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What does a realistic Alex Georgiev trade return look like?

In all likelihood, Alex Georgiev is going to get traded this offseason. Even if Henrik Lundqvist retires, Georgiev is still second fiddle to Igor Shesterkin. The Rangers will strike while the iron is hot. Plenty of teams need goaltending, and while the returns may be a little inconsistent, there are still teams that will pay for Georgiev. The question is: What does an Alex Georgiev trade return look like?

With this in mind, it’s likely easier to accept a Georgiev trade. Maximizing assets is the name of the game, and there are a few different ways the Rangers can capitalize on Georgiev.

The Futures Trade

Goalies are tough to gauge on the trade market. However it seems that pedigree for young goalies has a lot to do with actual trade value. It’s why Cory Schneider, a former 1st round pick with three seasons as a backup under his belt, landed a top-ten pick from the Devils.

Georgiev doesn’t have that kind of pedigree. He’s an undrafted free agent. At 24 years old, he has two seasons as a backup, but his numbers are nowhere near sexy as Schneider’s. His career 3.00/.913 splits don’t scream trade value. However you’d assume that GMs look beyond the lines.

The Cam Talbot trade comes to mind as a decent comparable. Both undrafted free agents, both backups that would most likely succeed as starters. Talbot (and a late 7th) landed a late 2nd, mid 3rd, and early 7th from Edmonton. Talbot had better numbers, but was two years older and came with less cost certainty. It’s a trade off.

The Rangers would be looking at a similar return if they deal Georgiev.

The Hockey Trade

This is the best type of trade. There’s nothing like dealing from a position of strength to address a position of weakness. There are a bunch of teams that need goaltending, but only a few have young centers and/or left defensemen to spare.

The tricky thing here is that Georgiev’s perceived hockey value is a little low. He doesn’t have the pedigree, as mentioned above. He also doesn’t have any legitimate history other than a backup with mediocre numbers on a bad team. Georgiev has potential, but potential without pedigree doesn’t fetch much on the trade market.

In a deal like this, the Rangers would be betting on potential without much pedigree, or a slightly overpaid player worth a flier. That may be someone like Sam Bennett in Calgary, who has not lived up to the potential. Bennett is still a solid 3C, but the former 4th overall pick hasn’t scored at all. Maybe piggybacking off Artemi Panarin helps.

There’s room for a deal with San Jose as well for a kid like Mario Ferraro. The former second round pick held his own in his rookie year, but is also propped up on potential from a solid, albeit small, sample size.

The Package Deal

This is the most likely scenario, as Georgiev can be a sweetener in a bigger trade. Can Georgiev be the cherry on top to get Tomas Hertl from San Jose? Probably not since I don’t think Hertl is going anywhere.

However perhaps there’s a package around Georgiev that can land Travis Dermott from Toronto? Packages are a little tougher to gauge, but would maximize the trade return for Alex Georgiev.

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  • Aside from Georgiev featured in this article, would the Rangers be more likely to trade Ryan Strome or Tony De’Angelo? I can’t imagine both remaining with the club in 2021 or beyond. Also, I think the Lundqvist situation will end up with the Rangers buying him out. Can’t see any team willing to trade away assets and take on his contract even if it the Rangers retain 50%. Lastly; Rangers have 10 total picks in the draft, do you think that will package a few with a player to move back into the late 1st and/or into the 2nd round as they have a big gap between picks in the 1st until their next pick in round 3 (around 50 spots).

    • If Strome goes to arbitration, the Rangers will lowball him and walk away when he hits the magic number. The question then becomes whether Strome bites on the low ball offer for the year to get to UFA.

  • There’s a glut (Greiss, Talbot, Lehner, Anderson to name the top ones) of UFA goalies this summer, so Georgiev won’t even get you what Talbot and Rantaa have gotten in the past. Waiting until the trade deadline will get more value.

    Another reason why Hank should get loaned out.

    • All those guys are going to cost a lot more then Georgiev and there are teams with major cap issue s that aren’t going to want to spend 3-6 million

  • Georgi will not fetch much by himself. Better to package him to acquire a future pick and a warm body. We seem to have more than enough 4th line forwards

  • I know i’m on the Bennett bandwagon. I saw this and I can see this happen Georgi a 3rd maybe we could put in Anderson also,for Bennett and a 2nd..

