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Rumor: Tony DeAngelo contract talks yet to begin

Some interesting news here. Colby Cohen is noting that NY Rangers contract talks with Tony DeAngelo haven’t really made headway. Cohen was just on DeAngelo’s podcast (I don’t listen to it, so don’t ask), so this is likely where that information came from.

If history is something we note, then this is a little par for the course for the Rangers. They usually leave their RFA talks to the end of their offseason activities. That’s how they’ve done it in the past, and I find it hard to believe they’d change course.

That said, DeAngelo at $5 million to play 3RD is a major luxury that the Rangers likely can’t afford. If DeAngelo re-signs, then it behooves them to try him –or someone else– on the left side on their off-hand. It would help justify giving him that money if he’s in the top-four.

Regarding the last bit, I don’t see the Rangers and Flyers making a trade of this magnitude. Deadline rentals, minor trades, sure. But major roster pieces? I doubt it. If contract talks with Tony DeAngelo really do stall though, the Flyers are a team that has the right pieces for a trade.

I like spitballing. DeAngelo for Shayne Gostisbehere, anyone? Could be something that works for both teams. This holds especially true for Philly, who just lost Matt Niskanen.

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    • Once the scouting report was made on Gostisbhere, he never had a plan B. Just a (expensive for a 3rd pair) guy.

  • I just don’t think a defenseman who can put up the points Tony can is a luxury. I think he’s a weapon.

  • Gostisbehere for ADA? I hope your spit ball also includes their first coming our way…otherwise…hard pass

  • DeAngelo for Shayne Gostisbehere?

    Now you’re just smoking crack David … not in a million years. How about Morgan Frost?

    … and this whole idea of not being able to afford the “luxury” of having a 3RD making that type of money is a bad argument for just trading him away for low value. No, you keep him and sign him for multiple years and wait to strike when the right “moment” comes — because it will. We can afford this luxury and proper asset management demands it.

  • “I like spitballing. DeAngelo for Shayne Gostisbehere, anyone? Could be something that works for both teams. This holds especially true for Philly, who just lost Matt Niskanen.”

    No effing way this deal is made. ADA cost is about the same @ $5 mil, and he plays with an edge, SG is soft…………..

    If we are making a move that includes Tony, it’s to move up in the draft to get Lundell!!!!!!!!!!! He goes to Minny, and or Buffalo, besides why would we want to help Filthadelphia????????????

    • Filthadelphia should be willing to pay more for ADA because they’ll figure to have an advantage signing him long term. Other than that, absolutely no reason to send him there.

  • Philly has soured on Gostisbehere. Once a very promising talented dman, he is now in a “needs a change of scenery” situation. His stock has diminished considerably on Broad Street.

    This narrative about Tony being a 3rd pair so you can’t pay him seems contrived to me. He’s 24 and just came off an amazing offensive season and has shown some improvement defensively as well. He is unique talent and provides some sorely needed grit in short supply on the team. He is also extremely popular with his teammates, regardless of the political correctness/cancel culture nonsense in vogue these days. Depending on who he is paired with he could be more than a 3rd pair. Or perhaps the Rangers will not be traditional with top 4 vs bottom pairing.

    Fox may be trending towards being their best dman; but for now he plays with Lindgren, who for all his effort and improvement is likely a bottom pair talent at the end of the day. And Trouba needs to be paired with a yet to be found ideal defense partner to truly be the first pair dman he is being paid to be.

    And its not impossible that ADA will be moved to, or at least tried, on the left side this season. He has played there before. Might depend on if the Rangers come up with a vialbe LHD not currently on the roster. And one good thing about Smith is that he can play either side equally, if only adequately.

    In any event the Gotisbehere for ADA trial balloon seems ill advised to me. And it would be especially painful to see Tony in a Flyers uniform for the next 10 years.

    • Orlands

      Well said, and a thumbs up for it.

      Some people have an ax to grind against Tony, and will always try to put him down no matter what he does. I would hope that he stays for the reasons stated!!!!!!!!!

  • ADA is a unique player because he has top rate skill, plays with an edge AND most importantly, which does not get enough discussion, he shows no stage fright of NY and even thrives on it. This is no small thing. Pay ’em, keep ’em, find a place for ’em. He isn’t Bread, but he is the real deal and his D play can keep improving esp under a JMartin-like D coach.

        • No, what I’m suggesting is:

          A: that you can line up almost any tomato can and get that production at a much cheaper price. Like Nils Lundkvist. Put him on his off hand and he could score 20 goals, just can’t ever play him trying to hold a leas the last 10 minutes of a game.

          B: that Gorton needs to find an analytics light GM/coach combo as a pair of marks.

          • Hard to know what exactly is the analytics situation within the organization, but you may well be correct on the need for an upgrade there. And I agree re. Tony D’s defensive limitations. But he probably deserves a little more credit than the tomato can comparison — he does drive offense, and he plays with an edge that isn’t exactly a team strongpoint. I’d be ok trading him to fill a need, especially with Lundkvist in waiting, but we oughta be careful not to undervalue Tony D in the process, and if there isn’t fair value to be had I’d be happy to keep him.

          • I knew exactly what you meant … and I meant exactly what I said. He’s a valuable asset that if moved, should be at the time and value appropriate to his abilities.

  • What is this team going to have in abundance? Skill
    What does this team need? Grit, grease, nastiness.
    What’s the last thing this team needs to do?Trade what we need in exchange for what we have.

