Rangers tease return of Liberty jerseys

As the NHL unveils teasers of their retro jerseys for the upcoming season, the NY Rangers have done their part. The Rangers tweeted out a photo of the color scheme, with the year the jersey was originally released on the back (96). The teaser seems to point to a return of the NY Rangers Lady Liberty jersey

This makes sense, given the other liberty jersey teasers that have already shown up. Of course the Rangers also tweeted about the 10 year anniversary of the Heritage jerseys, which debuted in 2010. That could be a swerve though.

It’s likely the Rangers will go with the liberty jersey, given the way the teases have gone. The jerseys will likely not be the exact liberty jersey, so expect some changes. Most of the teasers have shown some pretty sharp designs. There are some high hopes for these.

This is obviously a cash grab by the league. The NHL desperate for revenue in what is expected to be a fan-less season. However they can take my money on this one. If the teasers shown are a sign of what’s to come, then the Rangers probably nailed the return of the liberty jersey.

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