    • you sign a back up you can expose to the expansion draft after next season and then bring up Tyler Wall the following season.

  • We need to learn the fate of Hank before we consider moving Georgi. I would think we package Lias and Georgi for a big defensman, even if he isn’t more than a 3D

  • Let me remind you free market rule: price is set by balance of demand and supply. This year supply is sooooooooo huge of UFA, any goalie trade from seller point of view looks soooooooo bearish. I wouldn’t even touch this subject this season. Let go Henrik, and if you are looking to buy some talent, use Strome and Canes 1st round pick to achieve it

  • Since his trade value is shot to death, the Rangers might as well keep him, and back up Shesty.

    Or, package him with Strome and Lias, to see what they can fetch, as a package.

  • We have plenty of players to trade……but we must clarify the current issues with Hank, Smith, and Staal before we go moving pieces……

  • You can’t compare Talbot and Georgiev. Think like a GM and look at Lundqvist stats.

    2005-2013: Rangers with Lundqvist 276-229; Rangers without Lundqvist 54-63.

    In limited play in 2013-2015, Talbot outperformed Hank. Pretty damned impressive. Oh sure, he’s not as good as Hank, but he can play goal. Pencil him in as our #1 next year.

    2013-2020: Rangers with Lundqvist 183-183; Rangers without Lundqvist 112-84.

    Georgiev outperformed Hank. So what. Everyone outperforms Hank. He might be a starting goaltender, but likely not a great one in any case and he may not even be that.


    The Rangers need a backup goaltender at a relatively low price and Georgi is that. Management does not want to trade him. The people who want to trade him are those pretending that the Lundqvist of a decade ago still exists and can’t bear to see his days as a Ranger end.

  • What will a Georgiev trade look like? Probably like one that did not happen. I can’t see Hank staying as a backup all year. I don’t think that is the way he’d want to go out. So, I think that it is fairly likely that Georgiev stays and backs up Igor unless cap or expansion draft considerations make that implausible. Those things are beyond what I know.

  • If he has real value, consider trading him … but in this market I say he’s a keeper. So what if as you (Dave) say he’s clearly a second fiddle to Shesty moving forward, every orchestra has multiple violinists and someone has to be second — so it might as well be a pretty good one.

    Every team has “issues” moving forward given the flat cap, I suggest we stop trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist — the need to trade Georgiev. Focus on the problems we have: Staal, Smith and Hank. Two out of three have to go … probably Hank and Smith. Re: Staal, I actually think management believes he has more value to the team than the fans do (based on the comments made by DQ, JG and JD).

    • tanto

      “Re: Staal, I actually think management believes he has more value to the team than the fans do (based on the comments made by DQ, JG and JD)”

      Unfortunately you may be right.

      I may be in the minority here but I don’t see Georgie being shipped out, for many reasons that have been mentioned already. Here is how I see it, for what it’s worth:

      Hank retires, and plays with Joel

      Smith is history, for anything in return, 3-4th pick

      Strome is traded

      ADA is signed to a three year contract, with no NMC

      Buch may be traded due to Bread going to the first line, right side because he’s a team player, and it won’t mean anything to him. Let’s face it, he is playing on the off wing isn’t he??????

      Alexis-Chytil-Kakko will be the second line

      Kravts-Barron-Gauthier is the third line

      Fourth line will be big, and tougher

      We get a shut down LD who will be tough to play against

      • Players don’t excel just because you want them to. This past year, Marc Staal was a far better hockey player than Kaapo Kakko; that is just a fact and anyone who thinks otherwise was just not watching. Mind you, better than Kakko was an extremely low bar as he may have been the worst player in the league among those who played all year.

        Yes, coaches make the mistake of thinking someone should play just because they remember when said player was good, but that is really no worse than playing a talented kid who has not yet put his game together.

        First off, to keep defenses from keying on a player, it is great to have two strong lines — and so it is a huge plus to have both KZB and a Panarin line. Your second and third lines are a reach.

        I like Gauthier, but if he really were can’t miss, we would not have gotten him for Joey Keane. Kravtsov is talented but also very young and this year was not even a good AHL player. I also have hopes for Kakko, but again young and so far has not been ready. Chityl is also advancing slowly. And no one else expects Barron to be a star from day one. Maybe Alexis will be good from day one, but again another kid.

