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Rumors: Tony DeAngelo, Ryan Strome on trade bait list

To no one’s surprise, both Tony DeAngelo and Ryan Strome have hit the trade rumors. This was expected, given their contract status and the Rangers’ current cap situation. It was also unlikely the Rangers re-sign all their key RFAs.

Both have long been rumored to be on the trade block, as both are going to have hefty salary increases. They are also both expected to get significant term on their expensive deals.

The eventual buyout of Henrik Lundqvist frees up *some* space. But the questions about Strome and DeAngelo stretch far beyond next season. If Jeff Gorton and David Quinn do not see these two in the long term future, then trading them now would be wise.

While the Ryan Strome and Tony DeAngelo trade rumors are connected to the Lundqvist buyout in this tweet, it likely isn’t the case. It was either $12 million in buyout cap hits, or $7 million in buyout cap hits plus $8 million for Lundqvist. They are related, but necessarily connected. Expect both Strome and DeAngelo to have their names in trade rumors for the next few weeks.

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  • Almost all RFA’s on all teams appear on the trade bait list. It is a right of passage, especially during a fixed CAP season.

    Not too sure we would get equal value on either player.

  • ADA you sign to a pretty decent term with year one being maxed out with a minimum paragraph 1 salary, then flip him a after the bonus paid out.

    Strome I offer a 1 year below the arbitration walk away number ($5mm this year I believe), say $4mm(again, all signing bonus w/ minimum paragraph 1 salary,) then walk away when the arbitrator awards $5.5mm. Strome then has 48 hours to take the deal or test the waters as a UFA in the middle of a pandemic. After that, you have one more year to fish or cut bait on him, trading him as a deadline player. It’s risky, but one in the hand is worth two in the Bush.

  • just sucks hearing all this buyout stuff, which would increase our dead cap space……..Hard to fathom that Hank would stand his ground and give JD and JG are hard time. After all NYR brass did take good care of Hank and have rewarded him with contracts fit for a King……no pun intended…Just hoping that Hank would retire and take a front office position with the team for life…….That would be nice…..

    • You can’t really give anyone a front office position for life – unless you are talking about an ambassador for the team. You just don’t know what someone’s aptitude is until you put them in the position. Not front office or hockey, but years ago, Sandy Koufax was hired to do color commentary. I don’t know how long the contract was for, but long before spring training was over, both the network and Koufax knew he could not do the job justice.

      Lundqvist may turn out to be the greatest GM of all time – or he may not even be a successful goalie coach; we just don’t know.

  • If he olds out for a buy out, I will lose all of my respect for him. He is then nothing more than asshole squeezing every red cent he can out of this team instead of working for them and getting his money that way. I hope I am wrong

    • Hey pal, I think it’s a matter of personal pride for Hank…Most athletes don’t know when to quit…Hopefully this is not the case with Hank.

    • That’s crazy, you can’t blame Hank for signing a good contract and wanting it to be fulfilled. You would do the same damn thing! If you say no, then I say you are a liar!

      • JoeS


        Here’s why, he could replace Rod Gilbert as our ambassador.

        He will get his number retired.

        He would be around the city he claims to love.

        He would get the ring when we win the cup soon.

        The opportunity to work for us for as long as he wants will more than make up for the amount do, which is considerably less than the cap hit of $8.5mil.

        It’s time for him to pony up, and do something for the team, and let his ego play second fiddle.

        Bottom line, he is being inconsiderate to his organization, and fellow teammates, who again he professes to care for. Crap or get off the pot Hank!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I don’t know what czech would do under the circumstances. I don’t know him. I am not even sure what I would have done in my 30s, but I certainly know that today I would retire in Hank’s place – and I would do it with the money I have now which is minuscule compared to Hank’s nest egg.

        The glorious exit – the parting gift to Ranger fans.

        So don’t call him a liar. Maybe if he said no, it is because he has character, something largely rejected in the US today, but not yet extinct.

