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Rangers tease captain in Retro Jersey release photo

The NY Rangers have teased a captain announcement. In their retro jersey teaser on Facebook, there is a clearly visible ‘C’ in the photo.

The Rangers have been without a captain since trading Ryan McDonagh at the 2017 trade deadline. It is rumored that one of Chris Kreider or Mika Zibanejad will be named captain at some point. Given the long-term deal Kreider signed and his tenure with the club, the smart money is on him. Of course, some keen eyes think otherwise:

This could just be a ploy, of course, but given this is a season where the Rangers are giving time to youth, a true captain might be in the cards. Kreider is in their long term future. Zibanejad likely will be too. The question is – will they announce a captain when they reveal the return of the lady liberty jersey.

Also yes, this appears to be a lady liberty jersey revival. There will be some changes, but it looks like we will be getting a NY Rangers captain announcement and a lady liberty jersey announcement all in one.

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  • From the pictures the jersey looks pretty good. I know it’s a tease,I wish I could see the whole jersey to rate it.
    I like the crest or Rangers just written on the jersey. My preference..

    They should announce a captain. (Kreider).

    • The dude is 19 years old and a bit of a ways off from being the best player and/or character on the team. Don’t think they’re going to wait on him to make this decision.

    • I respect your opinion bud and that would be great, really. If Lafrenierre played well enough to be the NYR captain.
      The problem I see with that is that this team, although young has some veterans that have been on the team for a while.
      Wouldn’t you resent it a little bit if say a young green Lafrenierre were named captain in his rookie season in the NHL? That would even guarantee him a spot on the NHL club that he didn’t earn. That wouldn’t be fair to Kreider & Zibanejad who have both earned their positions. Both on and off the ice. What kind of team president would that set amongst the team?

      The coaches could still be patient and go 1 more season without naming a Captain and see how the roster plays out. They still have to work out a new extension with Zibanejad at some point.

      • I’m not saying give Lafreniere the C next year. They’ve waited this long to name a captain, what’s a little bit longer to see if a player who’s been all-leadership on every one of his teams can take over this team too. The fact that Kreider or Zib don’t have a C already speaks volumes to me. Zib isn’t even signed long term and it’s no guarantee he gets a new contract with the team as much as I’d like to see him get one.

  • Kreider with the C as he works his way down the lineup, new sweater drops the 16th.

    The Adidas sweatshops have been working all out to get these things ready. My college program had all sweater orders beyond the team cancelled last spring.

  • Firstly we have no idea if the Rangers plan to assign a captain this season. We can only speculate.
    I personally don’t think the Rangers staff should burden Zibanejad with the “C” on his Jersey. An “A” will suit him fine. He has played so well the last 2+ years leading the Rangers as the top line pivot.

    Wearing the “C” has ruined players on ice performance in the past. I think Kreider’s the de facto captain anyway. He was a 1st round NYR draft pick, top 20 (19) overall back in 2009 I think. Now that they have locked him up long term, he’s set to be a NYR lifer. At the very least, Kreider will have spent 80%-90% of his career with the Rangers. Assuming he spends the rest of his current contract with the team that brought him into the NHL.
    Give Kreider the “C” and Zibanejad wears an “A.” Pick a defenseman to wear another “A” on his jersey. Maybe the Rangers coaching staff feel Adam Fox will be a NYR for a long time and shows good leadership qualities.
    We the fans don’t know the culture inside the NYR locker room. I would say that Trouba is the veteran and the obvious choice to wear an “A” as the voice of the Rangers back end but he needs to rebound from a less than stellar 1st season on Broadway. Trouba needs to worry about himself and his game. I fear the “A” will only complicate things for him further.

    This is all just fan conjecture at this point. Granted, it’s fun stuff to speculate on. The Rangers players to wear the “C” are immortalized in team history and never forgotten. Those players are forever sealed in NYR lore. Let’s go NY Rangers. Captain or no captain, this is gonna be a big season for the Rangers. They’ve managed to clear out the old veterans with those ridiculous contracts like Hank (God love him). This team is set to move forward with a totally new core.

    • If they name a Captain, it will probably be Kreider, just for the fact of their long term commitment to him. No big deal.
      In other news, The Post has a story on Hank’s new equipment and mask for the Capitals. Interestingly, he has a new number too. He’s chosen #35….interesting…………..

  • So, if Zib is the C (and I think that he should be), does that mean that they will probably look to re-sign him in a couple of years?

    Or, do the extension in his last year?

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