In trying times, James Dolan a blessing for NY Rangers fans

The COVID-19 impact is now starting to rear its ugly head on NHL team owners. Teams are having trouble paying bonuses, and there are rumors team sales might occur. The NY Rangers don’t have this problem, as James Dolan has almost bottomless pockets. While COVID has impacted us all, Dolan still has the money to pay salaries and bonuses.

Dolan is the perfect example of an owner that, as far as we know, does it right at the moment. He allowed the Rangers to rebuild. He has endless amounts of money. He still wants to spend the money despite not having any immediate revenue. He’s not perfect, but he’s the right guy at the moment. Remember this is the guy that committed to paying MSG workers throughout the lockdown.

The evil you know is better than the evil you don’t, and Dolan’s the evil we know. We know he will pay for the Rangers to win. He will also fund the Rangers through trying times. There are many things to not like about him, but you can’t deny that he’s going to spend the money.

In uncertain fiscal times, James Dolan is a bit of a blessing for NY Rangers fans. There are no cap dump trades. It’s unlikely there will be an internal cap imposed. In fact, he may be shrewd enough to green light some additional spending. This is an advantage that few teams can match.

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    • Durant and Kyrie specially said that they did not come here because of Dolan. Not that I care about basketball anyway.

      I long for the days of the Ewing/Jordan era. Or the 70s.

  • “In uncertain fiscal times, James Dolan is a bit of a blessing for NY Rangers fans.”

    To think that it took a lock out for me to think that he may be OK after all……………….

    In fairness Dolan has let his GM run the show, unlike a-holes like Jakobs in Boston, who is so tight, he squeezes a nickel until the buffalo has a BM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Agreed about the overall message being put here about Dolan and his deep pockets.. But being a “blessing”? That is a hard slap to us Christians, it’s a blessing to wake up every day and to family that shows unconditional love no matter what one’s going through at the time.

    Bad choice of words Dave, I’m not with that. Tell the kids who pass through NYC underground trafficking system that it’s all, we have James Dolan leading the way.

    • “Christians” don’t own the word “blessing”. I’m surprised I have to tell you that, but here we are.

    • NotsoAvery….I mean no disrespect…But for those of us up here in Canada….Hockey is a religion.;)

  • Not for nothing, but his father Charles, a brilliant businessman, who had the foresight of cable TV in the 70s, built a tremendous empire, for which his son got a piece of without working a day in his life.

    Thank Charles, not his son who is a complete buffoon (yes, this is 100% true). Charles was smart enough to separate MSG from Cablevision to give his son a toy to play with. And sold Cablevision for $19B.

    The Knicks, James’ crown jewel, has been in shambles for years because no FAs want to play for this guy.

    As for the Rangers, they have us season ticket holders make 2 payments for the 2020-21 season, before giving us credit for the home games that they didn’t play last year. And who knows if we will even be able to attend a game this coming year.

    So, sorry, but I do not feel thankful for James Dolan.

    • From “Celebrity Net Worth” (just as I said above):

      James Dolan was born in Massapequa, New York on May 11, 1955. He was one of six children born to billionaire Charles Dolan and wife Helen Ann. Unlike James who inherited his entire fortune and place in life, Charles actually built an empire from scratch through hard work and steady management over decades. Charles and Helen got their start in media packaging sports clips and syndicating them around the country. Charles eventually founded Sterling Cable which operated cable companies around the New York area. In the early 1970s Charles sold his Manhattan Cable division to Time Inc and subsequently re-named his Long Island division Cablevision Systems. Around this same time, Charles founded Home Box Office which he later sold to Time Life. By the early 2000s, Cablevision had penetrated tens of millions of homes around the country.

      While his father was building an empire, James was unsuccessfully pursuing a career in the music industry. Finally, his father gave James a job at Cablevision. Early in his career, James was sent to Cleveland to launch a sports radio station.

      In 1994, Cablevision bought 50% of the Madison Square Garden company from Viacom. In 1997 the company acquired a full 100% of MSG.

      In 1995, James was made CEO of Cablevision.

  • I think “Evil” goes a little too far, but in today’s times, I guess it is right on the mark!

    • Just a phrase. Dolan isn’t a perfect person by any means, and I’ve been vocal about both his faults and his good deeds.

  • I don’t know too much about Mr. Dolan. But if I was going to own a NHL hockey franchise, the New York Rangers is the most successful, both in revenue and net worth. Toronto is number 2 and then the Habs. I didn’t bother to look up where the Fishsticks rank.

  • Sure it is, because 75% of the seats are corporate owned (always have been) and Hank has made them an international sensation. So their merchandising is through the roof. the Rangers are probably the most recognized and rooted for NHL team overseas.

    They have built in TV revenue from Cablevision (now Altice), so that counts for a lot of revenue too. And done by design BTW.

    But their season ticket list (which used to be a long one) is a distant memory and they’re now offering partial season plans, as they never have before.

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