        • Thanks pal. As for Hank, he can more than make up for his 5.2 million still owed to him by joining the organization in any number of roles. They can perhaps increase his comp by another 2-3 million and pay it out over a 4 year deal. No rules against that type of stuff. The Rangers made him the highest paid goalie in the league for many years. He is still in the top 5 I believe. He should do the team he claims to love a favor and retire.

          • Sorry to offend you by calling you a liar.

            -an agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified.
            -an agreement enforceable by law.

            This is my point

          • Actually, there *are* rules in the CBA that prohibit that sort of thing. OTT allied circumvention: CBA 26.3

        • Claerly character is largely rejected in the US today, even by you. Why?, because men and women of good character honor signed contracts.

      • But if you don’t perform to the standards that you are being paid then is that fair ? I hate these big contacts that hamper the team when the player doesn’t perform . It’s bullshit.

  • I say sign both to 2 year deals without a NMC or a NTC (or very limited NTC). Offer both 2 years @ $4.5M — then expose Strome in the draft and consider trading DeAngelo right after the draft (if Lundkvist is the answer to the question of who will replace DeAngelo on the right side). In the alternative trade Strome or DeAngelo at the draft if you can get good value (DeAngelo definitely being worth more than Strome).

    • That sounds great — and it may be with the depressed market, they would be well served to accept. It seems to me that playing with Panarin a while longer will only improve Strome’s value. And I can’t help but think that the long term contracts will be depressed this year and short term contracts are good for players.

      Plus, if you can do this, the Rangers can afford Fast if they choose to keep him.

    • Great plan…I like the idea of exposing Strome to the expansion draft. Seattle would likely take the bait.

      ADA different story he had a great season and is still young. Has he reached his ceiling or is he a rising star. He is a keeper, at least for now.

      Buying out Lundqvist gives the Rangers 3 more million of cap space and some wiggle room to sign all their RFAs. But still not enough to resign Fast. However, with a flat salary cap, Jesper could very easy price himself out of the market.

  • It appears that Hank has the organization by the short hairs. We can’t make moves until he agrees to be traded, and or wants to continue playing, which should be announced. Should we be forced to carry him on the roster, sit his sorry ass until he has a pine tree growing under it.

    I’ve said this before, I’ll repeat myself, Hank is being selfish, or greedy. In either case, if we are forced to buy him out, write him off as if he never existed. No number retirement, no position of any kind with in the organization, EVER.

    If he cared for the Rangers as claimed, he’d do whatever is needed to get the problem resolved. Why force the team to trade two potential players, and kill any chance for us to continue down the road to a cup, while he sits on a bench? Greed, and or ego. In either case this guy is showing no class whatsoever. He is being self centered, and egotistical, both are lousy traits. Bottom line, Hank if you really care about the team, retire and go to work for it. If you do that you’ll earn all the respect in the world. If you force our hand, you’ll go down in history as a turd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now let’s hear from all the Hank lovers who’ll defend this classless act….

    • Why would he not want them to honor the contract? Its the teams fault, and he is suppose to fall on the sword. A lot of dumb takes.

      I’m no ranger fan or Lundqvist fan, im in buffalo. But its absolutely stupid to think he should/would fall on a sword.

      • Tim

        Because he professes to care for the team, and teammates, who will be sacrificial lambs due to greed, or huge ego. I won’t go much further than to say he could work for the team the rest of his life if he wants to, but if he forces the hand of management, I’d write him off as if he were dead!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Best move would’ve been for him to go to Frölunda on loan, 2nd best would be for him to retire, 3rd best would be for him to agree for a trade, worst is a buyout.

  • Call me crazy but I will never call a man greedy for getting paid what his contract says he is to be paid.

    I love the company I work for but not enough to tell them to kelp the last couple of paychecks I would get before retiring just because I like them.

    Some of you are living in a fantasyland here in what you think people should do with their finances and careers.

