Rangers trade Marc Staal to Detroit

A bombshell on a Saturday night. The NY Rangers have traded Marc Staal to the Detroit Red Wings.

The trade is Staal and a 2nd round pick for future considerations. Clearly more to come. The Rangers free up $5.7 million in cap space with this one trade, but obviously lose a 2nd round pick in the deal.

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    • When do we hear how good our new Future considerations are?
      Does this mean Gorton is trying like hell to NOT buy out Hank? The 2nd rounder is for 2021 per Cap Friendly.

  • Didn’t see that happening. I’m surprised that Staal would waive his NTC to go to Detroit. Good news is the Rangers finally get some cap relief. 2nd rounder is tough, but it was necessary to get rid of Staal.

  • Future considerations – does anyone know when that end of the deal needs to be completed by and does it require a player being acquired or could it mean cash (or both)?

    • Because of accounting rules, the trade needs to balance out in a manner that is neutral for both parties. The accountants have prices for all that.

      So future considerations is basically how productive Staal is next season. If he actually beats what he did last season(which is possible considering past history) that he might bring a 3rd back in return. Would have to be 1st team all star to get a better return than that.

      IIRC, under the CBA cash can no longer be a future consideration.

      • CBA 11.16 Sale of SPCs. There shall be no cash transactions in connection with the Assignment of Players. Nor shall any Club be permitted to retain an obligation to pay or to reimburse another Club for a portion of any Player’s Paragraph 1 Salary or Bonuses in connection with the Assignment of such Player, other than as set forth in Section 50.5(e)(iii) of this Agreement.

    • The miracle: Will be for when JG has to get Zib, Laffy, Kakko, Fox and this future 2c all new deals.

      • Sit back, and enjoy this one.

        Marc is a class guy, no question, but this is a brilliant move. NO CAP RETENTION. NO MAJOR ASSET MOVED.

        • The Red Wings absorbing his entire cap hit is the key to this deal. Worth giving up the pick. I wish Staal good luck in Detroit or wherever he ends up. Seems like a good guy

          • Turns out that Staal had a MODIFIED NMC, and Detroit was not on the list of places that he could not be traded to.

            Which makes sense, since Marc is from the Toronto area.

            I woke up this morning and the trade was not deemed to be a hoax. What a great move for the Rangers. I guess that JD is serious.

            Smith has to be next.

          • Yeah great trade by the Rangers. I can see Smith being next, but I can also see him being on the team next season.

          • My feeling is that Smith will go also so the Rangers will go get a LH D man for Trouba.

          • They’re not trading Trouba pal. If anything, they will trade for a LH partner for him.

          • No I know. I was asking who you think are possibilities that the Rangers may go out and acquire to put with Trouba

  • Gorton trading more draft picks. Anyone still think this team is still stockpiling for the future and not trying to contend now?

    Staal, 999 games in a rangers sweater.


    • It was either part with a 2nd rd pick or buy him out, I think this was the lesser of 2 evils, we retained no salary and shed a 5.7 mil contract which was attached to a player who hasn’t been productive in years.

  • Staal is a class act. But injuries have really caught up with his play. I wish him all the best in his new home.

    Tonight another veteran ex Ranger defenceman may get to sip out of the Stanley Cup. I wish him success as well.

  • Surprised they were able to move him. This is worth the price. Wish Staal all the best. This was better than a buy out.

  • I’ve always liked Mark and wish him well but we really needed that Space and if somehow or other we get their second round pick back what a deal that would be

  • Wow I suggested this a week or 2 ago. I figured it would have taken a 2021 1st rounder. Losing a 2nd rounder in a weak draft.

    • Brooks is saying that he had a “modified no-trade clause on which Detroit was not listed as off-limits,” so I don’t think he was asked to waive his no movement clause. So maybe a little less love for him?

      • Brooks was correct about this one, he hasn’t a NMC for a few years now, Capfriendly incorrectly had him posted as having one, Spotrac has had his terms correct with a Mod. NTC.

  • Happy days are here again, cap space for us is clear again, let us sing a song of cheer again! Awesome move, Gordon! It gets better and better!

  • Amazing how nothing that leadership can do will keep Ranger fans and columnists happy. I read a few articles this morning and have read some ridiculous posts,( not here), that the Rangers made a terrible deal because they included a 2nd round pick for 2021….Who cares? I don’t. First of all, we have enough damn prospects and picks….It is now time to shore up the D and get a impact centerman….Enough already with the negative commenting…..This is a new era and JD is not Sather……I love the trade….relieves cap stress…….I also see a few other moves coming soon….Hank is probably mulling his options as I am sure that JD and Hank have spoken in recent days. Hope all are well and safe…

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