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First glimpse of Reverse Retro NY Rangers Liberty jersey

We now have a first look at the NY Rangers Reverse Retro Liberty jersey, which will be available on December 1.

This looks to be an almost carbon copy of the original Lady Liberty jersey. I happen to think it’s very slick, but understand why some folks may be let down a bit. Here’s a better look:

And no, that’s not a Chris Kreider capain jersey. All have the #20 in them, and the hair we saw the other day is clearly this person here.

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  • I think its fine, they didn’t try to do too much and kept it simple. I think its missing something but its fine.

    Quick aside…. The islanders….. HA…. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.
    I get Lou is ultra conservative but for God sake at least look like you’re trying. The league mandated that you had to release a new sweater, so you might as well create one that will generate revenue for your team. Changing the shade of blue darker and switching the cuff strips… you think someones gonna pay $150 for that? Living on the island in close proximity to their moribund fan base I know they’ve been clambering for the fish sticks jersey (rightly or wrongly) at least it would be unique and actually sell.

  • is that #20 with the “C”…

    if the season doesn’t start until 2021 does that still mean it’s the 20-21 season or are we seeing CK20’s next sweater?

  • Henrik should get one of these to…he was all about the SoL on his masks…

    Maybe he’ll wear one to salute it one day too.

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