  • They qualified him – so it’s my understanding they can wait for arbitration, come to an agreement or even trade his rights all of which gives the Rangers time to survey the landscape. It makes sense for the Rangers to play it slow. So many teams that are up against the cap and performance bonuses etc. They should play it slow as a very good maybe great player or two will become available. Love ADA hope they keep him but guessing it’s going to be a crazy next couple of weeks.

    • “So many teams that are up against the cap and performance bonuses etc. They should play it slow as a very good maybe great player or two will become available.”

      I think you’re missing the point about Philadelphia’s situation. They are in good shape financially, so much that all it took was for one of their own to call it a quits to open up room for a 5+ mill player to add now. They didn’t even need to move Ghost or JVR to free up that money.. You shoot at your opening, not this play it slow when choices are already slim.

      They have also been rebuilding since 2014… Their farm team is full of bottom 6 role guys/top 9 player’s with top 6 potential.

      This is exactly the team to work with if ADA can’t come down on his asking price. The guy has basically 1 more year left until he’s a UFA. I think this whole idea of trying to send him out west is silly. He will most likely pick NJ or Philly by 2022, I say get it over with now.

  • Dave, you hate Tony so much so, that you would trade him to the Flyers for a way inferior player and then you would watch as he torments you even more than he is now.

    A bit shortsighted on your part.

    Guy is flipping flap jacks in your head. You think he is thinking about you?

        • What does my opinion of him have to do with this post? This isn’t me saying “TRADE HIM.” This is me citing the source with zero personal input other than having some fun with a spitballing trade based on the information.

          • Ok, don’t want to argue with you, just pointing out that, reading between the lines, you clearly are not a fan, that’s all.

          • I will always admit my bias. There is clear bias on the other side of things as well, completely ignoring the multiple hockey and cap reasons why TDA could/should be traded.

            It is funny to me that people (not you) spent years saying NYR shouldn’t go after offensive defensemen who can’t defend. Now they have a pure offense only defenseman who legitimately cannot defend at all, and defend (see what I did there?) him to the death.

  • They don’t nick name Gostisbehere Ghost for nothing, when he is on the ice he is invisible.

    ADA is just starting to come into his own and becoming the hockey player he was projected to be. Just because he is on the 3rd pairing doesn’t mean he is a 3rd pair dman. The Rangers should sign DeAngelo to a bridge deal (without a NTC). He is a keeper.

  • Ny needs to get rid of Jeff Gordon he has destroyed the team and got rid of a lot of good players !! It’s about time someone treades him

  • My main concern with DeAngelo is whether he’s a Playoff-type performer. I know he may not have been 100%, but he looked pretty bad in the Carolina series. He is currently a below-average D (not awful, just below average). I worry his game may not “play well” in a play-off atmosphere where guys can get more physical with him when he’s on offense and his limitations on D could cost us.

    I like so much of his game, but it feels very 82-game strong. I am worried enough about him in the playoffs enough to fear a long-term deal. I would be good with a 2 x 4.5 range. Anything more gives me pause.

      • “He played on a bad hammy … you try that and then let us know how much “your” game slips.”

        I have and known plenty of athlete’s in football, hockey and lacrosse who all have had every kind of leg injury to mankind. Pre teen’s are learning about how player’s usually play 50% to 60% at best at their stages in sports, it literally comes with the territory. I didn’t think you played with much pucks but I assumed you played other contact sports, lol guess not.

        Btw to stick to the main topic about questioning his resistant to a physical 7 game series… Beware is 100% onto something here.. You’re underestimating when he has turns his back to retrieve pucks. Teams have gone after better, faster and bigger D men on forecheck shift after shift.

        • I played and never had a hamstring problem, that said some injuries are clearly more of an issue than others … I mean look at your brain injury and how it affects your posts here — what you clearly seem to forget is that you have NO clue as to the severity of the injury.

      • Completely hear you on his injury (sorry, forgot it was the hamstring). And he’s a tough guy and it’s impressive how he wanted to be out there. Extenuating factors to be sure, and he does seem to enjoy being a Ranger.

        But I personally still have some concerns about how well his game will translate in the playoffs, where every defensive lapse is so critical. I do NOT want to see him traded. But I hope we don’t go crazy on the financial commitment. To me, a two year bridge at around $4.5M seems like a reasonable play.

        • Agree about the 2 years and the $ amount. I’m not adverse to trading him (we have his replacement in Sweden), I just object to making a trade that doesn’t reflect his growing value.

  • I would be shocked if these parties come to a fair deal on their own, but arbitrator will award the 2-year bridge deal Gorton wants to sign Tony to but for 1M+ more. Sure it will be a little more expensive but should be able to fit it under the cap and still trade at the deadline (or draft) for good value if it looks like there won’t be a fit longer term. Ultimately ADA’s quest for top dollar is going to drive him out of town though.

    • Do we know what he wants? Didn’t he get low balled and screwed last year? He’s merely exercising his rights … and until we know what each side is “offering”, to suggest that he’s “pricing himself” out of town is premature — and perhaps a viewpoint based on a biased perception.

  • Unless he improves tremendously defensively, he needs to be traded. I love his offensive game, and his chemistry with Panarin. I also like his grit, but bottom line is he’s a defenseman who is poor defensivel. We already have Fox and Trouba on the right side, enough offense right there, sirry TonyD.

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