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NHL Winter Classic and All Star Weekend postponed

In what was an expected move, the NHL has postponed the Winter Classic and All Star Weekend in 2021. The logistics of putting on both events in an unknown COVID world were too challenging. Plus holding both events without being able to put fans in the stands wouldn’t be the same.

The release does make note that cancelling the events has no bearing on their plans to restart the season on January 1. New Year’s Day is the day I assumed the league would kick off, and I did think it was going to be at the All Star Game. Then again, I also thought people would wear masks and we’d be out of the worst of the pandemic. That’s what I get for trusting people as a whole.


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  • I got a text from my season ticket rep, told him I’m not expecting to be able to see games in person this year without a vaccine going wide.

    They can’t bubble per se, but the fast response testing along with some common sense should allow them to play behind closed doors for TV.

    Gonna suck for escrow, gonna suck for cash flow, but they have to play.

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