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Doc Emrick to retire

Long time NBC announcer Doc Emrick is set to retire today. Emerick has called hockey for 47 years and most recently was the NHL’s lead announcer for NBC.

Love him or hate him, Doc was the voice of hockey for an entire generation of hockey fans. When you turned on a game and heard his voice, you knew it was a big game. The inventor of hockey verbs like waffleboarded, knifed, guided, and stapled, Doc’s enthusiasm for the game is unmatched.

No official announcement has been made about who will replace him. However it seems to be between John Forslund or Kenny Albert. It is unknown if NBC will make that call immediately following Doc Emrick announcing his decision to retire.


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  • Doc is a hugeeeeeeeeeee Devil fan, but simply one of the best play by play announcers ever. No one can ever ring one off the pipe like Doc!!…lol

    • He worked for them, liked John McMullen as a person, but wasn’t a fan. He would commute from Hershey to call games.

      • I write this as a former NJ Devils employee who worked alongside Doc while in Media Relations.

        I used to joke with him about being a member of the Flyers Satellite Club(when he worked for the Flyers, Doc & Bill would hold host on a wide variety of subjects on the satellite feed for away games an hour before games so the crew could get audio sorted).

        I helped out with Russian pronunciations(but he was the guy who drove the pronunciation guide), he told stories about nickel beer night in Toledo that were as disastrous as Disco Demolition.

        Saw him at a Rangers/Pittsburgh playoff game a couple years back over breakfast, I couldn’t believe he remembered me after 20- something years. That voice during games? He might be living the gimmick, but that’s his voice 24-7.

        The guy is a fucking mensch.

        Fare thee well.

  • I have listen to some great announcers in my 59 years of following sports and Doc ranks among the top 5 of all time! Like Mel Allen, Red Bar, Vince Scully, for me I’ll miss him saying: My Goodness what a save! Thanks Doc. for all the GREAT calls all these years. Happy Trails, and GOD BLESS.

  • Doc – don’t do this to us. IMHO the greatest play by play announcer of all time. And I am not leaving out “hockey” accidentally.

    Even as a Devils announcer his call of 1994 game 6 Devils/Rangers (one of the greatest games of all time; I watched so many times) was amazing; he wasn’t a homer like almost every other announcer.

    Won’t be the same without him! I wonder if Kenny Albert will get the gig.

    Wishing the classy Emerick a great retirement; but hoping he shows up every now than then for an encore.

  • What a career, like you mentioned, either side of the coin your on with your liking his style, you have to admire and appreciate a legendary person with a amazing career and life…

    So long Doc, I know every so often my wife and I will mention you during a broadcast….


  • Doc was a good announcer, but his shtick is getting old. Some NEW blood would really help the NBC broadcasts.

  • glad he’s goin. i turn the sound off anytime he does a game so i guess i’m one of those who didn’t think he was sooooo great. it got to the point that it was so bad that he told us what we just saw was something else and false information all the time.

  • I loved the team of Pierre Mcguire, Enzo and Emrick…. Truly made the NHL playoffs that much better… The Versus channel days were great but something memorable about NBCS… This guy made the Boston vs Vancouver series even more intense….

    I’ll always cheerish that moment on live tv when they showed a old gooft picture of Joe Micheletti. Doc within .1 second burst out laughing at it lol…. I swear he couldn’t stop until 7-8 mins later..

    And. It did. Not.. Go. In….-Emrick

    I usually could care less about people on TV retiring, but this guy was a true legend at his craft.. His team laughing at their own jokes were blissful moments, just joyful grown men happy to be doing their jobs, no shame, peace out Doc (even though he was a open about being in secret society)

  • Regardless of how you feel about Doc, he is a legend within his profession and he has demonstrated class throughout his whole career.

    God’s speed Doc.

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