff? They all missed it? No way.

    It has to be, IMO, because of the Covid risks that are causing the concern now, as an underlying health issue.

    The Florida college basketball player was reported to have collapsed because he had Covid over the summer that resulted in a now heart condition/issue.

    This, I believe, would be the issue (Covid and underlying health issue, combined) with Hank. I find it very hard to believe that this condition, if serious throughout his career, was overlooked or ignored.

    • When we were young Tony, most grand prix racers had their careers ended by death. Even today, people play football knowing what some very likely consequences are.

      Tell a 20 year old kid that if he plays hockey, there is a 50/50 chance he won’t live ten more years, but if he survives, he may just have Henrik Lundqist’s career and many will choose to play – including virtually all with the drive to win that Hank has.

      I know that when I was 20, the thirty years between 45 and 75 meant nothing to me – a speck in my distant future. It does not seem like such a big sacrifice if the alternative is to really make your mark. We know now that it would have been a big loss, but we didn’t then.

      • I get what you’re saying Raymond, and that’s why I think that Covid has lot to do with “why now?” For this issue.

        It might have been a manageable condition under normal circumstances, but not now. Is what I am saying.

  • Really hard to believe the Rangers let him play for years with a heart condition … and worse, that they never told Hank. Some stories have to be filed under the “sounds like bs” folder. Can you imagine the repercussions if Hank went down during a game because of a undisclosed or undetected heart issue? There would be hell to pay.

    I guess we should say never say never, but let’s consider the source (a rival GM) and the fact that Hank himself hasn’t said anything with regard to the issue. I have to agree with some of the above posters who suggest this could be somehow covid related.

  • Where do people get the absurd idea that the team knew and kept it from him? There isn’t one word in this article or any other one that would indicate anything so stupid.

  • i had what sounds like exactly the same surgery 8 years ago and have since learned it is more common that i thought at the time. because i chose to have a tissue valve replacement instead of a metal one, i need to go for a replacement of the replacement soon. they’re curious about the ascending aorta, too, a chunk of which was replaced at the same time.

    a metal one would have ‘lasted a thousand years’ according to the surgeon. but, it would have required taking blood thinners the rest of my life and constant blood monitoring. it also makes an audible ‘click’. as i explained to the doctor at the time, ‘i don’t want to be there when i can’t hear it any longer’.

    the whole thing was necessitated by a congenital malformation of the valve. but, since i was born in the 50s, they didn’t even have open-heart surgery for people, let alone infants!

    i wish henrick well. i was out of the hospital in 4 days.

  • Most likely was congenital…defective aortic valve at birth which caused pressure on the descending aorta, which in turn caused an aneurysm that was at risk of bursting (not good if that happens). You can live with an aneurysm – some stay the same size over time, some get bigger hence more risk of tearing. My guess is Henrik’s issue has been monitored for years and has been in the same zone…but now is not and a repair is necessary. He’ll be fine – I had the exact surgery repair when I was 31, now 48. Whether he will play again or not will depend on what type of valve he chooses – pig or mechanical. If mechanical, he’ll be on blood thinner for the rest of his life and tough to be in a contact sport when there’s risk of bleeding. If he goes pig, he’ll need to get it replaced a few times over his lifetime – only good for 15 years or so.

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