Rumor: Tony DeAngelo contract talks yet to begin

Some interesting news here. Colby Cohen is noting that NY Rangers contract talks with Tony DeAngelo haven’t really made headway. Cohen was just on DeAngelo’s podcast (I don’t listen to it, so don’t ask), so this is likely where that information came from.

If history is something we note, then this is a little par for the course for the Rangers. They usually leave their RFA talks to the end of their offseason activities. That’s how they’ve done it in the past, and I find it hard to believe they’d change course.

That said, DeAngelo at $5 million to play 3RD is a major luxury that the Rangers likely can’t afford. If DeAngelo re-signs, then it behooves them to try him –or someone else– on the left side on their off-hand. It would help justify giving him that money if he’s in the top-four.

Regarding the last bit, I don’t see the Rangers and Flyers making a trade of this magnitude. Deadline rentals, minor trades, sure. But major roster pieces? I doubt it. If contract talks with Tony DeAngelo really do stall though, the Flyers are a team that has the right pieces for a trade.

I like spitballing. DeAngelo for Shayne Gostisbehere, anyone? Could be something that works for both teams. This holds especially true for Philly, who just lost Matt Niskanen.