    • First let us be clear what the choices are. Choice 1 is that Lundqvist gets the money from the Rangers. Choice 2 is that the Rangers instead spend the money on other players. So Lundqvist is not really taking money from the Ranger organization; he is taking it from younger hockey players and, by taking it, he is forcing the Rangers to field a weaker team – thus hurting Ranger fans.

      Second, good people often pass up money they are entitled to. Someone promises to do a job for a certain amount and it turns out much easier than expected – and they charge less. It happens all the time. I’ve had auto mechanics fix a car for free when they could have charged me. I’ve also had a car dealer insist on installing a part because he had taken out of the parts department. He was entitled to charge me I suppose, but he was not entitled to my according him any respect or refraining from bad-mouthing the dealership.

      So I will call Lundqvist greedy if he forces the Rangers to buy him out. A person is greedy if they want more than they deserve, irrespective of what they are legally entitled to.

      In the end, Henrik Lundqvist is entitled to either the money or my respect, but not both. I agree with Walt. A buyout should mean no number hanging from the rafters. After all, that is not in his contract.

    • Spozo

      At age 60 I was downsized, but given a full retirement, and severance package. I could have sued for age discrimination, but wouldn’t because I was treated very fairly for 30 years of service, and I cared for my company. They replaced me with a younger man, again that would have been a winning case.

      You see I had pride, and wasn’t a pri*k like Hank is. As Reen stated, he could have been sent to Sweden to play there, on loan, got his money, and we wouldn’t get the cap hit. He’s just being a horses ass, and I’ll never forgive him for doing that to his so called beloved Rangers. The guy is full of crap, and himself!!!!!!!!!

      • Dude put your blame on Sather and the $8 million (Before a potential Hank buyout) in dead cap space next season. They are sacrificing $6.5 million in dead cap space for shorty alone! Who by the way is about to win a cup.

        Hank doesn’t have any sort of obligation to make up for the shortfalls that his boss, who also signed his contract, has made.

        • Spozo

          So if you hire a plumber for a given price, you expect to get the services negotiated for that price. If he fails to deliver as promised, what do YOU do? Pay him and say thank you for shafting me. No effing way would you accept that, you’d demand he come back and do the right thing, or give you back your money.

          What’s the difference? Nothing that’s what. He’s been effing the team for at least three years, so how many more screwings are we to take. It’s a two way street, but Hank wants it all, and the hell with the team. FYI, they named a street after Hank, ONE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • How is Hank not delivering? Did he not show up in the bubble? The contact does not say he needs to be a Vezina candidate. When the team signed him, they could have paid more AAV for a smaller term. This is the price of a long term contract. No one expected Hank to be worth his cap hit at the back end. You are also conveniently forgetting his prior contract when he was over performing his cap hit. Should the team have given him an extra bonus? This is the nature of contracts. They suck at the back end. Teams understand this when they sign them.

  • Nobody can say Hank is geedy by expecting to get paid what his contract states, unless there is a buyout. Yes, contracts have consequences.

      • Walt, I agree with your opinions in most posts, but on Hank’s situation, I agree with Spozo. Rangers management is fully responsible, and should be held accountable, but I need not tell you, that’s not happening. Like you and me, there are many frustrated Rangers’ fans, and likely some players.

  • While I am all in favor of team stability and rewarding performance, I also believe that in this world we live in and business must operate in, EVERYONE on the team is “trade bait”. The only criterion should be “does it improve the TEAM?” In other words, it all depends on what the other team is willing to offer, and how good a bargainer each GM is. No deal is inevitable, nor is any deal impossible.

  • Yes, Lundqvist has a contract, and should expect the money. But I often wonder, in cases like this, what it must feel like to a player knowing that you can no longer perform to the level that earns the salary paid to you. Not only that, but also understanding that, not only that you can’t play well enough to earn that salary, but that you and your salary and cap hit are actually a burden to your team. That must be tough on a person.

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