        These guys need to earn their way.

        And no, there is not going to be a shutdown LD (except Lindgren of course). The Rangers will get some bodies to hold the D together until they can figure out what they have in Miller, Robertson, Jones, Hajek and maybe Reuanen, Rykov.

        The Rangers have serious cap issues as they need to pay Shesterkin next year and Mika the following year – those two should get huge salaries. And there are others next year like Buch and Chityl — and the shot term issues with DeAngelo etc.

        The only place the Rangers might spend money is on a center becasue they don’t have kids in the pipeline.

        • JoeS.

          Ray seems to think otherwise, LOL!!!!!!!

          How else are the kids going to develop, if not under fire?

          As I posted, this is how I see things happening, it may be differently if management doesn’t agree…………..

  • How about a trade with the Flames who are in need a goalie. Georgiev and a draft pick or another player. Maybe a package deal with DeAngelo. Sean Monahan is a 25 year old center who had 48 points last year and is big and tough. Answer to our need for a 2nd line center.

    • Craig

      Way over payment, and Sean Monahan will be too expensive. If we are to get a good LD, which is a greater need, then that player, along with Monahan would put us in a cap hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There is literally no chance that Georgiev gets traded! He’ll be Igor’s backup for at least the next few years. Hank is more than likely retiring to go pay with his Brother Joel over in Frolunda. If that doesn’t happen, the Rangers will buy him out. We’ve seen the last of Hank in a Rangers uniform. Enough with your B.S. click bait articles already. Try writing something rooted in reality for a change……

      • I would hope this is the only response you would get because your post is much to disrespectful and arrogant to warrant any response from anybody, no offence intended to you. This is a friendly board where respect is encouraged. Your opinion and idea of reality is undisputable, really? Brian, you may be right or wrong, does it really matter to that degree? ps, In reality, I would hate for Georgiev to be traded, but we do need a number 2 center. No hard feelings!

  • I wouldn’t even want Hertl from them. The admission to get him over here would not be worth it imo. Sharks are one of the top west coast teams that I watch 24/7 so I can tell you that Hertl is more of a winger for the top 6…

    The only guy I would love to see land in NYC from over there would be Timo Meier.

  • Just read an article dealing with the prospect of “How Rangers Could Use Offer Sheets on Anthony Cirelli and Mikhail Sergachev”, and it sounds interesting enough to bring it up as a possible option for management. Tampa is in a hell of a situation, with only some $5.4 million, and having to sign the players mentioned, along with others.

    Question, should JG talk about a deal with their GM for let’s say Cirelli, who slots into the 2C position, and can add some offense, but is also a very good defensive player. He can take the place of Chytil, who can continue to develop, and play 3C, or possibly put on the wing.

    Another possibly is to talk trade for Sergachev, a sound LD, and at 22 could be around for years to come. If Tampa declines to make a deal, we make an offer sheet to one, and if Tampa meets it, offer the other player a sheet as well. The odds are that Tampa meeting the first sheet won’t have the means to meet the second, and we come out of it with one of our needs met without giving away the store.

    Any thoughts on this idea??????? I thought the article was very interesting……………………..

    • Walt, Serg is the one that TB may trade. If you look at the advanced stats, Cirelli is on a tremendous upswing based on his age. I don’t think that TB will allow him to leave.

      So Serg may be a target. It would take picks and prospects as TB would not be able to take back cap space.

      But if a team REALLY wanted to be ball breakers, then both players get an offer sheet (from the same team), and then TB would be forced to choose.

      The Rangers owe TB one (TB getting the best of the Rangers several times in trade), big time, and I wish that the Rangers had the stones to do it, but they probably won’t.

      • Tony

        The way I see it, JG won’t burn bridges behind himself because he doesn’t want to rock the boat. I suspect that your right, they more than likely work out a fair deal. Me, I’d do the offer sheet to Cirelli just to bust chops, and force the issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I would absolutely love Cirelli here. He is going to be a stud.

          The underlying stats for him are off the charts.

  • Whoever wrote this hasn’t a clue as to how valuable Georgie is and what he can rake in as trade value. On many other teams, Georgie, as well as Talbot, would be #1 starters. Georgiev was spectacular in most games but fell victim to inexperienced defensemen and a run and gun offensive strategy

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