NY Rangers loan Adam Huska to HKM Zvolen in Slovakia

The exodus of prospects to the European leagues continues. This time, it’s Adam Huska, whom the Rangers will loan to HKM Zvolen in Slovakia. Zvolen is where Huska is from, so this will be a hometown loan for him.

Huska, the Rangers 7th rounder in 2015, is expected to compete for a starting role in Hartford this season. Last year, he went 11-8-6 with a 3.03 GAA and a .894 SV%.

It is expected that Adam Huska’s loan is a temporary loan, and he can be recalled at any time. The KHL and SHL loans appear to be for the full season.

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  • This is likely a good move for two reasons. One is that it clears a path for either re-signing JT Berube (or someone like him) to share Pack goaltending duties with Tyler Wall. The veteran teammate might be good for Wall and it also provides the Rangers with someone to expose in the expansion draft – so they don’t have to trade for such a player down the road.

    Second, predicting goalie trajectories is a tricky business but the returns so far are that Huska is not going to make it. So far at least, he hasn’t been good enough for the AHL and was perhaps destined for Maine. This way, he can develop without any pressure and – if he does put it together – the Rangers can bring him back later on.

    • Ray;

      Excellent points there about signing a veteran for Hartford, both to mentor Wall, and to expose for the expansion draft.

      I do think it’s too early to write Huska off though. Lots of goalies have had rough starts to their careers, and then steadied as they gained experience.

      • I am definitely not writing him off. A good organization makes use of all of its assets. There are seemingly can’t miss prospects, there are prospects that you expect to succeed but occasionally don’t, there are prospects that you expect not to succeed but occasionally do. The key is to work hard to develop them all. And goalies are less predictable than most – for most of his AHL career, Cam Talbot was behind Chad Johnson.

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